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Can anyone let me know if there’s something special that needs to be done to get a Contact Form 7 form to show up in a Team Member’s pop-out card?

This plugin is gorgeous and works beautifully, but it appears that no support exists which is a problem as the plugin advertises as Contact Form 7 compatible yet has nothing in its documentation explaining how to get it to work. The regular inserting of the Contact Form 7 shortcode only displays the “Submit” button in the pop-out card, nothing else shows up.

Thank you to anyone who can help with this!


jcp5030 Purchased

On a couple of my sites, when you click the bio it jumps to the top of the page – leading to a bad UX. On the demos it loads the bio in place. I can’t figure out for the life of me why it’s doing this – anyone know?


drouard Purchased

Hello, thank’s for your plugin ! Just a question: how can I change the typo ?


sagemg Purchased

Love this plugin! If I may make a suggestion, could you look into including the name/title area as part of the link? On a mobile device, if you tap the name or title, it does not trigger the popup—only tapping the image thumbnail works. It’s a little counter-intuitive since it works fine if you hover, but on a phone, there’s no hovering. Thanks!


l1d0v1c Purchased

Hi there, I have a problem when clicking on a thumbnail and the popup shows, my page scrolls down. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance

Hello, how do you pick what categories are displayed in the menu in the filterable widget? thanks

Hi there, on this page there seems to be a slow fade when the images show. How can I stop this?

I can’t add anymore new members. I tried to remove one member to see if it was a space issue, but nothing. The button ’’publish’’ is in gray.

How can I make a deep link to the items?

There’s a problem with this plugin, although amazing, the display all option leaves gaps and there’s no way of ordering people, there’s also no support :(

There isn’t any bug in the plugin. There may be compatibility issues between plugins and themes. If you activate any default WordPress theme and deactivate all your other plugins, it will work properly. I suggest you to hire a web developer to fix these compatibility issues. As mentioned on the item support page, we don’t provide any support for this item.

If it still doesn’t work, request a refund with your website link (As I said, you must use a default WordPress theme and all other plugins must be deactivated on that website). We will approve your refund request asap.

Last more thing, you can change the order of the team members;

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it, however the issue isn’t ordering, we got that nailed, the issue is there are empty gaps in the grid format and regenerating thumbs doesn’t fix that, it seems there is a bug we cannot spot…

I don’t mind “hiring” you to fix it?

hi, I bought your plugin, its a great job, would you please guide me with this, how can I implement front-end filter like this url:

I’ve purchased DV Team Plugin and try to install in my WP. It shows: “The plugin does not have a valid header.”. What should I do? Thanks

Hello anybody home? Can i get any answer of my question here?

Hi i want to add e-mail and tel underneath the thumb, like this is that a standard function?


can i deactivate the orange boxes?

see link:

we got paid for support and there is no reaction. can anyone help us?


can i deactivate the orange boxes?

see link:

we got paid for support and there is no reaction. can anyone help us?

You didn’t pay for support. We don’t provide support for this item;

So you dont want to help anyone who buy this plugin? really?

Love your plugin. Quick question. On mobile, everything has to be clicked twice when it comes to any of the DV Team members. Whether it be to get the pop up to actually pop up or to exit out of the pop up. It all needs double clicks.

BUYER BEWARE!! No support is offered. We purchased the plugin and it does not work with one of the most popular themes on themeforrest. We requested a refund and it was denied by the author. We were told to hire a developer to fix any issues. The page with the plugin shortcode wont even load. BAD

If support is important for you, read the item support page before purchasing a product. We don’t provide support for compatibility problems;

a plugin that works is what’s is important to me. I’ve escalated the issue to Envato. thanks

I have this installed on a multisite can i share team members across the network?