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Just bought it. Love your game – really easy to adapt.

I need the bg_menu.jpg without the Header for translation. (please just remove EASTER MEMORY) or add the PSD with layers.


Mario :-)

Just solved it my way :-) – It is now a german memory

Again – very nice work!


THX Mario :-)

Happy you like it! Please give us a positive rating…we’d really appreciate it!

My friend I need a game wich the gamer has to pick a card from two and if he chooses the correct one can follow to the next level wich is the same but with three cards… and if he selects the correct one can follow to the next level that is the same but with 4 cards… and the same thing until he gets 6 cards… and if he chooses the right one he wins! can I or you modify it as my needs? if you make the job please tell me how much :)

Please contact us by http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab#contact. We will reply from there. Tnx!

Hi friend, just bought your game, it’s really amazing but I just have one doubt. The cards must be in format .gif, is there any way to do that?

Thank you, regards.

Yes, just replace image extension from .jpg ( or .png) to .gif in CMain file. Just keep in mind that the image that you are replacing must be in the same size or you are forced to change game code.

Would it take much effort to add space on top or bottom of the game so Admob Ads can be shown?

If you want to add admob in the game, a special customization is now available. Write at support@codethislab.com for further info :)

Hello author,

Is it possible to maintain a single level, there are no more phases and after the game, return to the same screen again with the hole cards?

And the game is for website?

Hi! please send an email at support@codethislab.com with some details about your customization, i.e. how many cards do you want to be shown? The game runs smoothly in all browsers.

You send an email, please answer me as soon as possible.

Subject: Easter Memory – HTML5 Memory Game

Hello, absolutely love the game, got it working exactly as I need it but having difficulty with the game restart button. It works fine on desktop browsers but not on iOS. On pressing restart it just goes to a blue screen, any ideas?

Doesn’t seem to be working on your original version either


Hi! Thank you for your appreciation! Could you please provide us a screenshot of the issue? please write at support@codethislab.com and could you also tell me from which device and version of browser and os did you use the game? Thank you

Errata Corrige :) We found the same bug and we are fixing it! In few time a new version fixed will be available… thank you for noticing it! :)

Hello! very nice work! and clear code! I wanna know if i can add a hover transition to the STAR and CONTINUE Buttons. Please, let me know.

Hi! Please send an email at support@codethislab.com

Hello, I just bought your game but i need to display a popup or message when the matching is true, but the message has relation with the card selected, can i put some type of identifier in the cards to know what message i have to show? i not american, sorry for the bad english

Hi! To add a message box you have to modify the code. If you want you can hire us to do this customization for you. For further info, write at support@codethislab.com

Hello, It also works offline?

Hi! Yes it also works offline :)

Thank you ! Can you tell me how to calculate score ? In case, i dont want to give bonus score , how can i do it ?

Hi! if you don’t want to give bonus score, we have to modify the game’s code. For further info, write us at support@codethislab.com

I’m interested in buying this project, however, I would need some customization to the functionality. Where can i contact you to discuss the options?

sure, send us a mail to support@codethislab.com

email sent! thanks!

is it possible to leave the horizontal orientation by default? Without rotating the screen

Nice game. I will add on https://igre.games . I will change all images and change game name to another.

thank you! :)

I´m thinking in buying this proyect but I wonder if can i add a pair that give more points? that is possible? thanks in advance