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How does a player get added to the leader board? Can it require they enter their name and email?

Hi! the plugin uses WordPress Log in system

Hi, in case you win a casino deposit accrue to members?

hi! currently this plugin is meant only for arcade and play for fun purposes, it is not linked to a payment gateway

Version 4.5.3 wordpress

the plugin works properly with this WP version

hi! have you met the issue on a multisite?

I wanted to integrate further into my web application i.e. get further control player scores .. everything.. and I find i have NO CONTROL over changes it is not open source by any means i can’t tweak how hard the shot is , integrate with sockets hmm overall a disappointment and a waste of money for me

Hi! Have you purchased the plugin? This plugin has been conceived with the features shown in the documentation. If you want to modify it you should have some coding skills or contact us for a customization.

Version Software word press 4.5.3 – Bug

Hi! what kind of bug did you find? can you give us more details?

Hello , you make reskin the games price part ?

yes! we’ve just sent you an email with more details

I am having issues with this plugin. Many of the images within the settings are not appearing, and I am receiving some sort of error for the bandit game. Also, I would like to have a popup within the sidebar that users could click on that will bring a full page version of the game, is this possible or do I have to purchase another plugin? Please advise.

Hi The problem was related to the game you’ve installed, we have already fixed it. A new version of the game will be available in few days, you’ll get a notification from envato. Thank you for pointing it out!


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Can games work in full screen

Hi! games resize to fit the current screen, the size depends on the iframe of your theme.

As for the CLang.js, the code contained in the ctl folder is minified, that’s why you don’t see it. If you want to modify the code, you can do it in the “game” folder contained in the root, there you’ll find the code in clear. Then replace the game folder in the ctl one. Obviously you have to create another zip file to upload in the plugin.


vip3rb Purchased

Give me theme name supports full-screen opening

Actually we don’t have a theme to suggest. We have planned to build a specific theme for CTL Arcade but currently we don’t have an estimate of releasing time

Hi we hear about you can not make a little about the ctl arcade so all winnings are counted and whether we can made ??so that all wins are added together ( even the small gains are not large enough to get a high score ) proposals bingo winnings + slot winnings + poker winnings + ander game = win total

and then add to user profile win in everything on the page

so you can make nogel Contests on the page used to spent their total winnings on

I badly needed this

Please give us more details about what you need contacting us at

I am curious if there is a way to have all of the arcade games within one screen where it shows the user all of the game choices, like in a real arcade game simulator, instead of having to create a new page for each game with a link? In the window you could choose the game and then the game would show up within that same window, and you could click on a different game to simply change the game that shows up within the window, and perhaps have a leader-board listing for the player with the highest score of all the games played added up, and then have a profile for each player that lists which games they have played and how much points from each game.


I’m sorry but CTL Arcade is developed with the purpose of installing a game for page and with the current features and behaviour.


nsoud Purchased

Hi, Thank you for the plugin, when i’m try to install it give me Fatal error: Call to undefined function ctl_arcade_install_db() in …. wp-content/plugins/ctl-arcade/db.php on line 199 , please need help


nsoud Purchased

i have sent you an email to, thank you very much


nsoud Purchased

please any help

Just sent a pm


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Theme author might be in Holidays but maybe somebody else might give me a hint to how to get the leaderboard working. When I am locked in and play through sweety memory ( my score will be added to the leaderboad. But if I am not locked in nothing happens… Question is how to get normal Website visitors scores into the leaderboard. Do I have to make them create an account first and then, after they played the game, they will end up in the leaderboard? That will kill any conversions for sure. Thanks in advance, Sven

currently ctl arcade saves score only for logged users.

for other type of use you have to modify the plugin.


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hello I bought the plugin and zap aliens game, need to add a button social networking, the game is in html5 but I can not insert the button. I need help

once you have installed the game in your wordpress website using ctl arcade, the social share is automatic, at the end of each match you’ll see a panel like this one you don’t have to modify anything


gcort Purchased

ok, but I do not want to use wordpress, there is another way?

If you don’t want to use wordpress we have to modify the game’s code. For further info write at


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Can you guys please make a Pacman Game with leader board to it ?

we already have a Pacman Game if you want to add a leader board you can use our CTL Arcade. We have also planned to build a Pacman clone, it will be released in the next month, I’ll keep you posted


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does this work with MyCred yet? How about BadgeOS? I see many people have asked for this many months ago. Any updates?

Hi! currently it doesn’t work with MyCred, in case we make a new version compatible with such a plugins I’ll contact you

I sent a message to your account for technical help middle of last week, and have yet to here any updates. I need this plugin to work. Please advise…

Having additional issues. Email sent…

just answered

I sent another email yesterday with another concern. If you could look into it, I would appreciate it. Thanks


nsoud Purchased

the adsense didn’t show , Tried to add adsense code but the game doesn’t run.


nsoud Purchased

in shot code you use mode=”iframe” can i change that to full screen some how, thank you


nsoud Purchased

can i hire you to add a button for full screen and exit full screen to be added for the plugin

Hi, currently it’s not possible to just add a full screen button. We will build a theme suited for CTL Arcade as soon as possible

All your games support leaderboard? Do you have demo of leaderboard in lite version?

hi, yes all our game support leaderboard. In the lite version this feature is locked, you can see an example of leaderboard here:

so this only has one level?

i need help i have messaged you via my falconCoin email address and i am not getting any response… i need urgent help so i can open up these games on the site.

in the common.js line 240: function ctlArcadeShowAdsInterlevel( iMinTime, iMinTimeBetweenAds ){

how can i get the user ID and Game name and post to another page?

since i cant figure out how to get those items i can not do the post

hi, we’ve forwarded your message to the tech dept, we’ll get back to you asap

thanks i messaged them a few days back, im really stuck and cant open till i get this working..

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this plugin. However I would like to know what the sizes of the featured images are?

Currently I am using MyArcadePlugin and the featured images are 7kb in size with natural width 150×150.

I would like to know the default size of featured images when adding games for this plugin? I am looking for images of a much higher quality.

Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

the featured images of our games have several sizes, they go from the 80×80 icon, 590×300, or 1920×1139.

From this link you can take a look at how the game will be shown:

Just to avoid misunderstandings, unlike MyArcadePlugin, games in CTL Arcade are not free. The plugin comes with only one free game: minesweeper. You must buy the license of the other games you want to install, here on CodeCanyon.

CTL Arcade is compatible only with the games built by CodeThisLab, here is the list of all the games available: