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can you add bitcoin (bitpay) or perfectmoney to your script? pls, i can pay fees :((

I can’t promise anything, but I will try to implement Bitcoin in the future.

Do you customize the software at an additional cost? Wanted to integrate a payment gateway. And also wanted a few more templates for the front end.

Sure, please email me from my profile page with your request.

i have not got a reply from you after sending a message from your profile page

Sorry about delay, reply sent.


I have come accross an issue. When defining a site description in the admin area it is not showing up frontend.

<meta name=”keywords” content=””/> <meta name=”description” content=””/>

I’m not bothered about the keywords but I do want to define a meta description for the front page, In fact I want to define page titles for all my products. What’s the best way of doing this?


Could you please email me from my profile page with your site url, so I can take a quick look?

Hello and bought your product Digital Downloads Pro the installation all well but in paner of cotor tego porbemas here I leave the imagene:

Reply sent

Thank you, everything is fine;) Have a Happy Sunday;)

Thanks you too.

Hello every day I am waiting for your reply already sent to your mail my data of web and of FTP and every day it does not mea answered? .Thanks

I have replied to you already, there is no need for multiple posts.

New update in April ? or may ? july ?

I will announce it once ready.

H can I please have the activation an automated process so that all the user has to do is click on the email link and the activation is complete – I don’t see the point in getting the customer to cut and paste the activation code – thank you.

Please email me from my profile page, for alternative option, user will still need to click on activation link, but all fields will be automatically populated. No copy/paste.


tlota Purchased

Hi there, I purchased your file yesterday.. Installation went very well.. but I think I made a mistake in one of the paths.. If you check the source of the page you’ll see there is no / between downloads and moviedownloads… Where do I change that so it’s changed on all pages? Thanks for your time, Erik Tanghe

Go to phpmyadmin and in settings table just edit site_dir and make sure it reads downloads/moviedownloads


tlota Purchased

Thanks for the fast reply but in the phpmyadmin there is no such thing.. The settings table has only ‘features’ – ‘sql queris’ – ‘navigation frame’ – ‘main frame’ – ‘import’ – ‘export’

Yes, there is. Select your database, find settings table and make those changes. If youre not able to do, please email me from my profile with your cpanel access, and I will do it for you.


murohuso Purchased

Today april15 new update ?

Hi ! first thank you for the script, i have a problem when i open PRODUCTS/ File Manager , i can’t see any thing and also i can’s upload my file’s please can you solve it. as soon as possible,

Sorry, I don’t see your proof of purchase.

Sorry ! I bought it from another account since one year ago and i don’t know the pass, so i have your produce on my computer when i buy my new host i have this problem .

Unfortunately, without being able to validate your purchase, I cant help you. Try resetting your password and login with account used to purchase DDP.


greenroad Purchased

Hi Alex, I hope you be ok. I sent an email about a issue to hide “add to cart” or “download” button for each small picture of products. my email that i sent this message is : warez.activity at gmail. thank you

I got your email, and I will reply shortly.


greenroad Purchased

Thanks, still i’m waiting…


gewa13 Author

I did few days ago, you need to remove cart button code in /themes/current theme/index.tpl.php