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Cool work as always!

Thank you Tean!

Nice work Radu!

Thanks pez!

OK. I bought this and it’s pretty slick, lightweight and built on jQuery.

Good job. Works nicely on iPad, iPhones, Android and all the other devices I could afford to buy ;) too. The only feature that really needs to be added is the ability for users to click or swipe through testimonials. People are impatient.

I’m actually replacing a quote system I built that has this feature.

Is there a quick hack for this?

FYI , I also use your jQuery Scroller and it’s a great tool to save space and create awesome layouts. I suggest people check that out.


Thanks in advance.

Mark in New Orleans

Aw yes, very quick hack for touch devices ( to swipe ) and it could work on all skins but I need to think the click feature ( maybe add skins with click feature ) ?

Thank you very much for the feedback, please rate :D

Is there a way to randomize the order in which the testimonials appear?

Thanks, Brandon

Not at the moment

Do you think it’s a good upgrade ?


Hello, i cant unzip the compressed file, it drops errors.

PLS Check it out, thanx

Have you tried other solutions then the integrated OS unzipper – ie. 7Zip, WinRar, Unzipper ( for Mac ) ?

Hello , Please tell me if do you think that this would work with WordPress ?

WP version will come in the next few days


Errors during the unzipping & Windows

FYI, if you are having errors unzipping the files and you are using a windows machine, the problem is most likely due to a folder in the zip file called “aux”. “aux” is a reserved system name for windows and therefore will not extract any files named as such. Also you cannot create a folder in windows manually called “aux”.

In the end, instead of using winrar, I used peazip and it allowed the extraction however it automatically renamed the folder “_aux”. Which is fine. Just make sure that your pathway in the html points to /testimonialrotator/_aux/textshadow.js (with the underscore)

Hello, Please tell me how can i fix this issue here ?

Waiting for your reply

Regards Jatin Sawhney

Where can i change hover/active color ?

It would be awesome to randomize the order of the testimonials!

Is not working, all it shows is the first testimonial

hi there,
I really like it. I will mainly use it for text rotating.
1. It can be used as text rotator, right?
2. Is there any way to add city (location) based text rotate?
For example, “You can find best product in {Visitor’s City based on his/her IP}..”

1. Yes, offcouse, any html content.

2. Yes, some simple PHP would do.


thanks for reply.

1. Any html content? That mean, I also can use images?
2. I guess, location function is not included. I suggest you to include it in future updates.
For now, after buying, can you refer or help me in that location php coding?

3. And, after buying, what files will you provide? html, php or what? I need to use your script in html website, not php website. This is not an issue, right?
4. I am working on two website of my client. Main website is in html. And another one is in wordpress. So, do you have any wordpress version or do you give support for using it on wordpress?
I mean, is there any complex coding skill required for wordpress website and also for html site? I am mainly designer, but I have full html/css coding knowledge except complex javascript and php coding..


hi there.. I am still waiting for your response..

The testimonials don’t show in the latest Internet Explorer. Any suggestions on how to get it to work?

Here’s a link to my site: http://icidesignstudio.com

how do you change images from skin_aurora ?

Please post in the support forum


hi, I am very interested by your script “testimony” for people to deposit their evidence but I would like them to use a form like example here http://www.logicielreferencement.com/temoignages.html validate from an admin panel thank you

Send me a PM via my profile

hi, message sent no answer thank you


waiting for an answer? send me your “quote” here hostingames@free.fr thank you


waiting for an answer? send me your “quote” here hostingames@free.fr thank you

Sent you skype request ?

After having searched to the end of the internet for a lightweight, responsive animated testimonials scroller to no avail, I was completely ecstatic to finally found this AWESOME product! You’re doing great work over there!

Thank you for the nice words!

Just bought this plugin and the wordpress installer says it cant find the plugin in the downloaded file bundle. Any tricks or special instruction to installing this? Thank you! Here’s my purchase code….18a4b449-6bb8-4bcb-9d5b-78732b3bcde5


This is not wordpress plugin

This is wordpress plugin – https://codecanyon.net/item/dzs-wordpress-testimonial-rotator/3498325?s_rank=1