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Hi, love your forms. You have a great product here. I have a few question though (still new to this). How do I direct the message to send me an email. Also to get a message to pop up telling the sender that it has gone through. As well as to reseting the fields. Thanks

Thanks for purchasing!

The Form Pack is just a collection of form templates in html/css, as should be evident by the presence of the pack in the CSS category. In order to process form data and send emails you need a form processing script, most probably in PHP . You can either build one of your own or purchase one from Codecanyon.

Hello can i embed this form in a wordpress post ?

Yes you can. You just have to include the form css files and place the relevant form html code in your page/post.

is there any way i can add a picture on the top of my form. Im trying to get a contact form for facebook. i dont know my way around this so would just like to get a contact form but i would like to use your work?

Yes, you can easily add a picture. Just make the necessary edits in the html code.

Hi, How can I make the “select” field example on the General Form work with as a multiple select field.

thanks m

I see that you have never purchased the item. Please ask the person who purchased it for you to post the comment here.

Hi, It’s possible I purchased it using another account. I bought it 17/5/2012 along with CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu

But I can’t find the emails If you can’t help, then thanks for taking the interest M

Does this form have a section so when one hits the submit form button it goes directly to my email? In other words is it set to drop an email and good to go like a working contact form? I don’t know alot about coding so trying to find something so I can learn how it all goes together. thanks

The Form Pack is just a collection of form templates based on HTML and CSS (as should be evident by the fact that the item is present in the CSS category). In order to process the submitted form data and also send emails you need a server side form processing script (based on PHP). You can look for something like that in Codecanyon.

I love this form I use it for all my clients! I was wondering if there was internet explorer fix for allowing users to type in the input fields the drop downs work but not imput fields it affects initernet explorer 6.

Thanks for purchasing!

The IE problem that you are facing is related to the select dropdown or the input text field? However if the problem is only in IE6 then I can do nothing about it since it is a very old and obsolete browser and I don’t provide any support for it. I only provide support for IE8 and above.

Excellent work. I started using one form.
A Question How could I do that the form had a background figure (rectangle) with any of the effects of your CSS3 Shadow Pack? Because you see, the elements of form, like floating.

For me to do this would take me a long time, but I know for you is a piece of cake.

Thanks in advanced.

Thanks for purchasing!

I did not quite understand what you were trying to say. Please clarify.


You may be able to include in the form style 4, CSS Code of other data types such as date, dropdown list, check box & radio buttons.

Thanks in advanced.

Are you talking about the Contact Form style? If so then you can include the input styles that you are mentioning. See the General Form for such styles.

How can I embed it in the wordpress plugin Contact form 7?

Thanks for purchasing!

I cannot say how you can use it with the mentioned plugin, you have to ask the author of that plugin for that. But the form pack provides a set of styles for form elements, so if you have the necessary html code and apply the appropriate css classes then the styling will take effect.

hello, i just want to ask something about the browser compatibility. while browsing with IE10, there is an error with the dropdown menu in general-dark.html

you can find the screenshot in the link below..

Thanks for purchasing!

I don’t have access to IE10, but I will look into it. Have you ensured that all the required files are being loaded including CSS3 PIE (which is a htc file)?

yes, i did not modify anything, when i opened the html file directly, dropdown menu has errors even with the compatibility mode

See if adding the following meta tag in the <head> helps to solve the problem:
<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=9; IE=8;” />

can i use it in a blogger theme (xml) ???

I cannot tell you exactly because I have not used this blogger theme of yours. But the Form Pack can be embedded in any html/php page.

Just I wanna say, I don’t like it. Because CSSs seperated and BAD CODED. I never see like this before! In CSS you used global terms. Like body… etc. I have to edit and compile seperated css. Garbage.

The css supplied in the package also contains styles for the demo, and you have to include only the required forrm css code in your page. It seems like you are the first person who did not have the sense to understand this fact.

These forms are awesome! Excellent Job.

Quick Question – I am submitting a form with a textarea. If the textarea is blank I get a red box around it and I can not submit the form unless the textarea has text in it. Is it possible to disable this feature, if so do you have any suggestions on how to disable it?

Thanks for any help on this.

Thanks for purchasing!

Good to know that you like the forms. As for the textarea validation you can certainly disable it. In the html source code you will see that the textarea has a required attribute set. Just remove that attribute and the validation will be disabled. This has also been explained in the documentation.

Thanks for your help!

Hi, How can I make the ”select” field example on the General Form work with as a multiple select field.

thanks m

I asked this question a long time ago but I was logged in with the wrong id and couldn’t show I’d purchased it

I have not tried it with multi-select, but you can set the “multiple” attribute on the <select> and see what happens. I guess you will only need some minor css edits to make things look good.

no worries
When I tried it I only get to see on option so the multi-select capacity didn’t appear to be available
If you have some time could you send me a css block that might help get me started.

I have figured out how to integrate the code into my WordPress site to make the from look normal. I have two concerns now. The first, it seems the bottom half of my WordPress site is broken, as it appears of a background separation in a varied color (perhaps from the browser among two different style sheets – not real sure) approximately at the center of the site layout. The second issue is how to integrate action for my login form?

It’s still not working. I have put the css code in the description element of the slider module in WordPress theme Awake. Its showing up where I want it to but not in correct proportion. I want the login form to be permanent on the home page of my website within the gradient portion of a nivo slider that is part of one of my wordpress themes (Awake). Can you please help me get it situated? And then also help me situate the action the form should take when a user will login with their credentials? I would be grateful for your help and do appreciate very much how fast you are to respond with support. Thank you very much.

Hello Cosmocoder a friendly update. The code works and I love this package. Excellent package. Can you recommend some other package you have to help me understand writing code to connect the form to database and things there?

Good to know that you have sorted out things. The CSS Form Pack is just a HTML/CSS template for forms. In order to process form data you need server side scripts, for which you can look at the PHP category in Codecanyon.

hello this is nice i like but before i buy i would like to know if possible to use in website lie these:, yes and i don’t know or can’t integrate will be able to help on that if any fees i will. thank you regards Eric

The pack can be implemented in any site as long as you have knowledge of basic HTML and CSS. Also remember that this pack is a collection of form templates, so you will need to have your own server side script for processing the form submission data.

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