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I love the idea of the script. I looking to make these options: 1) Make default posting from guest, if they have put their name, keep the name/email in cookies until the next posting. Make Up/Down voted for not-logged users (site visitors) and keep it in their IP address or cookies file. Remove dialog windows to ajax-window. Is it possible with the next update? Thank you.

Thanks for suggestions.

do can you do it responsive and when i click on my iphone on login register or as guest the tab was show every time ? and its need google, twitter login as well

Hi, Send a support form with a problem and login details FTP and Backend script hope you can help me. Thanks!

How am I supposed to understand your code when it’s entirely Turkish and beside this you never answer any support?? When you look at the code you got this: things like this $sayfa $sayfa_sayisi $saniye $dakika $hafta $zaman_farki . . .

Any chance to provide a code in English since you don’t respond to any support question?

I checked and there is no support request from you. Please use support tab to get help. Thanks

Hello akbilisim, facebook login is not working. No redirecting or name and image after facebook login data given. Not working with Chrome and Edge?

Solution found! thank you

Hello, I can not log in. The button disappears and does not refresh … Please see, I sent a support request. I need urgent help! Thank you

When will Twitter and Google+ social login be available?

Dear akbilisim Author,

I’m very interested in your script, but there is a big problem that prevents me from buying this system.

I do not want to make a disqus.com clone, I want to use this comment system on a simple page of my own site, but I want all comments to be seen by Googlebot in the source of my site. How can we do this with your script?

Because, as I can see, your script, like disqus, does not display any kind of content of comments in the source of the site and this is destructive for SEO.

How can we fix this for my project?

Please let me know.

Thank you, WebProjects

When you click on a users name in the demo, the frame takes you to a dead page.

Can you also tell me how difficult it is, to add this to an existing registration system? Is it fairly simple if I’m new to PHP, or would a lot of code need to be changed, that would require more advanced knowledge of PHP?


Hi, I’m having the following HTTPS error while logging in admin panel:

Mixed Content: The page at ‘xxx/app/auth/login.php’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint ‘xxx/app/comments/request/index.php’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.


Please try to change your url with https in admin panel > settings page or change in app/configuration/conf.ini file Thanks

Hello! Is it possible to integrate it with WordPress?

Is it possible to integrate this comment system with wordpress ?

Please check easycomment docs for wordpress integration Thanks


I see the current version is 1.1 for this wonderful script. Though, last updated shows 9 June 17. Was the script 1.1 further updated on 9 June 17 or when was version 1.1 released?