Discussion on Crumble - Enterprise Cloud Storage - Scalable File Hosting Script - Node.js, React, MongoDB, GridFS

Discussion on Crumble - Enterprise Cloud Storage - Scalable File Hosting Script - Node.js, React, MongoDB, GridFS

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can you pipe files to google drive ?

Hi! Sorry, but Crumble does not have this feature. We will never support Google Drive storage, as this kind of integration breaches Google’s terms of service.

can support S3 ?

Hi Crumble uses GridFS (aka MongoDB). It does not support S3, as we will release another product dedicated to S3 management in early 2023.

If you want managed storage, you can attach Crumble to MongoDB Atlas instead of the default localhost installation:

For instructions on how to do so, please reach out at

thank you for you quick response

Hello, Can we send large files Can we make categories Thanks

Hi! Yes, there is no limit on file size in actual installations.

The live preview is running in demo mode and has a file size limit because there are people out there who disrespect the work of others (random people uploading terabytes of files for fun). But your installation after purchase will not have this limit.

We have tags instead of categories. Each file can have as many tags as you wish and you can search through tags via the API.


Nivaah Purchased

You need to add more upload options like

Hi! We welcome your feedback. Can you elaborate on which options are you most interested into?

I have a short video app and need to use your system, but I have a doubt, my user uploads a short video through the api, can he get it displayed on my app?

Hi! Yes. You will need to use full urls (not short urls). Short urls are just redirects (most players do not support them). Full urls will work perfectly!

Hi! This is just to let you know that Crumble is for sale for the next 48 hours.


JFOC Purchased

since Crumble can be used as S3/CDN replacement, I think each user should be limited by the storage size, bandwidth and storage region.

If you are willing to subscribe to our updated VIP Patreon plan (voting powers on new features), we can develop the feature for you:

The updated plan is now EUR 19.99 per month (was 99 per month).

Deadline on the development of the feature would be 2 weeks.


JFOC Purchased

each requested feature will ever developed or need some voting ?

all those patron for all of your products?

I checked, currently 0 patron

We had 5 patrons during year 2022, but they would subscribe just for the time needed to work on a feature (a month, basically) then drop the subscription. This is why I now just lowered the price so much.

If you request and we agree on a feature before subscribing, then it will be developed (guaranteed). Otherwise it really depends on the request (small features that can be useful to all customers are ok, huge changes that impact others are not).


JFOC Purchased


the new feature region, need to input manually during add a new file ? how it works?

is the api compatible with new features?

Hi! The default region is “world”, otherwise you can input any string you want manually. Then, you can use the region field as splitting key for MongoDB sharding, in any way you like.


JFOC Purchased

yes, would be nice Crumble by default could let user choose the defined region instead of free text input


JFOC Purchased

Any new features?


JFOC Purchased


Crumble is one review shy from public reviews. If you are satisfied with the product, please leave a positive review. This might increase sales and maybe bring the Stripe feature that you want to the market in the future.


JFOC Purchased

Unfortunately Stripe is not available in my country :(

You should add proper plans and payments system. This application has potential.

Thank you! We will look into this after the next Clover release.

any plan for new features ?

Hi! Crumble will be updated in May with region flag and URL shortener redirects.

Please keep in mind that the URL shortener will use a 301 permanent redirect to the shared file.


JFOC Purchased

is release yet?

Sorry, it was a typo (June, not May). It will be released during the next week.

Apparently, when I wrote that comment 4 days ago, my mind was convinced it was still April. “Next month” is actually June.


how is the disk usage calculated?

When there is no files on any vault, the disk usage is already X GB :o

Hi! Disk space (used, available) is the only analytical data based on the machine and not on the content of the database. In other words, that’s the used disk space and available disk space of your whole server.

how much will it cost to add google drive as the storage server, bypass host so it uses my vps bandwidth and by pass google limit using google cloud api, client ID and secret if you need an example on how to bypass google drive limit and links let me knw

Hi! What you are suggesting is not compliant with Google’s terms of service. We do not provide help in achieving features that go against the law or against another company’s terms of service. In fact, we actually discourage you from buying the item, if such is your goal.


how to logout ? find no logout .

and the change picture goes to gravatar?

cannot find the logout button either on your demo or mine

is this a bug?

Hi! Sorry for the delay, we lost your previous message. We investigated this issue and realized that the top-right corner log out button gets hidden when screen width is lower than 1280px.

Version 1.1.4 is now out with a new “log out” button in the user account page:

multiple file server like multiple ftp servers

multiple language and currency, invoice system, tax, storage region is an important feature, I requested having different vault options depending on the region and folders option in the vault, the vault can be public or private, billing and cost metrics how much will it cost bro I’m willing to work privately with you

Hi! Crumble supports scaling horizontally (multiple servers) through MongoDB GridFS. It does not support FTP at all.

Multi-language is currently not available but there is predisposition to add it with react-i18n in the future.

Invocing and tax will be added only if the item gets more than 100 sales.

Storage region can be managed through the underlying MongoDB GridFS

Folders have been dropped in favor of tags, this is by design.

If you want a quote on a personal customization, please contact us at


JFOC Purchased


presale question:

1. can you hide disk storage widget from non-admin?

2. do you have plan to limit user storage/bandwidth? when there is no storage limit per-user, what will happened when some user abuse the server by uploading a file exceeded the storage size or total of all uploaded files (all user) exceeding the storage size?

3. do you have plan for an user subscription ?

4. since this is for S3/CDN replacement, how crumble manage and deal with the server storage region ?

5. do you have example for PHP implementation?

Yes, you’ll have to store data about the location in the backend, then shard based on the location key.


JFOC Purchased

Need an additional logic on store/delete/update method ? And some interface?

Hi! You can update the Shield model in src/models and the upload route in src/routes. Location coordinates or country code must come from the frontend.

Can I upload 20gb or something more ?? and how to mange??

Hi! Version 1.1.1 is out as promised. The issue that you pointed out is now resolved, together with some minor other bugs that have now been fixed.

That’s great! but still we are facing same problem!!

Hi! There was actually an extra issue with Safari (which doesn’t support the clipboard API) and has now been solved with a Safari-specific workaround in version 1.1.2.

hi can i integrate wasabi cloud storage so files are stored there at wasabi

Version 1.1.0 is out!


- file links can now be copied to clipboard directly from the vault section

- bug fixing

Hi can you put the quick action in a drop down menu cause it looks funcky and how to change file thats been uploaded from public to private and from private to public

A file can be changed from public to private or viceversa from the file details. What do you mean by “funcky”? If you can send us a screenshot at we might be able to help.

Can this script be customized and be attached to my website application built in php ?

Hi! The source code is included and you can customize it as long as you have deep experience with React.

Hi. Its be possible to search by description or tags? TNX

Hi! We’re going to add this feature soon.


JFOC Purchased

is this for replacing and build similiar like S3 ?

if so, did you provide the docs for handle the operation?

Hi! Yes, Crumble can replace S3 but it’s not directly compatible with aws-sdk (Crumble uses a REST API instead).

You’ll find the full documentation inside Crumble itself:


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