Discussion on Cost Calculator for WordPress

Discussion on Cost Calculator for WordPress

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Bricis19 Purchased

Hi, what is the easiest way to translate your plugin?

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!


Bricis19 Purchased

Hi, at present state I don’t need support, just answer. Can it be done with Poedit? Didn’t find terms “localization” and :”translation” in your sales copy.

Yes, plugin is including language files for PoEdit. If you will need more information about that, please create new topic on the forum. Thank you!

1- does it have travel cost calculations based on googlemaps and enter two addresses? 2 – does it have dedicated time and date picker? 3- can be window with form open in javascript window so it can slide in to page?

1. Such a functionality is not available.
2. Yes, you can check it for example in this demo example: (APPOINTMENT DATE field).
3. To display form you need to place [cost_calculator id=’your_calculatorid’] shortcode on the page, you can place it also in popup if you have some popup plugin or own popup prepared.

Hi there, I’m interested in using this plugin for my next project. Could you please tell me if this is possible:

1. If I set up a calculation and the answer is 5, would it be possible to have the amount doubled (x2) if a user selects a dropdown that says “yes”.

Thank you.

You can hide calculation result and send it only via email. If you would like to show/hide it dynamically, then some custom js code will be required to add/remove css class which is responsible for hiding result.

Thank you, I will use this for my next project after Christmas.

Also, would I be able to add 2 or more calculators to a single post?

You’re welcome! Yes, there is no limit, you can put as many caculators as you need on single post/page.

Hey there guys! The sistem is not sending out emails. Nothing happening when hitting the submit button. Can you help?

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Dear QuanticaLabs,

I really like this cost calculator, does QuanticaLabs provide custom plugin for grade calculation or grade calculator


We don’t have specific plugin or demo for grade calculation. Anyway with cost calculator your can build custom calculation forms and calculation formulas using available components, so you might be able to prepare appropriate form.

Hello, does this plugin support tracking by google analytics, ads or g-tag? Or can the plugin redirect to a landing page after submit form, so tracking is avaialble?

Yes, it is possible to redirect to ‘thank you’ page after form submission and integrate tracking there. If you will need help with configuring that, please create new topic on our Support Forum after purchase and our team will provide assistance.

Hi! Can you add the calculator to a website built with Elementor? Thanx

Yes, you can. If you have any troubles with that please create new topic on our Support Forum to get help.


before purchasing I would like to know if your plugin is able to do this.

I have a site that sells customised stickers.

The user should be able to choose:

1) length and width

2) depending on the size (length and width) chosen he will get a discount (ES. 50×50 = 10 euros, 100×100 = 17 euros

3) depending on the quantity chosen he will have a discount (E.g. 1 of 50×50 = 10 euros, 2 of 50×50 = 18 euros)

I am sending you a picture to make you understand better

Thank you

You can calculate any results basing on math formula which you need to provide. In math formula you can use operators like * / + – ^ ( ). If you will need some custom formula or formula which will base on some conditions, then custom code modification will be needed.

Hi, presales questions: 1) for each different form does it have its OWN admin email settings? example: formA send to formB send to 2) for each different form, can we custom the fields of contact form?

1. It is possible but require some code modification. Example code is given in this topic:
2. Yes, for each form separately you can set different fields labels and choose which ones should be required.

I want to buy this plugin, but there are some things I’d like to ask:

1. Does this plugin can process simple conditional logic or “if” calculations? 2. Does “Stores All Calculations in the Database” mean anything that user input, it will be recorded in database? What is the trigger? Submit Button? Is there something any way to store the calculation without hitting the submit button? 3. Can the form redirected to other page after being submitted?

Please check our reply to your email. Thank you!

Presale question:

Hello, the plugin looks great! Is it possible to do the following simple conditionals:

Form: - slider with (user input in kwh) - Method field: (can be 1,2,3 or 4) - Position field: (can be X, Y or Z)

Conditionals for slider value: - Support for multiple ranges (maybe with some hardcoded mapping?): Example: slider value is between 4000 and 6000 then value is set to “5.5 Kwp” Example 2: slider value is between 7000 and 9000 then value is set to “8.5 Kwp”

Conditionals for Position/Method: - if we have Method 1or 2 – then Position value is always set/overwritten to X

Thank you!

Yes it is possible but will require custom coding. We can prepare such a customization for you, if you will be interested please contact us via contact form in our profile to discuss the details.

Hi there, i have a pre-sales-question: Unfortunately, I did not find any example in the demos that fits the requirements of our customer. this would like the services to be nested according to service categories and explained in detail – html content + image.

Roughly: Option 1 – more on that, option 1.1 appears there. AND 1.2 AND 1.3 – and you can open each one in detail and see a service description with text / image / link etc. there. Sort of like a nested content accordeon.

I hope it was described in an understandable way.

Can this be implemented/realized with your tool?

Plugin is not providing such a layout build in but in form editor you can use custom html code or custom shortcodes to build the layout which you need.


OmriS Purchased

Hi. I know my support has ran out but I still have access to read only. Hoping you can point me in the right direction.

formula=”word-count-value” is what I currently have. However I have a dropdown with two options, and I need the first option to be word count + 20% and the second one to be word count + 10%. I cant seem to work this out. If you cant tell me can you at least point me to a thread that explains how to do this?

Thank you for an update on that!


OmriS Purchased

Can I suggest a feature for a future update? Would be good if you could have a file upload option so users could attach a file when filling in the details and form.

Thank you for your suggestion!

Can we use this for monetization like adsense ??

Please describe exactly how would you like to use the plugin. What functionalities would you like to implement?

check these sites and can you create this ? and can we get approval from adsense after creating this site??

You can implement any calculation formula using + – * / ^ () operators and available cost calculator components or custom fields, so this will be possible. If you have doubts, if your site will be approved for adsense, please contact google support to confirm.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question: Is it possible to add a specific calculation from in a template as PHP Code?

You can add any calculation formula using math operators like * / + – ^ ( ), numbers and form elements ids from which plugin should get values. If you have some specific calculation in php code, then you can set hidden input with the result from php code and use this hidden input id in plugin calculation formula.

Good afternoon, I have a pre-sale question. I need a simple calculation and was wondering if it is possible with this plugin.

The customer needs to calculate how many boards are needed for a wall of x by x metres.

So there are 2 fields the customer needs to fill in. The height and width of the wall. And the plugin then has to calculate how many 60×60cm boards will fit in the dimension that is filled in. And that number should be shown in whole numbers. Without another form or price calculation.

Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. You just need to set appropriate calculation formula which will be something like: width*height/3600. Calculation forms are customizable, so you don’t need to have for example contact form or another price calculation.

Do you have any plans in the near future to either support woocommerce or add some payment integrations like PayPal or stripe. I read in the comments that you were planning on adding some payment integrations but that was over 4 years ago.

We will consider to add such a functionality in one of the future updates, anyway for now we’re not working on it.

Hi. Is it possible to add a description to any choice, to inform what the choice includes?

Yes, you can put any text/shortcode/html code inside calculation form.

I created a new support ticket in your forum and posted there the admin access, just to let you know. Thank you :)

Yes, you will get a reply soon (we are answering from Monday to Friday). No need to post comment additionally here.

Just wondering if you are able to have calculation on multiple pages and have it show the final result on the last page?

I want to build something like this. Let me know if its possible

It is possible but plugin doesn’t provide step by step predefined interface/layout. You can pass variables between pages using $_POST array. If you will pass some variable via $_POST[‘component-id’] and on target page you will have calculation component with component-id identifier, then it will get this value. You can use hidden input field to do that (available as one of plugin components). We’re using this method in one of our themes. Please check here under ‘SIMPLE PLANS. SIMPLE PRICING’ section: Select some values and click ‘Customize’, you will be redirected to another page and selected values will be passed through.


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