Discussion on Crypto Chart Widget | Premium Cryptocurrency Charts | WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Crypto Chart Widget | Premium Cryptocurrency Charts | WordPress Plugin

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Hi! Prior buying need to be sure if our token supported? GMCoin

Just purchased but can’t find GMCoin?

Please submit a new support ticket at and we will help.

submitted ticket

Hi i have uploaded that plugin it shows error

creticall error already is sent you screenshot plus on logins through please solve problem

Hi, please check the support ticket and follow up if necessary. Thank you

Can display bitcoin hashrate chart?

Hi, can I know if I purchase the item, and I change domain in future, is it easy to transfer my item to my new domain? Thanks


you are allowed to change the licensed domain if you move from a dev website to production, however if you start a completely new website after some time then you can not transfer the license, because each license allows you to use the plugin in one unique end product only.

Let me know if you have further questions.


As of today, some charts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Doge no longer work.

We haven’t changed anything. Other charts like Ripple still work.

That urgently needs to be fixed. We bought this plugin in addition to your cryptocurrency widget plugin.

It’s annoying when this expensive plugin only works halfway.

Best regards


I have created a ticket #226478 for you and requested more info. Please update the ticket accordingly (please note that direct email replies are not received).

Thank you

... i delete this message, because we have access to your ticketsystem now and can write there

...we have answered on ticket now

After I downloaded the zip file for the crypto chart widget and tried to upload it as a wordpress plugin, I got this notice: “The link you followed has expired. Please Try again.” Nothing came up about exceeding php limits, just seemed to take longer maybe because of the size. Does this mean I may have to upload through ftp since it timed out uploading through wordpress and didn’t say it exceeded php limit?

It works on the demo. Please double check that you added a valid API key in the plugin settings.

So you’re saying I have to go to and set up a new account to just get an api key as opposed to it already being setup through the plugin? I did click the link, “Get a free API key” under settings, created an api key and it’s not loading.

No plugin is capable of signing up to a 3rd party website on your behalf…

Could you please provide temporary WP admin access to your website and we’ll check the issue further. Please do so by submitting a new support ticket at


What is the source of prices of cryptocurrency

cryptocompare API

Does this software support the rare altcoin MinCoin? MinCoin trades under the symbol MNC & $MNC and is based on the scrypt algo. More information on MinCoin is available at MinCoin Altcoins official website


yes it does support MinCoin.

I’m trying to use it but the builder doesn’t allow me to choose any currency. Just appear a number: 1462 But you can’t select any coin.

Start typing a coin name and you should have the search results underneath and be able to select specific coin. Please let me know if it works or not.

Would be very helpful if you could name the different parts of your charts in the code. For people like myself who want to heavily edit them (for example, removing volume entirely) its quite tedious to dig through an improperly formated JS file to find the particular unnamed section we need to remove.

Built-in editors can sometimes break formatting, they are not so reliable.

Try to set percentHeight to 100 as follows:

I’ve done that, the second container still exists but now it’s about 12 pixels tall as opposed to 30%. Suppose that’s a rather minor complaint.

You can probably try to eliminate it with CSS. If you send a link to your website I will be able to advise further.


Would it be possible to make cryptocurrency widgets like that are sliding? I want widgets that look like that!

Unfortunately it’s not likely to be added very soon.

p.s. we don’t use skype.

Thank you.

If you would be able to add it, when would it be?

Sorry, there is no ETA at the moment.

I’m getting a message that says WordPress canceled the action, is there a way to send a screenshot?

Yes I copied and pasted.

Refreshed a few times and got it to send.

Thanks, received and replied.

Hey I’m not able to upload my Zip file on mobile into my user admin. I’m getting an error code.


what kind of error are you getting?

Hi, I want to buy a license to use this product in my future website and want to know if I can use a regular license.

Your product will be both on public and inside membership level.

When a visitor enters our website, your product will be available to all without any restriction. It will remain this way also to the members section.

Regular license is ok?

Thanks in advance for your response


if the product features will be available to all users without restriction and without membership access then you are free to use the standard license. If membership will add some extra features (with help of the plugin) then you need the extended license.

Please let us know if you have more questions.


Hello! I’ve purchased your plugin, but I encountered a problem while building a chart. I couldn’t find candlestick from dropdown menu, tried to change shortcode to ‘candlestick’ then it shows nothing on the graph. Could you help?


which version of the plugin do you have installed?

I have 1.0.1 version installed

Please download and install the latest version from CodeCanyon

hello there why is the charts not live also i need to remove js charts by amcharts


Please explain what exactly you mean by “the charts not live”.

To remove the link you need to purchase a commercial license of amCharts.

When viewing the “Extra” tab page at: ../wp-admin/admin.php?page=cryptocurrency-charts-builder it is broke and looks like this, FF and Chrome Thanks


please provide temporary WP admin access to your website, so we can investigate further:


Thank you for the prompt reply and fix

You are welcome! If you could rate the plugin it would be perfect. Thank you

Hi, Can I add interval value? (1min, 3min, 5min …) If I want add other new coins, How can I add data? (DB? Json? ..)


no, only 1D charts with 15 minutes intervals are supported.

You can add new coins through a JSON file.

Hi does this plugin support South African Rands (ZAR) and can you change the base currency to always show ZAR?


yes, it does support ZAR currency. Here is an example:

Let me know if you have more questions.

Hello there! Thanks for a good plugin Cryptocurrency Charts. It works good, but I wont to translate to another language. How can I do it? Thanks!

Thanks for reply! One more question. How can I find Ephereum in chart? Is it there?

You mean Ethereum? Yes, it’s there.


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