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I am hoping to transition all of my page management over to Cornerstone, it looks awesome! Can you please tell me where I can access the full page code? I see I can insert custom CSS and JS, but how to I access the developer code for the content? I need to be able to copy code chunks. This is an essential feature for me,


Hey There,

You can add raw code with the raw code element which will enable you to add custom code to your needs. Hope that helps!

Hi there, Not really. How do I go behind the interface to see the whole site code? I don’t just want to add custom code, I want to see the guts of the whole site. Cheers!

It would depend on your theme, as most of the site markup comes from there. As for the markup output of Cornerstone elements, this isn’t easily modifiable or something that we have documentation for.

Can i resell corner stone builder as a ‘stand alone builder’ if i buy your extended license? Do you have any other options that allow to resell the builder(ofcourse not on codecanyon)?

Hi There,

No, you can’t resell Cornerstone. You may integrate it with a custom theme you have created and that theme could be for sale. In that case you would need to purchase an Extended license. Let us know if you need anything further.



Can i use this plugin in unlimited websites?

For example if i have 10 clients, i can install the plugin and active the license and build a diferent website for each one of my clientes?

Hi There,

No, the terms of the license for products sold on CodeCanyon is for a single use, so if you had 10 sites that you wanted to use Cornerstone on you’d need to purchase 10 regular licenses.

Let us know if you need anything further!

Hey, when I click to edit a page with Cornerstone, it just infinitely loads and never goes to the page. Any thoughts?

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the page builder. Issues like this are usually related to a cacheing problem or plugin conflict. If you’d like you can reach out to our support about it here:

Few questions.

1. What happens when I disable/delete the cornerstone plugin? Will it leave the shortcodes in the pages? Or will it remove and make it clean like Elemantor.

2. Does it work with Genesis Framework?

3. I have X theme which I have purchased but not in use. I just want to use cornerstone from X theme. Can I do this?

Hi there,

1. Cornerstone is based on shortcodes. The plugin must remain active as it provides the markup and styling for the elements.

2. It’s designed to work with any theme. We don’t integrate directly with Genesis, but there are know conflicts we’re aware of. In our experience Cornerstone works great with any themes coded to WordPress best practices.

3. To use Cornerstone with another theme you would need to purchase a standalone license.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

1. Can you please let me know the known issues or if you can send the link with details, I will appreciate it.

2. Also does Cornerstone and Gravity Forms work together in Genesis Framework? Any idea would be appreciated to help me make my purchase decision.

3. I am looking to use Genesis Framework with Cornerstone. Along with Revolution Slider and Mega Menu. These are the main plugins. Do you think, it will work.

Hi again,

1. I’m so sorry. That was a typo. There are “no” conflicts we are aware of.

2. Cornerstone works great with Gravity Forms and we have no reason to suspect that this would be any different using Genesis, but again it’s not something we test for.

3. We do regularly Revolution Slider as it’s one of the X extensions. No problems there. Mega Menu isn’t a plugin we test for either, but if it’s coded to WordPress best practices you should be fine.

I believe Cornerstone will work great for you with your chosen plugins and theme. Because Cornerstone is designed to work with any theme, just reach out if you run into any issues. Sometimes unforeseen theme incompatibilities arise, but when they do our developers try to fix them as quickly as possible.

Hi. I have a license for X-Theme but when I download the new version I can’t find cornerstone in the X_package ? Where I can find it ?

After downloading X, unzip it and look int “framework/plugins”. You should see a file.

Hi, does your plugin work on wp 4.9.4 and even if there is istalled wp bakery page builder? Thanks

Yes! We actively maintain compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress as they are released and everything is working nicely in WordPress 4.9.4. We do include WP Bakery’s builder as one of our Extensions. It’s listed there as “Visual Composer”.

hello, it’s a very good plugin, but i cannont find how to insert a smooth scrolling with an anchor. Please help

Hi there,

I’m sorry, this isn’t a feature that Cornerstone has natively. It could be added with custom development. It is however something that works if you’re using X because we include that feature with the theme.

Hello. I’ve downloaded the plugin from Envato Element and it doesn’t work because is asking for a purchase code which doesn’t exists there. Please fix the problem.

Hi There,

The download from Elements does not include a purchase code as that only comes if you purchase the product directly. You are still able to use Cornerstone in its entirety, just not get automatic updates unless a license is purchased.


Support theme wp astra ?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. Cornerstone is designed to work with every theme. We’ve not tested with Astra specifically, but in our experience Cornerstone works great with any theme coded to WordPress best practices.


ketoweb Purchased

I just bought this, I thought this would work with every theme. But right now I am using Frontier theme on my website and cornerstone is broken, the sliders to adjust the widgets and creation of templates don’t work at all. Is there a fix for it, I also have Theme X, everything works fine with it. But with other themes, nothing works.

Hi There,

You shouldn’t have any trouble using it with other themes, however there are things other themes may do that are outside Cornerstone’s ability to control given how the theme was structured. If you’d like a member of the team to take a look in our support forums, they’d be happy to do so, just head to the support page of your Themeco account.


Why not there demo?

Hey There,

We do not have any backend demo of Cornerstone but if you have any specific questions related to our builder feel free to ask here.

i bought cornerstone on envato elements do i get support and updates ?

Hi there,

You can always download updated versions from Envato Elements, but there isn’t a way to enable automatic updates. To validate Cornerstone as well as get support you would need to purchase a license.

I just installed Cornerstone in a client’s site with Avada, and I noticed that when I search, on the results there are none (zero) pages made with Cornerstone. How can I make the content created using Cornerstone visible to the Avada theme?

Hi There,

I’m not sure right off, but a member of our development team would be happy to take a look in our support forums. If you haven’t registered for access yet you can do so here then just head over to the support page, and they’ll be happy to assist :)


I don’t see any element for MailChimp in Cornerstone and I’d like to add a pop up sign up form. Am I missing something?

Hi There,

A member of our development team would be happy to assist with any product support questions in our support forums. If you haven’t done so already, you can register for access or login then head on over to the support page of your account for further instructions.


Why am I getting this message when I try to edit my wordpress X theme site in Cornerstone?Loading… Session expired

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Hmmm, haven’t heard of that one, but a member of our development team would be happy to take a look in our support forums:

I posted there. Still waiting for a reply.

Hi there,

We answer threads in the order they’re received and responses can take up to 24 hours but are usually much faster.

Hello, I have a presale question.

We will looking for a drag and drop page builder for us members on frontend. A plugin for WordPress that replaces the default page/post editor.

The most plugins on the market are meant for the admin. Can we use your plugin for us members that whant edit there own pages or posts on frontend?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. Cornerstone has a permissions system that lets you restrict access to features based on WordPress user role. What you’re describing could be possible if you gave your members the Contributor WordPress role.

But we will restrict some features. And can only edit the standard text area like this field in the page. And not all the page. Because we have our own template page. The member must only use this field for give advanced text area. We will make it easy for our members with drag and drop feature.

This is the screenshot what i mean. We will replace that text area with Cornerstone drag and drop plugin: .

Is this also possible?

Hi again,

It isn’t possible to just replace a text area. Cornerstone is a front end editor that can be used to edit the entire page at once.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

You can read the official refund policy here. All the best.

Ok thanks. Can’t know if it’s suitable unless I try it.

Regretfully there is no live demo available as is the case with most plugins sold on Code Canyon, however it is developed in a way where it should work with all well developed and supported themes.