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dear sir

can you use this for download music if yes great if no please can you give me theme or app for download music just download no need add to cart for wordpress or without no problem

DDP is not wordpress plugin, but stand alone script, you can use it for any type of digital media including music.


murohuso Purchased

Hello gewa did you say new release in march but i don’t see again ?

Sorry, to yet, I will announce it once ready.

heya great script sI must see. i am trying the demo installation but canot access any admin page. giving me an error Switch statements may only contain one default clause in C:\xampp\htdocs\ddd\admin\helper.php on line 131.. So i cannot do anything on the admin page or configuration but the front end works well..

Sorry, I don’t see your proof of,purchase.


softsa Purchased

Hi Alex,

I trust that all is fine with you! Can I become a beta tester.

Kind Regards Martin

Sure, once beta becomes available you will receive notification email, in a mean time please email me from my profile page with your request.


kevj01244 Purchased

I just installed this but I can’t add any downloads. Whats the correct path supposed to be for the File Directory? Also can you upload to the directory using wget or ftp?


kevj01244 Purchased

I figured this out, you have to use the absolute path to a download directory ie /home/username/public_html/download and you can ftp and wget files to the folder

That’s correct, but for the added security, you should store all your file in publicly non accessible directory, just below public_html folder.


murohuso Purchased

i’ve been waiting a two year.Did you say march end for new that right or not?

Yes, I sad March, but I must admit, it will not be available this month.


vhua56 Purchased

can you add bitcoin (bitpay) or perfectmoney to your script? pls, i can pay fees :((

I can’t promise anything, but I will try to implement Bitcoin in the future.

Do you customize the software at an additional cost? Wanted to integrate a payment gateway. And also wanted a few more templates for the front end.

Sure, please email me from my profile page with your request.

i have not got a reply from you after sending a message from your profile page


I have come accross an issue. When defining a site description in the admin area it is not showing up frontend.

<meta name=”keywords” content=””/> <meta name=”description” content=””/>

I’m not bothered about the keywords but I do want to define a meta description for the front page, In fact I want to define page titles for all my products. What’s the best way of doing this?


Could you please email me from my profile page with your site url, so I can take a quick look?