Discussion on Durbin - A Live Tracking System

Discussion on Durbin - A Live Tracking System

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Hi, Can you further develop this to track the z coordinate of the user, I mean altitude not just lat and long


if i need 2 copies one for android, second for iphone ?

iPhone app is not available

Não consegui baixar o apk para teste… a página está dando erro

Sent in your email

Is this application still available and functional? I would like to know if it is updated in 2022?

Yes this application is available and functional. If you need more information or support please drop an email at

It’s not updated in 2022 but the update is in progress. Not yet published in codecanyon

demo not working correctly please update

Can you please tell what all are the changes need to do in the project, to run in PHP 8

Please contact us through mail for better support at

is this app working?

Yes. You can download from Google Play store and try it.

When are you going to release the update

app link not working .am not able to download

Good evening I am very interested, but I have some queries, the follow-up continues even if the app has been minimized or has gone to the background?

can it be installed on a cpanel hosting?

Is there any way to know what time it was connected and what time it was disconnected?

This could be added as a development, how much would it cost me?

Your app is what I need for my business, but I also need to have a historical record of the journeys of my employees for any incident and I would like you to tell me if you can add the option to store the journey of users in the database and how much would it cost me

We can discuss further in email. Can you please knock me here

let me know about which server is good

how do you manage background location updates, is it realtime or after some interval?

Real Time Updates

hello if i buy can i get source code for app and dashboard and what lang for dashboard php laravel or another ?

and what use in live Tracking ? google maps or another service and what cost for this live Tracking


We just show markers on maps using JavaScript. Android client app doesn’t use any maps feature. But you may need to create a billing profile in google cloud platform. There, you get $200 monthly credit for free which is more than sufficient.

I will use the app with hundreds of users, so is there a cost that I will pay Google for this? You are now telling me that you are not using any services just Javascript, will I not use google maps api ? Please confirm this point because it is very important in the project

Yes, drawing markers in maps in this project is also costly.If you need to use the web dashboard for a long time duration regularly, you may exceed given free credit. Because google charges in respect of API call count which is happening in web dashboard only. It doesn’t depends on how many user you have but the dashboard using time duration. Per 10sec 1 API call is happening when you are in web dashboard.

hi where i can see the old tracking routes from users from Start point to ending point location

This feature is not available

can we do this

Can I get the location history of the devices from the admin panel? (Does the system store the location history of the device, in the case)

This feature is not available

Kunjo-software-lab can you send me this application free i want to use this on my final year project. i am waiting for you respond.

PHP source code and android studio to be able to customize it or adapt it to my final requirements?

Php source code and Android source code available. Please read and test the features and check if that’s match your requirement.

The location is saved in some server DB place?? this location is tracked when the app enter in background mode??

Can I see the Route of a user’s loaction’s

Does it work/run on background.

Yes. It works in background


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