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Hi, I am testing using PayPal Sandbox. I keep getting “Invalid response status: 302” in ipn_errors.log file. Can you please help me overcome this error ?

Sure, please send me a quick email from my profile page.

Thanks ! Problem is solved now

You’re welcome


hmtooo Purchased

welcome bro

i have problem to page admin

i am send you Contact Data

There is another problem

When a file is uploaded and finish

I see the tag right

But I do not find the file in File Manager????

You need to delete files from file manager, not from the folder. As for removing address fileds, please send me a quick email for instructions.

thanks bro i sent you e mail

Pre purchase questions:

1. Can I add extra / custom fields to a product page? This is missing in almost every download script I have looked at and is a very important feature for any digital download script since no product is the same.

2. Ads ready? (Adsense)

3. Can I add custom URL link to download a file from my subdomain?

Never mind, read through the comments and feel that this product is not for me. To many things missing.

All right then.


Breesey Purchased

Hi Gewa13, Can I add Youtube video to description:/ or Vimeo and how. when Ive tried it has not loaded or has been misaligned. Regards Breesey

You can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into item description.