Discussion on Directory360 - Ultimate Directory Listing Platform

Discussion on Directory360 - Ultimate Directory Listing Platform

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1. Any plans to upgrade your project in the near future to use Laravel 9x and php 8x? 2. Any plans to add multi-tenancy and custom domains support?

does it support RTL?


I hope you will update soon as I need it with these feature that I mentioned before.

Also I notice a few BUGS:

1) When try to contact the author in listing page ( from the contact form )
then this error appear:

2) When pay for a package and click on details a new error appear

Undefined variable $payment (View: /home/ssmlnkcl/

Please fix it and release a new update.

If the business owner add the listing then when user contact via listing contact form then will receive the message the admin or the business owner in his email ?

No support, no reply…. ???

Hello, Im interested to buy this but you should make a few improves.

1) Make the listing be edited or deleted from the admin panel
2) Add option to admin to add a listing
3) Add sitemap and rss feed?
4) Add working hours of the business
5) Make the url seo friendly.


demo not worked

We’re working with to update the file, Please gives us a little bit time

1- why are the titles of all the pages the same? 2- Why can’t the business be edited from the admin panel? 3- why there is no sitemap and rss feed? 4- Why are the working hours of the companies not shown? 5- does not support sef url, “search?search=&category[]=2&category[]=3&category[]=4&category[]=5&category[]=6&location[]=1&location[]=2&location[]=3&location[]=4&location[] Searching for =5&location[]=6” would have looked nicer. 6- Why are the image filenames not related to the title and why are their alt tags all equal to “listing”?

Can i use Mercado Pago Gateway?

Yeah! Sure, why not. But for this, you’ve to customize the script

i bougth yesterday, i am triyng to install but i have this error: Error connecting to MySQL Database. Please Try again; the credentials are ok i can conect with other app, i send you an email i need help please….

i send you yesterday… any news?

Your project has been installed. Please have a check

thanks for you help

Pre-sale: 1. Is it open source? 2. Can it run on shared hosting eg Namecheap?

1. You’ll get full file with all codes. 2. Yeap! you can run it shared hosting

The word Usefull Link spelt wrong it’s Useful single L (See the Footer)

[Ticket#896303] – [Ticket#125739] – [Ticket#759126]

@Taskweb360 – please sort out the issues the platform is facing, mainly the spam emails and the incorrectly spelt word.

Please provide us your recaptcha script. We’ll put it to your site.

Is there Google reCAPTCHA. As I’m getting alot of spam mail

it is urgent, when will the update be available.

I emailed support to help with the 1000’s of spam emails I receive everyday and no response or reply.

please open an account to and open a support ticket

The Demo version is not working. Please check.

demo is working perfectly

Please reply to my emails, I can’t move forward with the bugs I’m experiencing

check mail please

Thanks, really appreciate the fix

It will be great, if people are able to add booking product on their business profile and Guest can pay for those booking products. Admin can get commission on each booking. So, keep improving, thanks!

Thanks for your valuable opinion. We will try to add this feature

When is your next update coming. I really want to purchase.

Please check your mail. Your issue already has solved

Thanks, It’s working now. Appreciate the work.

It’s a great design, congratulations. But Dostum is missing a lot, especially for seo optimization.

1- why are the titles of all the pages the same? 2- Why can’t the business be edited from the admin panel? 3- why there is no sitemap and rss feed? 4- Why are the working hours of the companies not shown? 5- does not support sef url, “search?search=&category[]=2&category[]=3&category[]=4&category[]=5&category[]=6&location[]=1&location[]=2&location[]=3&location[]=4&location[] Searching for =5&location[]=6” would have looked nicer. 6- Why are the image filenames not related to the title and why are their alt tags all equal to “listing”?

If these are the software that will break sales records, we are waiting.

Many many thanks for you suggestions. We’ve noted your suggestions and we’ll try to add these points in our next update

I have purchased the product and enter purchase code for verification. But its showing blank screen for further install. Sent mail for support but no response yet. Kindly assist asap

Hi, I have requested you to deploy in sub domain rather than in folder, but you have not considered the request at all. The documentation given is not working at all. You are not responding to mail. Kindly help us here.

I hope your mail has gone to spam. Can you please send me again your cPanel access to ?

is your product not feasible to install in sub domain? in the cpanel share all my subdomains are working but you are saying to contact hosting provider. Kindly install it properly in sub domain.

I have also seen issue to access admin dahsboard. its showing 500 Error. which is application specific.

Kindly help. Please note I have already shared details to and to support mail box.

Kindly to the needful.

after user buy package he will get the right to list. or once listing is done after buying package admin have right or approve the listing. once admin approve the listing then it will be visible in directory ??? please correct me if i am right ? if not they anyone can buy the package and they can list whatever they want. Waiting for reply

can u share some screenshots or videos which shows that ? so that i can understand more abt it ? please.

Check screenshot number 19 at demo


We purchased the theme and are unable to install it. Seems something wrong with the files. Have also sent an email to you but no reply from your side. Can you please respond urgently? Thanks

The work is being carried out by our team in Bangladesh office and it’s late evening there. They are waiting for your reply and assistance. Will appreciate your urgent attention to the matter. Thanks

We are a bit surprised as we informed our whole team is waiting for your reply and there is absolutely no response from you. It’s late evening now in Bangladesh and even past dinner time. FYI, this is not a Support request. Some of your installation files are missing and we are unable to install the theme!!

I’ve seen that the project has installed successfully to this domain:

If you face any issue or error, please mail us Our team will assist you. We to develop some system. So we are so busy now. But we will try to serve you within 2 days. Cause that’s our support policy.

And please. Don’t request for support with edited code. We don’t give any support with edited code.

Thank you.

I think it would be nice to see an option for admin to control the navigation menu links. For example, if I don’t want to charge people to list on my site and I hide all the Packages, then the packages no longer show on the pricing page, but the link to the pricing page remains in the Navigation menu. You see what I mean?

I think its a bit of an issue because on a brand new website, who else is going to add listings? If admin had the ability to add listings then he could fill the site or get it populated so that it appears to be in use to “others” when they visit. I think its worth revisiting. Admin should definitely have the ability to add

Admin has a way to register as a user. If he need.


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