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FabioAl Purchased

Great software! Easy and intuitive.

js error returned only with active plugins “Uncaught Error: The sticky method does not exist in jQuery Waypoints.” at a.fn.init.n.fn. (anonymous function) [waypoint as] (/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/assets/dist/js/site/cs-body.min.js?ver=1.3.3 : 2: 3249)

How can I fix the problem? Thanks Fabio

HI Fabio,

I’m sorry you’ve having this issue. It’s possible your theme is overwriting the jQuery plugin Cornerstone uses with a different version. I’m not sure exactly what would cause it without taking a closer look at your site. If you could open up a new thread in our support forums including a link to your site, one of our developers could investigate.

Hi, i just purchased Extend Licence for this plugin. So can you refund for regular licence ? I see just use one, right ?

Hey There,

You will need to file a refund request in order to receive refunds. Please include the reason for the refund and all the details like described here. Thank you!

Hi. Can i use cornerstone to create a wordpress website builder with the help of an extended license? It would be a SaaS app

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. The Extended license can be used for including Cornerstone with a theme sold on ThemeForest. It doesn’t cover use on unlimited sites, so if you wanted to have a SaaS product you would need to purchase one license for each created. Usually when our customers work in high volume like this, they purchase a pool of licenses to start and regularly reconcile this with the number of active users they have.

Is there a test drive?

Hi There,

You can see a detailed video walkthrough here. That would be the closest to a live demo at this time.

Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!


I didn’t find any clear idea about dependency on element fields. I give an example below then you can understand:

Suppose, I have have a dropdown options and the option value are 1. Icon and 2. Image If I select Icon then It shows to me the Icon field like Select Icon, Icon Font Size, but if I select Image then all Icon options should be hide and Image options will be visible. Like Select icon, Icon Font Size will be hide and Select Image, Image Height etc will be visible.

If you provide a code snippet then It will be most helpful to me. Here is my email address:

Thank you.

Hey there,

Sure, we can help give you an idea of how that works. We’ll be in touch over email.

Thank you for your reply. :)

I have another question. Please check your email. Again thank you for your time.

You’re welcome! We’ll be happy to follow up with you there.


I would like to use Cornerstone with at theme that relies on the Vafpress Framework, are you aware of any incompatibilities?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. There are no incompatibilities that we’re aware of. Cornerstone is built to work with any theme, and in our experience works nicely with themes coded to WordPress best practices. If you do run into any trouble, our support team is available 24/7 to investigate any conflicts and advise solutions.

Thanks will do, if I have a problem.

Sounds great, looking forward to having you on board!

Hi, I downloaded and installed the latest release today and I have problems both in the backend and in the frontend (blank plugin page / white site pages) now i have reactivated the previous version. Do you have updates in progress? Thank you

Yes, we are waiting on an approval at CodeCanyon. If you’d like a member of our team to take a look though they’d be happy to do so on the Support page in your Themeco account.



FabioAl Purchased

Hi I tried to update the plugin and it remains the problem reported above. Do you have any news? Thank you

Hey There,

If you still experience any problems make sure to join our member area here and open a new support ticket so one of our staff can take a look.

Great plugin, awful support.

I provided an admin account as the THEMECO’s support team asked and they just deleted the plugin without being able to upload the one they suggested (with the latest version, that gave problems on my website). The website hasn’t been fixed during over 24 hours, even because of my absence (related to easter festivities) as they didn’t provide any solution, excuse, or any other email at all. This could be acceptable in any kind of website besides mine, an e-commerce one because it doesn’t only makes you lose money but also trust from customers. With this said, I really love the plugin, even though it gave me some problems lately. Even though I didn’t renew the support license I’ve been a sustainer of Cornerstone since the first month, if you worked on the support team this would be a perfect plugin.

Hi There,

1) We have been waiting for over 3 days for Envato to approve our update to Cornerstone. It is equally frustrating for us that we can’t get an update out that has been ready.

2) I’m not quite following your question, however if you are still experiencing an issue with your site, please follow up with our staff on the ticket you already have so they can help you find a resolution.


I’ve updated the plugin through the Wordpress updates (the license used to doesn’t always show up as activated even though it was). Anyway, now everything seems to be working flawlessly. Thank you for the answer

Glad to hear it!

Does cornerstone work with elements or short codes from other themes our are you limited to just using the elements included with cornerstone?

Hi There,

Cornerstone is compatible with any theme and most plugins, even if they don’t offer direct integration.

Third party plugins that add direct integration to Cornerstone are available, some add aspects such as new elements etc.


Hi I keep getting “Uh oh! A suitable content area for the live preview couldn’t be identified. Switching to Skeleton Mode.”

I also keep getting 404 when I go to edit page….why is this?

Hi there,

Try going to “Settings > Permalinks” in your WordPress dashboard and making sure you have them set to something other than “plain”. If they defaulted to plain when you installed WordPress, it’s possible that your server doesn’t have the rewrite URLs in place required by WordPress.

Hello! I remember that previous version of cornerstone, don’t refresh the complete page after SAVE. So now after each save time, cornerstone builder refresh completely..losing time.

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. This will be addressed in an upcoming release. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Is there any form integration or mailchimp? Thanks

Hi there,

If you’re using X, we have an element for our email forms plugin. It allows you to add a form to a Cornerstone page linked to a Mailchimp list. You can also simply use a “Raw Content” element and add a Mailchimp form embed code.


isaac666 Purchased

Uh oh! An unidentifiable error is preventing the live preview from loading. Switching to Skeleton Mode.

i get this message always, 1. i dont know whats wrong, i just installed the plugin and i cant even use it. 2. i dont even know how to go to skeleton mode

Hi Isaac,

A member of our dev team would be happy to take a look – that message can mean many different things (Skeleton Mode is a sort of structural overview of the page, not a live preview of the page). If you haven’t registered for access yet, you can do so here then head on over to the support page of your Themeco account.


Hi there, I accidentally purchased the standalone product instead of X. Would you be so kind to help me out? Thanks.

Sure, please contact us here.


Curious Themeco, if parallax background images designed w Cornerstone are functional on mobile view?

Hi There,

Parallax isn’t compatible with mobile devices and doesn’t render correctly when scrolling, this is why the parallax effect is disabled on all mobile based devices.

Hope this helps!

I normally use X and X pro, but I have a site that was built using visual composer. If I purchase and install Conerstone will I have to redo the entire site or can I just dump visual composer and keep building with Cornerstone?

Hi There,

You would need to rebuild the pages in Cornerstone if they were previously built in VC.



I have a question with the extended license I can include Cornerstone in my own Wordpress Theme ?

Yes sir!