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Format dropdown not showing on team member edit page. How can this be fixed?

Sorted. Format appearing as tabs instead of dropdown list.

In the demo the panels are displayed at the vertical position of the team member. In our case, the panel shows at the very top of the page (rather than vertical position of the team member). Could you let us know how to have panel vertical position same as team member vertical position?

Hi, we purchased this plugin, sent you an email and still no answer. Will you please reply ASAP???

See the support for multilang but what does it mean? We use Polylang on our website; will this work and or how would one make the teams and members?

Error carousel, no found . Thanks
Hey, I’m using this with Jupiter theme and when clicking the thumbnail on the page it load the side panel but it also forces the page to scroll to the top, any ideas on how I can stop this? Thanks

How to order them alphabetically and maybe make pagination(8 per page) ?? Ref:

Btw, I am using “square” but it is still showing like masonry, could you shed any light on that as well??

love this plugin…but how do I remove the info link to a profile text. I don’t want that feature. is there a code I can add?? THANKS!

please help..

Presale Question:

Nice work. Is this plugin compatible with Avada Wordpress theme? Also do this plugin has its own admin panel where a shortcode is generated then pasted in body or page? please advise


This is very cool, pre-sale questions,

I am using buddpress which already have profile fields to put members into. But Is this compatible with buddypress login users so they can have this feature? Altho it didn’t indicate buddypress but only listed for WordPress. I’m asking anyway.

If not buddypress compatible, will it be adding in someday down the road?

Please advise before buy, Thanks


anasco Purchased

Team photos are not showing properly, how to fix? see below:

Any chance you might add arrows to navigate through the panels within the same category? I don’t need a gallery for each person, just a way to navigate through the 6-8 panels in each category instead of closing each and opening the next.

Hi guys, great plugin. EXACTLY what I was looking for. Quick pre-purchase question. Can I add that popup/slide out function to just words? For example, I have over 30 team members and I only want to link their names to the profile. Thanks!