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Bought this and it’s not working!

Can I have more infos about your problem please ?
Just “it’s not working” isn’t enough for me to help you…

And, to reassure you, it works :)


Hey Beny, I must agree with MagicMan.

I bought this today too. Its not working for me either.

I loaded up this proxy list.

And put ‘desktop wallpapers’, granted most of these proxys dont work which is why i thought it may be slow to start with but it should skip 1 if it does not work shouldnt it? I left the program running half an hour and came back it had no results. I’m trying to use it again now im sure theres no issues with my internet connection. I did a test on these proxys too at least a 1/4 are working.

Please could you do some debugging. Not getting much out of this right now im afriad. Without a proxy I can get 10 results then anymore fails from google block :/

Thank you very much :)

About proxy list, you can find some fresh proxies in the “Proxy List” section of BHW forum : http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/f103-proxy-lists/


Hi Beny, No I think i’m going to have to buy some. I checked all those out with your google checker all timed out / banned. How many do you think i will need to pull say 500 pages 500×30 results from google? proxys that is?

I see BWH sells 10 for $9 per month. Would this do?

Is this plugin still working? And will there be any future updates?

Hello, Yes this software is still working. About updates, no for the moment. But if Google makes an update about searching process, I’ll update the software to support change.


You can create something like that but online application ?

Hello, No sorry I can’t build this as a web application. I have not enough skills in PHP to make a relatively stable application.



Hi is this for PC or web base?


This is a Windows application (.exe). Not a web based app.

Best :)


Trying to use semi-dedicated proxies but keep getting “proxies invalid format” error. Not sure what proper format is. This is format using now – ip:port:user:pass

Any information from developer on this issue?


Sorry for late reply. I’m partially OFF during this period.

About your problem, this is really strange because you are using the correct format : IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD

I’ll give a check to that and fix.


Ok thanks I look forward to your response.

How can i contact you? Product isn’t working. Please issue a refund or send me version that work.

How many URLs can I get before my IP blocked by google? Anyway to avoid being blocked?

Hello, To avoid getting blocked by Google you have to use public or private proxies. The quotas of URLs that can be harvested before IP blocked depends of a lot of parameters. For example if you use advanced search terms (inurl, intitle, site, ...) you’ll have more chance to be blocked faster.

Hope it helps :)


I need to search about 5000 keywords in one day, would 3 proxies enough for this? Any tips for reducing the chance of being blocked?

Still supported? What would be an footprint to extract all urls from search and list of urls with extensions, /contact.html, contactus.htm, contactus.php and so on? Also, is it possible to add a keyword search to only grab urls that have keyword in title and descriptions? Thank you. What footprints are included?

Still working, yes. About your search, you don’t need a footprint. Just use this as keywords : http://pastebin.com/HLihNNbQ

Add your keywords before the “inurl:...” from the Pastebin I posted in my previous comment.

Thank you. What about adding in a keyword to mix?

can you please tell me some script or software where i can do the SEO for my website…. i am a wordpress user and i have done seo with yoast but i need to do more better SEO. can you tell me if you know any SEO script which can get me clicks on my website from google search engine…Thank You.

I don’t develop WordPress plugins, only Windows standalone applications.

i mean i need to know some software names which can give me backlinks. please email me if you can thank you. my email id is -> itiskhalsa@gmail.com

Sorry, I can not help you in this case.

doesn’t work. when i click harvest, no results are shown, no matter what keyword i search. are you going to be refunding me because your tool does not work.

You have been refunded ;)

Bought this but it’s not working! No results shown?! Please make refund if it will not work.

I’ve tried more than ten times with different keywords, with proxy and no proxy but still same no url here. Is it still works on you? Is there any Google system changes or sth else you know?

I really need this tool but it’s not working on Windows 10! Please solve this issue with an update or refund

Please fill the following refund form and I’ll refund you ;) Sorry about this bug. https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

is this still working ?

Hi, Yes the application is still working.


I want to buy this but have few questions:

1) Can I set this script to scrape Google Ads only? I am only interested in scraping Adwords ads.

2) Can I set multiple proxies so that it will rotate proxies regularly to avoid blockage?

3) I am not a programmer myself but have some basic knowledge. Can I run this on my PC using WAMP and a local server?


Hi, I think my app is not adapted at what you want to do :(