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Hi, Great plugin. Can you make the short-code creator available for Text Editor as well? Currently it is available only when I enable the Visual Editor. I never use Visual Editor as it would mess up my special styling.

Can you please add the short-code creator button for Text Editor?


You can create some test page and configure the tooltip on it, then you can copy the shortcode and paste it to your target page content.

Never mind – I adjusted the plugin code to do exactly what I wanted to expose a button for text editor with a configuration (enable/disable) at the settings page. I’m good now.

Thank you for an update on that!

Is it possible to set the styled tooltip in the header menu when I set this specific css class in the menu backend?

You’ll need to prepare custom menu walker. With default menu structure it is not possible. We can prepare such a solution for you as a custom job. Please contact us via contact form if you’ll be interested.

posting a url in the tooltip messes the whole thing. is there any chance i can do this in the future?

It’s possible to use a link. Please create new topic on our Support Forum and our support team will help you with that.

I am looking for a tooltip plugin. Could you explain why yours is based “On Pure CSS3 Code” (and not other techniques)?
What is the difference in comparison with other tooltip plugins, please? What are the benefits?
(I am not coder, need your clear explanation to take a decision).
Thank you.

Could you give me some example so I’ll be able to imagine what would you like to do?

1. Yes, here is an example from the competitor I showed you:
2. That plugin also allows to migrate, export, import tooltips from one website to another:
Adding those features to your (awesome) plugin will increase considerably its value, I am sure :)
Thank you.

1. My plugin is providing only tooltips for different types of content, the glossary functionality is not available. You can check some examples on the demo page: http://quanticalabs.com/wp_plugins/css3-tooltips/

2. The plugin is using shortcodes, so after you’ll import/export your pages/posts between different sites on which you’ve the tooltips plugin installed, the tooltips will works. So such an import/export is possible.

Can I add tooltips to gravity form field labels?

If you’re able to insert tooltip shortcode on your label in form editor, then yes – you can add tooltips.

Hi, can you tell me if it is possible to use this to display a video tooltip on a woocommerce item in the main shop category page?

You’ll need to edit WooCommerce template or use some action hook to do that. Tooltips are using shortcodes, so you need to add shortcode in appropriate place to display the tooltip.

okay great thanks

You’re welcome!

Hello. I’m interested in your plugin but want to really know how it works.

I want to use it to comment on sections of posts that appear in my WordPress Editor. Having a frontend option in which one can add tooltips would also be fantastic.

So for example: (Note tooltip comments in [brackets] below)

CSS3 Tooltips For WordPress is a lightweight, easy-to-use tooltips plugin for WordPress.

It’s based on pure CSS3 and comes loaded with 50 predefined CSS3 styles, 10 different tooltip positions, optional tooltip headers, support for images and videos, adjustable delay, notification icons, tooltips On Hover over element and On Click and support for mobile devices. Plugin comes with shortcode generator and global settings with nice feature to display CSS3 Tooltips for all links by default. [Having used it, I definitely can confirm that it is one of the best, if not the best tooltip in the market, so go buy it]

Is this how it works? Please elaborate, so I’ll know if it fits my requirements.

Thank you.


Yes, it works in that way ;) I’ve just gave you the output code of the user friendly configurator.

Please check this instructional video: http://www.screenr.com/OsdN

Thank you. It seems it will work for my purpose. I want to use it to make comments in articles on my site. Can I add tooltip to every post or article on my site and are the tooltips content independent and wont affect each other. Some tooltip plugins are like definitions/glossary and not good because at the end one content is mistakenly used for a different word/phrases. Hope this does not apply to your plugin. Thank you. JD

Yes, you can use tooltips on every post/page and there won’t be any conflicts between them. The plugin should works well for making comments in articles.