Discussion on Data scraper for web - Data Excavator

Discussion on Data scraper for web - Data Excavator

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Hello, do you plan on having a mac app?

Hi Forsond! No such plans.

Hi there In how many computers Im going to be able to install it?


Hi modulabs! You can install it on 3 computers.

Hi there , Do you think that its possible to extract data from this website?

And I would like to scrap the following

Looking forward for you comments Regards

Hi modulabs!

Yes, our app can scrape data from this website. We can make free settings for you and help to setup scraper.

Hello, we require your expertise!

We have a website It’s a price comparison website for consumers to search and find the cheapest online seller for their product needs.

Would it be possible for you to modify your current plug-in to work with our website? The plug-in will need to work with our website by scraping data from other e-commerce websites. A system needs to be set up to automatically perform regular scrapes of these websites and update the prices on the Tool Price Check database accordingly. Our scraper will only need to scrape the Title, Product ID and Price.

If there is interest in developing this plug-in, please let me know. We look forward to speaking with you further!

Kind regards, Prav Fernando

Hello Prav Fernando!

Thank you for your interest in our project! We looked at your website and it seems you are creating a real search engine! Our application can extract a lot of data from different websites, in parallel or in sequential mode. We could modify our product so that it solves your task. For example, you could use a small dedicated server, and scan prices for several product each day, then upload them to the website. I will say a little more – we were once involved in a similar project, and our system was based on a product search system. So, we would be happy to apply our expertise to help you create an awesome product search project.

Please contact us via . Have a great day!

Best regards, Vitalii Popov

looking to purchase, please explain if i’m looking to build B2B listing info, can i select a multi-search engine & multi social networks as sources, the system will collect contact info from the listing webpage? , and all others will be listed one time no duplicated, so could collect the products page, about us page & contact us pages from the URL of the listing in google Maps or LinkedIn? , do you have all google map extractors that will be ready inside this app? , when i’m having PC with high RAM & High video card like Nvidia 8Gb can increase the speed of work ? thanks

Hi hamodabank!

1) You can setup scraper for multiple websites. Each website will have it’s own settings. One website = one project.

2) You can run multiple projects at once.

3) We don’t have filters for remove duplicates. You will need to do it manually of with side applications.

4) Our application can collect many product pages: 1000, 10000, 1000000 and much more. It’s only depended on your tasks and your data needs.

5) Speed of the scraper depended from CPU cores and RAM size. No matter what is the size of your videocard.

6) Google Maps Scraper NOT included into Data Excavator. It’s a very different applications. You can setup scraper for Google Maps with Data Excavator app, but it’s a difficult task. More easier way is to use Google Maps Scraper PRO for Google Maps scraping.

Have a great day!

Thanks, what about can i select a multi-search engine & multi social networks as sources in one project? and other related to the webpage in the google map can extract from it more than the contact area + product page + about us page?

You are welcome!

1) One website = one project = one type of the page (product page OR customer page OR any other page BUT only one TYPE of PAGE).

2) You can setup MANY projects = MANY type of pages.

3) You cannot scrape multiple TYPES of pages in one project.

4) Instead of Data Excavator you should use Google Maps Scraper for extracting data from Google Maps. It will scrape contacts from “contacts” page for every website in Google Maps results.

Once again. By-default, Data Excavator is intended for only one type of page into each project. For example: ALL products from the website. Or, ALL user cards from the website. Or, ALL manufacturers from the website.

No way to scrape data like a: “ALL products” PLUS “ALL users” PLUS “All contacts” from the website. Only one type of page for each project.

After purchasing, we will help you to setup your first scraping project.

Have a greay day!

Please send the download link i have purchased the license file

Hi! We are very glad that you are our new customer, we will do our best to make your experience with Data Excavator a good one. Please contact us at to get the key)

Good Product and Good Support

Thank you, we are very pleased to read such comments)

I think there is a problem with my license key. Can you check my license key?

Good afternoon, yes of course, we are already dealing with your question, we will send the key in the mail shortly.

We sent the key and activation instructions to your email. We are waiting for your questions. After using DataExcavator, we would appreciate feedback.

Thanks for your help. I will contact you if there is a problem with the use.

I bought the app. until now. maybe 30 times they patiently answered my questions. The application is flexible, a user with good js knowledge can do what he wants. Thank you again for the support.

Thank you for your appreciation. We take great pleasure in making our app and are always happy to help our users!

Good afternoon, if you have any more questions, we are happy to help.

Hi friend, Is this script still working? I’d like to try your demo before order Thanks

HI wonderland8! Yes, it works perfectly. Please contact us at to get free support and free consultation. Have a nice day!

Does it need login with LinkedIn? And what is possible to get, phone, email?

Hi there! Sorry, no linkedIn scraping.

Software not pict this code ccs ”.cmp_details_in .info:nth-of-type(8) .text” any solution why show error

Hi there! We have checked the website you are linked. Our application can scrape data from it. Including different cities. Please, contact us via

Have a good day!

Dear developer, 3days go but not reply me. i again send you msg and email. i purchase this software from you. and envato policy after purchase key working lifetime. so i request you again due to my windows corrupted and I install again windows 10 and install software. After install Software is not working. i put my key but show me software key is expired. please reset and provide my key for my system.

Hi there! Actual license key cost is $180 per year. You can purchase new license key by Envato. Then, we’ll send you a new license key, Thank you and have a good day!

due to my windows crupt and i install again windows and install software not i put my key but show expire. please reset and provide my key for my system

Hi threre! Your license key is expired. Use a new license key.

Hi There, I need to buy this script but Does this script work with RAKUTTEN website to scrape products and cats let me know to buy thanks

Hi there! Sorry for late answer, Yes, our software can scrape RAKUTEN website.

Hey! Thank you, I could download the program. As this is myfirst time scraping, I would like to ask you if you can help me with my first data scraping. Can you please help me, maybe accessing to my PC through Teamviewer? Thank you and I wait for your reply

Hello, Yes, I leave you a message because I’m needing help scraping three webpages, so I beg you a soon reply, please. Tomowworrw maybe you can access to my PC through Teamviewer so you can help me about my message at, please. Thank you and I’ll wait for your reply.

Hello! You haven’t reply my message. I need help scraping a website, I need if you can access to my computer and show me how to do it, please. Thank you and please reply me.

Hi there! Please, contact us via . Last time we replied you via email. Please, check your email. Thanks!


I just purchased this Data Web Scrape.

When I download th complete file, I cannot found where it’s teh executable file.

Can you please access to my computer to install the program and also teach me for my first website data scrap?

I wait for a soon reply.

Thank you.

Hi there!

Thank you for purchase. Please, visit our website and download executable file from there:

Also, contact us to get your license key vis contacts page.

Have a nice day!

Hey! Thank you, I could download the program. As this is myfirst time scraping, I would like to ask you if you can help me with my first data scraping. Can you please help me, maybe accessing to my PC through Teamviewer? Thank you and I wait for your reply

brother you can give me good discount ?

i am startup so

Hi parbat! Please contact us via

we would like to buy this, you promised one website scrapper is free If we have multiple websites then how about it.

The website that has to be scrapped is

If we login, then we can unlock features. We need to login and scrap

Scrap link:

you can observe there is a number at end 652116 (properity id)

now this id has to be incremented, the next id is 652117.

Can you do this, if you say yes then i will buy your code

Hi there! Please contact us via


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