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in your demo you can’t view the students profile :( after clicking the link to view its a blank page – does this script have many bugs?

Hello, thanks for your message. We restore database for demo purpose time to time, so there might be some issues but with the actual application, there is no such problem.

Let us know if you have more queries. Thanks

is it possible to assign more than one teacher to a class?

Right now, it is not possible to assign more than one teacher to a class.

Hi, It is pre-sale question. Does a teacher can view all students and their profiles or only students of those classes which are assigned to him/her?

Hello, thanks for your message. Teacher can see all students but can edit the marks or attendance of his/her class only.

Let us know if you have more queries. Thanks

If i buy will this include android app,ios app and wp plugin?

Hello, thanks for your message.

The ios app, android app and the wp plugin are separately sold.

Let us know if you have more queries. Thanks

I wish to use this for multiple subdomains on my own server, for example: I understand I must purchase a separate license for each subdomain, however, are there any issues with the scripts functionality when used on multiple subdomains, each with its own database, but all on one server?

Hello, thanks for your message. If you use separate license for each one, there will not be any issue. They can share the same database if you want or best, if you keep separate databases for each one of them.

Let us know if you have more queries. Thanks

Awesome News! thanks

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Description said , “Ekattor School Management System is the most complete and versatile school management system on envato market. Ekattor provides the most advanced backend erp with a frontend school website, a wordpress plugin, an android app and an ios app”. Where is the wordpress plugin, website. android app etc. We have already purchased it. But, the downloaded files doest not containt anything of them.

Hello, thanks for your message. What is meant on the product page is, ekattor has applications on all the platforms. Here’s the links for android, ios and wp plugin of ekattor school management system.

Ekattor android Ekattor ios Ekattor wp plugin

leunam Purchased

I’m trying to install and sell me an error help please

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Hello, thanks for your message. Please send us a support ticket at with the details of the issues you are having. Our developers will resolve it. Thanks

I am willing to buy this script it is perfect as my needs just two things are missing total of marks in exam result table it show subject total not overall with it’s comment and grade. and second printable voucher like to deposit on bank. if i can get both of this i will but just now. Thanks


kamikamran Purchased

i am purchasing product now then i will aak about voucher in support ricket. thanka alot.

Okay. Let us know

Since you can see I have already purchased item and have suppot for 6 months , I have submitted two tickets one of them must have high priority which is i cannot install application it getting stuck at step 3

We run a private school. Each student comes in with a different agency introduction, and we have to give the agency the commission. I would like to write the commission information on my student profile, can the student not see that part?

Hi thanks for your message. Please send us a message at


Can we have more than one admin? If so, how does one create additional admins?

Nice project, is it possible for the admin to give specific roles and permissions to users

Hello , I leave you a message to get the update files since 1 month ago. I’m still waiting for the files. Thanks to reply