Customer-Management Software

Customer-Management Software

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Customer-Management is a Software to manage and organize from your Web-Design or Print-Design company. This Software is specialize in this 2 sections, you can be submit Tasks and Projects. License from Envato-Market can be Checked and saved in this Program (For Backup from Customers). This Software is Portable, ie you can put this Software to an Flash disc and work on different Systems. A simple way to organize and manage your customers with does not exist. Never fill a Excel Table or Word Document! In this Software you can put all Customers Details like: Name, Contact Name, Telephone, Address, E Mail etc.

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Features from Customer-Management:

  • Customer
    • Add Tasks => Add Task to a Project and Customer.
    • Add Project=> Add Project to Customer.
    • Add File => Transfer the File to the Program folder. (Portable)
    • Add License => Envato Members can store their Licenses.
    • Add Income=> Income from a Project or Customer can be submitted.
    • Add Outcome => Outcome is important for a company, this Software also.
  • Projects 
    • Add Projects => Simple way to add a new Project.
    • No Limits => You can submit many Projects. There exists no Limits.
    • Delete Projects => Simple way to delete the Projects after it’s done.
  • Tasks
    • Add Tasks => Add Tasks to a Project.
    • Delete Tasks => By selected Tasks can you delete this Task.
    • Change Tasks percentage => Percentage done from the Task.
    • Time start => At an hourly wage job could be here the start time of the Task.
    • Time stop => By a “Time-Start” can be set-up the end time to calculate the difference.
  • File
    • Add File => Add a File to the Customer, who is saved in the Programm folder.
  • License
    • Add License => Add License to an Customer with the Project, this is a Backup to make sure Portable.
  • Export
    • HTML export => Save the Customers in HTML.
    • Print => Customers and Projects can be printed via HTML.
  • Settings
    • Language => Language in you or any another Languages can be selected in the Settings.
    • Putty => Putty.
    • FTP => FTP Program FileZilla (Open Source). Another can be selected in the Settings.
    • Envato => Envato License check, it works only by correct API-Key.
    • Master Key => Passwords will be crypted in the Database.
    • Encryption Algorithm => We suggest AES 256bit. You can select another one when you use Windows 2000 or NT (Important: Windows NT/2000 has no AES!) We deactivate this Options to make it compatible with another Systems.

Available Languages:

Language: Progress: Comment:
English 100%
Deutsch 100% from Version 0.9
Chinese 45% from Version 1.1

You wanna a new language? Here are the Phrases and the Words to translate in you own Language. You can download this file, translate it and send us the translated archiv back to Supported Archives are ZIP, RAR and 7Z. Download Ressourcen (Programs): Maximal Programs are 14 in Main window. Should be more than 14 Programms found will be not displayed. Putty is standard the 1st Program in the Main window.

Programm: Website: Icon:
Adobe DreamWeaver YES
Adobe Photoshop YES
Adobe Illustrator YES
Adobe InDesign YES
FileZilla YES
WebSite X5 YES
Namo WebEditor YES
Notepad++ YES
Serif WebPlus YES

System Requirements:

  • Pentium 4 (1,2 GHZ)
  • 758MB Memory
  • 5MB Harddisc space (or USB-Memory) Media or Files like the database are  excluded
  • Internet Connection (For License from Envato or Email)
  • SQLite3 Driver (Included in the installation)
  • .NET Framework 2.0 (Microsoft Website)

Changelog: – 2013/04/08
- GUI CustomerList add Feature for Only This Customers Tasks
- Language Chinese Thanks Charlotte Wang
- Bug Translation “Ressourcen”
- HTML Template System Customer List
- HTML Template System Invoice
- TRIAL VERSION (Not in the Premium program)
- Added Translation Program (When the Program doesn’t appear please run first SHelfinger-CM.exe)
- By selected Customer appear only from this Customer the Tasks. – 2013/03/07
- GUI Customer Income / Outcome – 2013/03/03
- Bug Customers and Table extra Columns
- Bug File, by adding a file with the name already used.
- Bug SHelfinger_CM.exe FileVersion
- Bug Adding Customer Logo
- Bug Profit calculation
- Bug missing pound in the currencies,
- Change Language (Pfund = German, was changed to Pound), I’m sorry for all Britains!
- Global Error Handler for Error.txt
- Function Send (Email) from all Tasks to Customer
( Select Customer than right click in tasks listview to activate Send Mail (Tasks) )
- GUI adding Icons by Maximum
- GUI default currency selected in Customer and Projects – 2013/02/19
- Initial Release

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