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Looking to buy this but I don’t see option to list in alphabetical order

Couple questions. Can you set the order to display the team members and I would just like the text over the image to say their name and title and once hovered over I would just like the image to change (not linking to anything). Is this possible?

Hello! :) My plugin is no longer working. What should I do?

Hi there, is there any option to have a second image on mouse over meanwhile? would be very nice…

Hi there!

Just a heads up, you might need to look into an update for this plugin soon. The mouseover affect isn’t loading and there appear to be a few other loading issues happening on Windows PC’s.

Great plugin.

I’m just having one issue. On my site I have the carousel going. Everything looks like it is working fine but if you press the back button to where there are any people before Charles S. Brodsky, then everyone who you click after Brodsky shows up as only Brodsky and not as themselves. It is a weird glitch but I finally realized what it was doing. Can you help me?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Is there no longer any support for this plugin? That is what I am guessing. I really like it too and build lots of sites for clients. I would totally use it on more sites but if there isn’t support I’ll have to move on.

I am trying to achieve this exact functionality (clicking on a team member drop down their bio info). – Is that possible with your plugin?

Hello, this plugin appears to be exactly what I’m looking for but will it play nicely with visual composer? Also, there’s no been any updates for 15 months, is this plugin still supported? Thanks.

It seems there’s a LIMIT to how many MEMBERS I can add. I currently have 137 members listed, but the last three do not show up. Every time I add someone, the last person in the list disappears, making it seem that only 134 members can be displayed. How do I make sure ALL my members show up? PLEASE HELP! Thanks!