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Hi there, I have purchased this plugin and a game but I get a ‘Forbidden’ message where the game should appear. The scoreboard works so wondered if there was a quick fix..? Thanks

Hi, please send us an email at with the link to your website and we’ll have a check

hello i use CTL Arcade – Wordpress plugin for last 5 month and now its not working . game does not game does not show on page . i dont know short code does not work . please help .

Hi, send us the link to your website at and we’ll take a look.

mine stopped working as well.. i narrowed it down to plugins_url() using cloudlare its forcing WWW. the www is tossing cors policy errors

Hi, send us the link to your website at and we’ll take a look.


vachan Purchased

Unable to view the Social Share image for the Games Score (Four Cards).

The Facebook Share (of scores) is using FB 2.5 but my FB App is compatible for not less then FB 2.9 API

Hi! we are checking the plugin, a new version will be released asap

can you send me a picture at

what is the update on this ?

we added the missing folder of the free game Minesweeper

Where can I find/edit the all of the scores in the plugin?

with ctl arcade you can’t edit the scores. For all technical question please send an email to

where can I view all the scores from backend? Where are the scores saved?

the scores are in db

hi, I bought this plugin. But Leaderboard before to start the game not received any information from the user to enter game. What should I do to activate this?

Hi, only the scores of users logged in the website are saved

Hi, your plugin support wp 4.8?

Hi, can I translate this plugin and games into another language?

Hi, currently is not possible to translate the plugin, but we have already planned to add this feature in a next update. Regarding the games, they can be translated. You’ll find more info about this, in the documentation of each game.

Hi! What about a collector card game like Gwent? And make it easy for us to switch out our own cards. :)

We’ll keep in mind your advice


stedie Purchased

I have a wish: Word scramble

+1 for mycred

Also asking for casino games are there any banking system or something so I can give my players Bitcoin who playing much…

we’re working on a new project that fits your requirements, so send us your contact details to, we’ll inform you when it will be ready.

Hello! Ratings and Leaderboard are compatible with WordPress users?


Hello, first of all you done a great work with this but I bought the puzzle deluxe game and ctl arcade and I want users be able to share the score. It shows up when I finish the game but where can I edit the “Share your score with your friends!” text? Because I want to write it in another language.

Found it! in CEndPanel.js

is there a way i can buy multiple games all at once (like a bundle pack) or do i need to get it individually?

hi, we replied to your p.m.

As other users have mentioned before, I need the games to be full screen. I’m trying to use a blank theme and on mobile the Minesweeper game still shows up only covering 2/3rd of the screen. I would just upload the directory with the index file to my server, but then users scores and progress wouldn’t be saved anywhere.

Once you do add a theme that allows that, I will buy 30+ games.. But as it is now, it’s mostly useless for me.

I already resolved the issue :) I’ll just upload the games directly to my server, I misunderstood the concept of this script. Thanks for clearing things up :)

Also here is a tip for people who want to view the games in full screen with this script; If they want a completely blank theme across the whole website, they can install the “Fusion Base” theme. For blank separate pages, install the “Blank Slate” plugin to use with any theme. Then instead of creating a post, create a page to avoid the comment section, and remove the max height parameter from the shortcode to avoid blank spaces. This is the closest to full screen you can get with this script. It does leave a small white bar in the bottom of the page though. Option 2 is to upload the game directly to a hosting server and then it’s fullscreen and auto sized by default, but then you don’t get those awesome features. Just thought I’d point those out, might help someone.

thank you for the tip :)

I would like to do a bingo game where people pay for their cards and then if they win it alerts me so that I can send them their prize. Is there a feature for that?

Hi, we replied to your pm, check your inbox ;)

Hi there,

I purchased a few of your games for my site on my own server, now I just want to keep track of cumulative scores as users play the game (i.e. the more they play across all games the higher their total score in the DB). I’m thinking about buying this and creating a WordPress site just so that I use it to keep user scores. Would it be easier for me to just write a stored proc to store the scores in the DB after they play or can I use this to do so?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, CTL Arcade collects the score of every game singularly. If you want a cumulative score you should create some ad hoc query and create a widget on your website that shows this cumulative leaderboard