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Looks interesting. Do you have a demo version we can try?

Ok. At least create a video as the screenshots don’t really show much. Thanks!

Yea, this I wanna do it in the next couple hours. Thanks WebSmacker for the resume.

i would like to see a video too…looks interesting

thank you for the link, and for the software as far as i see it is unique and tottaly usefull, its an easy and very simple way to manage all your clients and know your income. Also portable sounds perfect…

i will continue with the purchase later today :)

Great job!!

Yea that’s all the software functions. Thanks for the resume :)

I updated to the Version who is now with Diagram for Income/Outcome siehe Changelog

Can you share either screenshot or link of tasks export for client in HTML and Print view ?


I upload some example for the Export HTML. This will be editable in Version 1.2. Here is the Link Thanks for your request.

This looks interesting. I would like to make customizations, is the application source code included with the purchase?

Hi jkanalakis, no this package is without source code. We suggest you to submit us a mail with your opinions about to optimize the software. Our email address is

Eh? Are you even familiar with accounting, or even basic financial accounting and accounting terms?

“Thank you for your resume”???
Resume = Pause/Play. Or Resume’ = History of Employment & Skills.
Was ist los?

Pfund? Addresse? Soll?

Wouldn’t you be better off using ONE system to perform Quotes, Invoices etc, etc rather than copying all the information for 100 customers FROM QuickBooks or SLIQinvoicing (examples), TO Customer Management Software???

This just doesn’t make any sense. There are not even enough fields to use this as a CRM!

And why would you want a shortcut to open FileZilla? Wouldn’t you just open it yourself??

Why on earth is there advertising for CodeCanyon, Twitter, Facebook and all those other Social Marketing systems in the lower left corner? Why would I want these here? How is that even professional?

You also say “Invoices for your customers” on the front page, but where can you create invoices in this? I don’t see anywhere I can choose from a list of products or services, select the item code, it pre-fills the row with the description, and then the quantity, tax type, and line-total…?

None of this makes any sense whatsoever! Es geht nicht!

Hello FlipMad, thanks for your comment.

All function works in this programm, so Yes, we’ve basic financial accounting!

Pfund? Addresse? Soll? I apologize that my system is in German, I’ll add another Video who you see than the English words. I guess you are right, this feature should be included.

In the next version it’s has more the function to build extra fields. For now is this a simple CRM.

They are not advertising for CodeCanyon, Twitter nor Facebook. Thats the profile of the Builder of this Software (For Support via Social Media) We are not annoymous in this section, so why you blame here with this topic?

As I wrote above the Video is kinda old (2 Versions ago), but you didn’t know it, because you didn’t bought it. So why you blame here also this function, when you don’t have the Software? Btw. the Invoice is a HTML Template. So yes, you can edit as well and edit your tax-type as well.

Es geht nicht! => Bevor du hier andere Autoren Angreifst solltest du dein Resumé öffentlich erstellen.

I’ll mark the comment as Trolling.

Is this product supported? I see the most recent comment was two years ago. Please let me know- thanks

Yes the Software is supported. We’re working on a new Version, but we now unsure which feature should be included. When you’ve any wishes let us know ;)

great work mate . good luck ^^