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Hi there,

is it possible to share sections to other documents e.g. an option to save a specific section to use it on all docs?

This is a thing that I’m looking for on every document manager out there. I tasted more than 10 selfhosted, hosted or software productions and only one software has this function implemented but there is another discrepancy its only for one computer and one user.

An example: 2 or more customers become a wordpress installation with individual plugin and theme installation. All of them have to know how to use the wp-system and the plugins but I don’t want to create for every customer the same information how to use the wp-system and maybe there are two customers with the same plugin. This will be a big timesaver.

Think about it – maybe this addition is needed by more ppl like me and will increase sellings.

Cheers – Dennis


Sorry but this feature is not available right now. But it’s nice thought, I can add this feature at the next time. Also ready to use articles would be nice I guess. Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll be work on that.


Thats sounds great. +1 customer ; )

Thank you so much, I’m open to new ideas ^^

Great script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you!

Number of issues

mysqli_error needs the connection info

die(mysqli_error()) needs to be die(mysqli_error($myconn))

In pg_functions.php you have code to remove (breaks) from embedded code but it is nuking all breaks, which makes multiline lists impossible;

/* Replace BR in Code Tag */ $sectionDatas = preg_replace('/<br />/i', "\n", $sectionDatas); $sectionDatas_admin = preg_replace('/<br />/i', "\n", $sectionDatas_admin);

it needs to only munge code block as it says in the comment!!!!

Thanks, Larry

Hello Larry,

Thank you very much for your advices, I’m currently working with a few feature additions, I will take it all into this process.

In this process, I can gladly accept all other requests.

Best wishes.

Great .. I am getting around it by commenting out the code and editing the source in the db pending a fix.

One other thing [[descr]] needs not to have the logo in it so that the text can be used by itself, if possible.

Thanks, Larry

Hello Jenolan,

How going on? There any issue with documentSide?


Really nice, maybe you plan to add 2 or more level of content support?

Thank you! Yes its in my plans but need to add section manager before sub categories. I’ll add these features in next update I guess. Thanks.

This is great. Would there be any problem do you think with uploading/embedding video content? I realise this won’t export to PDF of course, but certainly for the web view it would make this almost perfect for what I want.


Great, thanks. Could I suggest that there could be a use for allowing the admins to upload files such as video, images, documents, PDF’s etc to a repository such as you see in this script. That would be great if your script was a blend of the two somehow.

I can add a simple file uploading module on this script. Because I’ve two file management script you can see it on my portfolio. So, minipan would be great for documentSide but current price too low for that. I want to sell it as a plugin.


Cool. I would certainly be willing to pay more for a system that encompassed both elements.

Regards Scott

Can you provide us user and password for testing the app? Link to admin is useless without credentials.



Sorry about that, I forgot to add after update. Username: Password: dside


Thank you!

Hi, nice job, i have just a question: did you test it on a windows environment? Thank you Tony

Hello Tony,

I wrote it on Windows system, but I’ve never tried it on windows server really.


It is a very useful feature to have section that I can add to new documents. Very well done. I had some issues and questions and always got quick support or answers from the author. 5 stars from me for this very useful script.

Thank you so much, really good to see happy customers.


Thank you so much, has always been lovely to see happy customers ^^

i purchases minipan too and i would ask about Sirius Language Manager is it in documentSide demo !?

If you want to purchase Sirius, I will send to you language database for that. you can easily manage of your languages on Sirius if you want to add more language to documentSide. Its not in documentSide demo, you can check it on this link how to manage languages.

Sirius is not work only for documentSide. You can use that if you have any multi-language system.

This looks like the best documentation tool I have seen so far.

However, I have three questions:

1. Is it possible to have more user/account controls, such as e.g. letting a registered user have access to only edit content of a documentation, but not layout etc. And also only have access to certain documentations and not all… and therefore also not able to see documentation they have no access to?

2. How can I show public documentations on my website? e.g. a grid or something that automatically shows the public documentation also if new ones are generated? Or would that be a new feature? A live upgrading grid showing public documentation that can be embedded on homepages?

3. How about SEO? If I have documentation for some of my physical products how should I go about integrating to my existing homepage for best possible SEO? Are there any incorporated into this?


Thank you for your interest. Here is your answers;

1 – User-specific permissions is not available on current version. All administration panel users using same control pool, Its required “Super Admin -> User” system for that.

2 – List class will show of your documents on your site. Non-public and key required documents will redirect to login / key input page. New class function required like “Show only public documents” for that I guess.

3 – Web view pages consists of only one page. Sample layouts is contain simple HTML coding. Its can be edit by user. eg: More meta data tags, social network connections etc.


Ok. I am considering buying. Do you have any planned updates for it? that can attract?

it’s not in the near future but its in my task list for next update. Also I’ll add sub categoies for section area.


I just installed this on my site and I´m trying to create my first document. But there seems to be some problems with jQuery not being loaded correctly.. I don´t know if this is due to misconfiguration or something else.. I have followed the installation guide, but maybe something went wrong. Please advice.


Can I see of your installation? You send url via mail.


I have sent you a direct message

I am thinking about using this as a way to build itineraries for a travel client. But they have a LOT of sections. Do you plan to offer any additional ways to sub categorise and manage large quantities of prebuilt sections? In the ‘new document’ interface for example we would need to be able to drill down the the specific category of sections we need, for instance ‘France > Paris > Hotels > (list of 30 or more sections)... Can you advise if you would be available to make additional custom changes as a project?


I’ll add sub-section feature to next update, but did you mean this project will work like;

  • Categories - Sections?

—France —Paris —Paris Sections?

I can work on that if you want to custom script. Dside updates will come after 2 project on my task list.


We will have pre-built sections on many nesting categories, as well as tags, so we would need a way to manage a complex taxonomy and navigate it quickly, something like a faceted filter would be great. Each section would represent part of a travel itinerary. so there would be a taxonomy for country (and a dependent taxonomy for city/area within that country), a taxonomy for comfort level (3 or 4 ratings) which would be a child of the ‘Hotel’ category, a taxonomy for ‘duration’ (with 10 or so values (which would be a child of a ‘tour’taxonomy’

So there would be a lot of nested dependent taxonomies.

We would also need to be able to build templates from these sections, so completed documents would have to have the option of being saved as templates under a different taxonomy, maybe 3 or 4 taxonomies just for these saved sections sets… to allow our team to select a pre-built group of sections, these would be completed ‘Itineraries’ and would save a lot of time in creating documentation.

Not sure if this would be doable for the public version?

I will DM you through your profile regarding the custom work as there will be additional specs.

Have sent you a DM, need an email address to send you our spec.


i have many problems with this product, and i contact you without any reponse…!!??


Sorry for late reply. I’ve sent a reply to your mail, please check it.


Are we still on version 1.1? This really is a great product!

Need to modify the class to allow only the showing of certain documents. (i.e. by document id, customer id, author, public/private, category).

Basically I have documents that are internal and private for my system, and some that I wrote for my clients. I want to only show the only documents that belong to me using the class for my intranet.


Yes its still v1.1 right now, I need more time for new update =) but I’m glad you’re happy with my script! Also I’ll add how does it work videos too on next update =)

System create two document when you publish your work. Did you try “Only for admin” option for that? If you turn on this option, your content will included to second document and its only shown to authors. You can store public/private contents on same documents.



I have bought your plugin. It is really great and working well. However, can you please update the TinyMCE editor to include so that you can easily upload images inside the editor and insert into documents, as well as files. Right now you have to insert images by link, which would require the user to first upload the image manually, figure out the link and insert it. Not very userfriendly.

Also, please allow the featre copy/paste from MS Word into the editor. (a standard feature for Tiny MCE that can be activated). We have a lot of documentation in Word, would be great if we just copy pasted it.

Thanks for a great product.

When can we expect the next update?

Hi. Thanks. Can you also edit the TinyMCE so that we can upload pictures using the upload tool in Tiny MCE?


Sorry for my late reply, please leave a mail from my profile, I can send modified TinyMCE config file. Also, official TinyMCE file uploader selling on their website, but you can try my miniPAN named file editor in my portfolio, if you want. and upload manager could be test in dSide demo:


Okay thanks.

What are the Login and API Key? Can you displayed id numbers as a registration numbers for each documents in the interface? I want to use you product as a accounting system. Thank you!


Bitly is a url shortener service. You can create API key on your Bitly account for short document urls.

Document ID or special reference ID?


what type of php framework for this script?


Its do not use any php framework.


Hi, i sent you an email one month ago, but no response so i try now here: you wrote me about features in new version (Sub Sections, API support e Simple Newsletter for documents) but there wasn’t a new release. I would like know news about “sub sections” or i hope that you can give me some suggestions to write this update. Thanks


Here is a answer about your mail sorry for that, I got 1 star about that, thank you.


Thanks for feedback. Only now i got your email and so rating is changed (waiting for sub-sections before an year is gone :) )

Yes I know, documentSide update delayed for my other Lethe script update, currently documentSide work fine, there no bugs available, only update delayed. I’ve replied 80~ mail each day, one-man-army so hard for that =)

Hi thunderfury, don’t worry about the “one-man-army so hard for that” thingy – Your document guide system is by far the best solution for this here on envato!

Cheers and in hope for more sales,

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for your support! I can solve all request for my script but, that doesnt work on humanity and buyer happinies =)

one-man -army so hard indeed!

Best Regards!

11 months ago you said “slight delay in update”? When will new update be released? Been waiting to move our docs to this system but do not want to do so until see new update.

Totally understand one man army but… As end user like to see people do what they say:) I did not renew my support plan for this one reason alone.

Please let me know a time frame so can either move on or wait for the update.


Sorry for late reply, yes said that also I’ve already started for new update but its delayed for some life reasons. I’ll work again.