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kafianam Purchased

Hi, After input data of 1st term exam for an example if admin add new student, the student is not showing on manage marks section for 1st term exam but the student is visible on the 2nd term exam mark manage panel where marks are not input yet. From where can I fix it? Thanks

Hello sir, please contact with our developer support center . Our staff will be there for your help. For the technical issue send a ticket with a valid purchase code and getting developer support from us. Have a nice day sir. Hope your problem will solve as soon as possible.


kafianam Purchased

Thanks for your message. Actually I want to know is it really a bug or you have add this sort of functionality?

Hello sir, thanks for your reply. please send us a ticket, we will solve your problem.


Tremvi Purchased

i wat to try it with wamp in localhost but when i put the purchase code, i get t his message Purchase Code Verification Failed???? i am online… what procedure to put purchase code in localhost

Buenas tarde,quisieras hacer negocio con ustedes , es que estoy necesitando de un proyecto para que se desarrolle en software para plataforma web , quisiera saber si cuento con su ayuda..

Hello sir, Can you please translate your comment in English?


mcsadmin Purchased

Private Messaging option not working properly, there No notification, how to identify which is new message

Sorry for the inconveniences sir. Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

I see lots of comments above where users have a problem. Do you provide a refund if I don’t like or your system doesn’t work properly?

Hello sir, If you have any problem with our application then we will solve this issue.


Labdora Purchased

very very bad support bugs from Wednesday at 00:25 so far without any answer !!!!

Dear sir, Your ticket has been reviewed by our developer support team. For the Weekly holidays we couldn’t reply your comment. We are working now, hope your problem will solve as soon as possible. Thanks for connecting with us. have a nice day sir.


cahyonon Purchased

Hi, there is Question Paper menu. How to manage this question paper ?

Hello sir, Only “Teacher” can add or manage question paper for students. please check our demo application . You must log-in this system by a “Teacher” account. Hope you understand it. Thanks for waiting to us.

I want to customise this script and add some few things do i go about that and how MUCH DOES IT COST

Hello sir, For the customization process send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

Hey, I really like your soft, but before purchase, I want to know how can I manage my emloyees, salary…? I can’t see that function in your soft…

Hello sir, Please check our demo application by click this link – If you have more queries or want to get some custom work on it then send us a ticket at . Our developer will be there for your help. Thanks for waiting to us. Have a nice day sir.

mangosync Purchased

Dear sir which attendance device are switable for ekattor school management pro. And can u provide the procudure of connecting attendance device with ekattor database.


mangosync Purchased

Please give me support mobile number

Sorry sir, We don’t have any support mobile number. We provide support by mail.


mangosync Purchased

OK I need produre for how to setup RFID card device on ekattor billing , I opened ticket . please take care my ticket

Will you give me the source code? Can I give more than one school?

Hello sir, yes you can get full source code of our application.You can also use it more than one school.

Dear sir We are searching for a student Communication, Feedback and Engagement application that will work on cloud and will be reachable from desktop and will have android ios apps We would like to know : 1. I want to be able to customize it according to our needs in Europe 2. would your program can do all the functions in the list below users will be a- admin b-student c-teacher d-parent e-schol staff f-librarian g-accountant h-owner

Key Features • School calendar – school calendar with various planned events and holidays is handy always • Class time table – class timetable of a student is always available on the app for parents to check when required • Notifications – instant notification about various events with attachment. • Chat – One-to-one and one-to-many chat between teacher and parents, and between teacher and students – teacher or parent can initiate chat sessions with each other for interaction on a specific topic or subject • Home Work & Project Assignments – Teacher can send homework and project assignments to a group of students • Attendance – Teacher can take attendance in the class with mobile app and parents get instant notifications if a child is absent in the class. • Multilanguage – The app can be operated in English, French and Turkish Major Challenges • Implementing instant notifications • Populating existing data of students and parents into the system Regards Max

Is 5.0.1 available for download…?

is ios and android app included in this? (also is it whitelabled)

Followed the instructions in the manual for installation but it does not. Copy the zip in my server and unzip in the web folder but when I try to run it it says error. Need help