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Congratulations, Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you for your interest in our project!

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you very much)

Congratulations, Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you for your interest in our project! We will be glad if it will be useful for your tasks!

can this extract email address of every user on codecanyon or every publisher on playstore and build an email list?

As for playstore, yes, it is possible. Email addresses on playstore are publicly available on playstore pages and can be downloaded and listed automatically. As for codecanyon – this is not possible because the addresses of the authors are not displayed, and only the feedback form is available. In any case, if you decide to use our application, we will help you to make all settings for scraping e-mail addresses from playstore for free. Also, please note that scraping addresses from playstore is a rather complicated task and you may need a proxy server to work correctly. Thank you for your interest in our project and have a nice day!

can you build automation tools for facebook, instagram or any other websites?

Yes, of course – our program can extract data from facebook and instagram. As a free support for purchasing our product, we can offer you one project of your choice – it can be any site from which you want to extract data. As for the creation of several projects for different purposes – yes, this is possible for an additional fee. On the other hand, you can look at how we will make the first free project (settings in our scraping program), and then repeat these settings for other sites, slightly changing them for each site.

I would like to test a limited functionality version before buying, maybe without export data functionality. Possible?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in our project. Of course you can do it. We have a 30-day key demo available. You can download the installation package from our website – the main page has a Download x64 button – . Next you need to create a new demo key at the following link – . The demo version has no limitations – you can use it as you wish. Also note that when you buy a full key, as a bonus, we can help you make one data scraping project.

If i want a full source code to develop and sell for my client with no limit how much ?

The source codes of the kernel are not for sale. Here you can buy the source codes of an interface that implements all kernel methods.

hi dear i purchased please make one project for me i scrapr data from or help for make scraper of this website. posible make one video for me.

Please send us your contact details at our email address:

We will contact you within 24 hours to send you information on how to use our software. Have a good day!

i donlowd but not in this package documentation how to use?

you provide support but quickly self check and go not guid if i question you show me i guide you next day and you are not provide documentation propyl fo ruse software and you your software collect one buy 1- mean i collect each link of product and put your software and for next product again put link if i collect one by one link so best way copy past. you save files but not saving.

if your soaftware one product export in HTML show only images not make any data file like .html or other

If you need more support with TeamViewer – please write to E-mail. Tomorrow our specialist will be able to connect to your computer and help you solve your problem. It’s not quite clear why you are copying links. The application itself processes the links that are placed on the site and scans the entire site. If you need to scan only some parts of the site – use the settings to limit the analysis site to the selected page ranges.

Great experience so far, very helpful support team!

Thank you very much for your feedback! We will be happy to help with data scraping!

i will send you team waver detail you talk with me in comment contact with email i long wait you no reply. still too much days purchase but useless software. no proper support. i m waiting reply

We are very sorry that you are not satisfied with our software. We are still ready to support you and reported this in an email one hour after receiving your incoming E-mail.

Thank for help and guide step by step via teamwaver.

if i need make html after scrap you are show html but not working?


There are two ways to save all HTML codes. First, go to the “Crawler settings” tab and find the “Store pages sources” option there. Set the value to “Yes”. In this case all pages will be saved in the folder “C:/Program Data/PIC/DataExcavator/ DECIData/projects/[ProjectName]/ crawled-data/html-storage”. All data will be distributed by dates.

The second way – go to the “Grabber patterns” tab. Click the “Edit” button (pencil icon) opposite the only pattern in the list. Click “Add HTML Node to parse” inside the window that opens. Select Node selector type -> CSS, Node selector data -> body, Element name -> “All page HTML”. Then click on “Apply”. After that, in the export results, the column with the name “All page HTML” will be the source codes of each page.

Can I gather amazon sellers email and contact info?

Hi! Send us the link where this information is posted on the Amazon website and we can tell you whether it is possible or not.

I don’t have a particular web page, but am I able gather the seller information in bulk

Hi, webrandlife!

It’s not clear what kind of salesman data you’re writing about. Generally, seller details are hidden on Amazon, and you cannot get the e-mail addresses or phone numbers of the sellers from the website. If you are referring to any other section of Amazon where this data is open, then send a link to that page and we’ll tell you if it’s possible or not.

In theory, if there is data on a page that you see, that data can be collected with our scraper. The other points already have a more technical slope.

- can use login and password for website? - can track changes on scrapped data? example an article used to had a price of 10 the next week it changed to 20 can track that change?

Hi Adan!

Thank you for two very interesting questions, which we will be happy to answer.

Q: Can use login and password for website?

A: Yes, you can scrape any website with a login and password. Our application supports scraping with pre-authentication. Furthermore, our application supports many-threaded parallel scraping with authentication. Authentication in our program is organized using a separate module. If you use authentication, the program will download content from the site pages, and after downloading each page it will check whether you are logged in or not. If not – the program will login you with special JS-script by your login and password, which you specify in the settings.

Q: Can track changes on scrapped data? example an article used to had a price of 10 the next week it changed to 20 can track that change?

A: Directly – no. Our app doesn’t support changes tracking. You can set-up pages recrawling (for example, make re-scraping every 2 days) and set-up online-data-export to some http-based URL which will contain the external price comparison script. In other words, you can indirectly organize what you write about with our application. But we would like to note that there is no direct function of “price comparison” in our program and we do not plan to implement such a function. We are more focused on quality data scraping and processing large amounts of information.

Hi Can you explain what is it am I buying here a Visual Studio project with full source code or complied files?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in our project.

Our application is principially divided into two large blocks. First block is a scraper core itself. You can read about the core here: . The second block is a user interface above the core. Our politics is: closed core codes, open-source UI codes. Our licensing is an annual subscription with a license key.

CodeCanyon package includes: 1) VisualStudio project with open-source UI codes and a compiled core (.dll). 2) License key for the core library for 2 years;

You can also download our compiled binary application (.exe) from our website and apply the key from the CodeCanyon package for 2 years of use.

Here is the link to download the app: . You can also use the demo key for 1 month.

You can find the demo key here:

Have a good day!

Hi, what is included in the extended license? Correctly, I realized that buying a regular license will it be valid for 2 years? and you don’t provide the kernel source code?

That’s right, for $150 we sell 2 years of our product usage. The kernel source code is not sold – it is represented as a ready-made library. The interface source code is open – you can change it as you like.

As for data – the application is completely autonomous. You should understand it directly – we are not a classic SaaS service. We offer an autonomous application for scraping. All the scraping takes place locally, on your computer. There is no exchange with our servers during the scraping process.

Thank. Unfortunately, this option is not interesting.

No problem, have a good day! By the way, you can download a demo version of our application and get acquainted with how it works. One month of free usage is guaranteed. Here is the link: