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Looks awesome and promising – think ill scoop this one up. Does it have the ability to add inline and/or scripts/styles to specific pages/posts not just all types? (other than just the home page)

Yes, you can add scripts/styles to specific page, post or custom post type.

Looks great. I just bookmarked. Good luck with the sales!

Hi, I would like to but your script, it could be helpful. But can I use a js animated background with all page content overlaying over it? I’m not so great at coding and basically what I ned is to overlay page contents (texts / images) over the js animated background. All my tries ended up placing the background below all page content. Will your plug in help me solve this issue?


Hi, I have to look into it in more details, please contact me here


thanks! i wrote you on contact page form

I didn’t received your email yet, you can directly send an email here rameez7759@gmail.com Thanks

I am trying to use your plugin to run a script LAST or after the script for another plugin. The other plugin runs on every page. The purpose to run a special script on one page is to change one condition for the other plugin using your jQuery Custom plugin. Is it possible to set a priority for the custom action using your plugin? If I need to purchase I can do that.

Thank you. John

Yes, you can use timeout function or check conditionally about the previous plugin’s script

Hi Guys, does this have code hinting and can it spot errors in my code. I am not very good with scripting.

Yes, it does.

Is possible to use jQuery into the JS field? I was trying to do this with other plugins but only a few allow me to use jQuery script. You know… jQuery scripts into WP posts sometimes give compatibility issues.

Yes, it adds meta box under each page/post, you can set there code and it will only work for that specific page. You can also set rules for specific post types. I didn’t understand your second part, why you want to use shortcode if you can use specific css/js already for each page or post?

Because sometimes the page is written by a plugin and I don’t have access to the code/page itself. Only a form with the content. So the plugin uses this content to generate a page. Basically, in these case, I don’t have access to the page editor. The only thing I can do is insert a shortcode in the middle of the content.

I guess you still have to paste that shortcode inside any page, so on that page you will already have option for custom script. If you’re talking about theme generated pages like, author.php or archive.php then it will not work.

Heya! Great plugin. Works great in its free version (with code added page per page). But not working in premium version for code added for whole site… Mind helping me out? Cheers!

Hi, Please send url of your site to help@webcodingplace.com and we will see this issue on your site.