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Using Cornerstone with X for a month now and two rare but significant problems to report:

1) Cornerstone is susceptible to timeouts but does not notify the user. So if you get up and walk away for a while, and come back, make some changes, etc. Then go to click Save, you get no response. Nothing can be saved until you F5 the page, which clears everything you did. Big issue because this can waste a lot of the designer’s time if they don’t know they are in a timeout state.

2) Your funny onscreen “saved page” messages occur before the page is actually saved. Today, our server was a little slow and the message came up indicating the page was saved, so we exited out, and came back to the page with nothing saved from that point. We discovered after replicating the issue that the thin green bar that runs across the top during saves still has another inch to go after the message WOOHOO comes up – apparently this is the part where it’s actually saving the page.

Yes, and we appreciate that. As mentioned we request that all inquiries or concerns (bug reports included) go through our forum for better tracking as there is no way to keep a good record of that information here on ThemeForest’s comment system. Thank you for your understanding!

Themeco folks, you’re still not getting it. You’re thinking like a programmer. STOP. Think like an owner. Your customer is reporting a problem with your software. In any business, when a customer reports a problem with your product you should probably take notes, and then look into the problem. You don’t tell a customer that you’re just going to ignore the problem they reported because they didn’t report it through the channels you wanted. Who does that? I’ll accept problems reports from my clients no matter what method they use. Common sense.

Hi there,

Nowhere did we say we are ignoring the problem. We’re offering to help take a closer look, but have appropriate channels for doing so. It’s clear that your site is experiencing some symptoms. That doesn’t make it a bug in the product itself.

Cornerstone is used on thousands of sites without an issue – getting to the bottom of what you’re dealing with needs to start as a support request for the site in question, as it’s more than likely that the problem is related to a conflict with your installation.

We’d be happy to explore the issue with you further. Feel free to open a new thread in our forums and one of our developers can investigate.

To recap, most issues like this are related to a conflict on the site, and can be resolved through support.

Hi Guys,

I was hoping for a little modal help. I added a modal window to trigger on page load, which is working properly, but I only see an option for the X to trigger the window close.

Is it possible for me to configure a button (via shortcode) at the bottom of the modal window that will trigger the close?

Best regards,


Hi Tyler,

Cornerstone doesn’t have a modal, so it sounds like you may be working with a custom element. Cornerstone doesn’t have anything to do this natively, but it may be possible with some custom javascript.

Oops…sorry for the confusion; I see now that it’s a plugin. This is what I get for agreeing to support a site that someone else developed. Have a nice day!

No worries, my friend!

Hi there!

A couple of questions:

1) Will this plugin work with any wordpress theme or only with your themes?, and 2) Can I easily add Google Fonts with it?


Hi there,

Yes, this will work with any theme. Cornerstone will use whatever font is loaded by your theme, so as long as your theme supports Google Fonts (like X does) you will be all set!

Another question. Can I easily add pattern overlays as section backgrounds? I mean not just a color or an image as a background, but also a pattern overlay.

And, can I use PARALLAX effects on sections?


Hi again!

Presently, you can choose one background type, which can be a color, image, pattern or video. It’s possible to add an overlay beyond that with some custom CSS. And yes, parallax can be enabled on each section.

Hello, i’ve bought Cornerstone after i read about the features and watched some videos. But after installing and activating, i have the problem, that when i wan’t to create the whole website, Cornerstone allows me only to edit some areas of the existing template (

How can i edit the whole website? In a video i saw, that someone could couse another Page template (Blank – No Container, No Header for example), when creating a new page. I don’t have these options.

Thanks for writing in, the page template options (blank, no container etc), are part of our X Theme that bundles Cornerstone. The standalone Cornerstone works with your themes existing page templates.


Is this plugin compatible with the new version of Avada, 5 ?

Thank you.

Hey There,

Cornerstone will work fine with Avada 5. All the best!


I’d like to ask you two questions.

1. Is it possible to add more shortcodes / components?

2. If i create one theme including child theme for my client using cornerstone. How many licenses I should buy?


Hi There,

1: You can create custom functionality depending on your code knowledge such as custom plugins that add additional components to Cornerstone, or new shortcodes available to use.

2: It is license per site, so if you are building a child theme using X you’d need one license of X for each site that child theme is installed on.


When you save a page template that you have created, where is it saved to? Is it possible to get at them via ftp?

Thank you kindly

Hi There,

Thanks for writing, when saving a page template created wit Cornerstone. You can either save it to your library, which means it’s accessible on that website, or you have the option to download it. If you download the template, you’ll have a .csl file that can be imported to any website using Cornerstone and then used throughout the website as a page template.


Hi there,

Do you have any plans to introduce a lightbox option for the image element? i.e. when the user clicks on the image an enlarged version appears in a lightbox.

Perhaps also with the slider element, click -> enlarged version of the slider.

Cornerstone is fantastic and I’m on the verge of recommending it to a client, but I’m surprised this very common functional requirement is not amongst the element toolbox.


Hey There,

We do have plans to expand on the included elements within Cornerstone and the functionality provided by existing elements, Right now there are no specific plans for a lightbox element within Cornerstone, though it is something that has been requested before and is being considered.

There is a workaround with our X theme, whereby you can use the provided lightbox shortcode within X in a raw content element within Cornerstone. But this would only work if you are using X and Cornerstone and not just the standalone version of Cornerstone.


You’re welcome!

Hello, I purchased the plugin over 6 months ago so I am unable to add a ticket to support. When I purchased the plugin it says that it will work with any theme but I have tried three different themes and it did not work. Here is a screenshot of the one I’m trying to use now. It’s using Namo theme The site is

Hi There,

Sorry to see you’re having trouble using Cornerstone. It should indeed work with any WordPress theme and we’d be happy to take a look for you.

Please get in touch with us via our contact form here.



I want to use Ajax Search. Has it this element?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Cornerstone doesn’t include this as an element, but there are plugins (many free) that you can install to add this to your site. The content in pages built by Cornerstone is fully searchable, so it should be compatible with whatever search solution you use.

Looks like a great product, I know you say it will work with any theme but I want to check if it will work with the Enfold Theme ( – Enfold has it’s own page builder or with Divi?

Hi There,

Yes, we have tested Cornerstone with all major themes. If you do run into any issues, a member of our development team would be happy to take a look.

Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!

Cornerstone is a fine page builder, but be aware – you cannot use it with a mobile device like a tablet. The Cornerstone builder itself not responsive. If you are planning on doing any edits, you have to use your laptop or desktop.

Correct, as building a page on a mobile device is not a good way to build a page. Even though the interface is not built for mobile devices, all pages created are fully responsive.

That’s unfortunate, mostly for editing, sadly. Thanks for the quick response.

You’re most welcome. We have some notes to re-evaluate in the future, but it is a very infrequently requested feature.

Hi there. Can a single purchase be used on multiple websites, or just one site? In other words, is it a single site license? Thanks.

Hi There,

It is a single use license, so if you wanted to use Cornerstone on say 3 sites you would simply purchase 3 regular licenses.

Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!

Looks like an awesome editor for landing pages, question about markup created though…

I have a page indexed by google that I want to change but cannot mess with it live, so I want to create a temp page, build the page with Cornerstone and then copy the html/text and paste it into the exisitng landing page when I am happy with it. Is this possible or does cornerstone have some unique coding tied into the page you edit?