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Hi I want to buy the timeline, but I wanted to ask one question first. Is there any way to modify a shortcode or create a php line that only shows wp posts from a certain category? I know you can show CT post categories but I didn’t know about the wp posts.


Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

You can easily create timeline from WP posts using our content timeline feature.

You can also display posts from specific category.Please watch below shared video.

Please let me know if you have still any query.

Thanks in Advance! Cool Timeline Team.

cool that’s exactly what I needed will buy it now.

Hi, how can i change the Font Awesome icons color to white into default theme?

Hi there,

You can easily set custom color on icons by adding below mentioned CSS in custom styling section in settings panel.
.cool-timeline .timeline-post .timeline-icon .icon-placeholder i{

Let me know if you need further assistance.


Narinder Singh

Cool Timeline Team.

It would be great if there was an option to remove more of the whitespace in the two column layout mode – to stack items alongside each other.

Currently the timeline entries stack below one another – alternating on each side. I would love an option to stack the two columns in a more condensed fashion. Still alternating but without large sections of whitespace. i.e.
Item 1           <- +
Lorem ipsum         + ->   Item 2
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +     
Lorem ipsum         + ->   Item 3
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
                    +       Lorem ipsum
Item 4           <- +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +
Lorem ipsum         + ->   Item 5
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum         +       Lorem ipsum
                    +       Lorem ipsum
Is this kind of layout possible?

Hi there,

Thank you very much for detail explanation.

Our Team is already working on this type of layout.We will finalize this type of timeline layout within this week.

Please wait till next updates.

Thanks&Regards, Cool Timeline Team.

Great news! Look forward to displaying my posts like this!


0blit Purchased

Loving the new compact view in the latest release (v2.2)! Exactly what I was looking for!! Many thanks.

Presale question – What kind of support is offered for WPML? What I mean is how do we translate stories?

Hi on mobile the timeline shows 1 item when i click on the arrow he skips over 4 items, while on the ipad he shows 2 items and he don’t skip items but show the next 2 items. On a computer he shows 4 items and by clicking the arrow he shows the next 4 items. So i think on mobile he uses the settings of the computer. How can i change this?

Hi there,

Thanks for using our plugin.

Please tell me your active plugin version and also share your horizontal timeline link.

You can easily change the number of scrolling items for mobile devices by updating single settings(one line of code).

Please go to this path and find this file :- cool-timeline-pro/js/ctl_horizontal_scripts.js

Open it your text editor and find settings according to your active design.

Like for flat design settings :- Design 2

Goto line number # 116 and find breakpoint: 480,object index.

Just change slidesToScroll:1, of this settings object.

Please let me know if you still unable to change it.

Regards, Narinder Singh, Cool Timeline Team.

Can you make a timeline manually – i.e. without having any posts at all to back it up?

not understand! how you want to create a timeline?

But you need to manually create stories to show inside your timeline or you can also show your blog posts inside timeline as a blog timeline.

Hi there. I want to let you know that I really put in the time to find a solution before contacting you; searched google, support forum and even tried a bit myself in the code. Too many people ask without trying first. :)

I’m trying to find out how to include the primary menu on the ‘single stories custom template’

I’m building something pretty cool (of course I think that) for people to capture the timeline of any topic; specifically ‘family history’.

Here is a live page. I want the primary menu from wordpress to show up on the top.

I’m confident I could hack up functions & the template. But I thought this might be a feature you’d want to include for all to ‘show/hide’ the primary menu. Any guidance you can offer?

btw….I love this plugin; excellent work.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your appreciations.

You can easily add any type of dynamic content or menu on single story custom template by using Wordpress Widgets feature.

Just create a widget and integrate this widget area in custom story template After that you can easily add anything from widgets section.

We will integrates widget area in single story template in next updates.

Thanks again for your Ideas and suggestions.

Regards, Narinder Singh Cool Timeline Team.

Hello, pre purchase question.

Is your plugin compatible with Visual composer? I heard from a friend he has to deactivate your plugin in order to use visual composer and the site in which I might use the plugin is entirely based on visual composer.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Our plugin is fully compatible with Visual composer.Many users already using with Visual composer.

We have specially created elements for visual composer. You can check below shared element screenshots and Video.

Timeline integration using Visual Composer Video:

If you still face any problem with visual composer. We will refund your full money.

We will also provide full assistance.

Regards, Narinder Singh Cool Timeline Team.


edmx Purchased

I am having problem with tinymce. Your plugin is conflicting with tinymce.js when the plugin is activated. Is there any work around for this?

Hi there,

Could you please share your page browser console screenshot.So that we can check JS error and help you out.You can also contact us at

Thanks! Cool Timeline Team.

Hi… Is there any way I can set a specific story as the start of a horizontal timeline? eg I want the timeline to begin with the year 1945..allowing users to scroll both backwards and forwards from that point.

regards Peter

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately! The current version does not support this settings.

But you can easily specifics starting story in horizontal timeline by customizing small snippet of code .

Don’t worry we will do it for you. Please share your timeline link.

Thanks! Narinder Singh Cool Timeline Team.

Hi there. Love your plugin. I have a concern for SEO as the plugin doesn’t seem to embed the alt tags of images related to timeline stories, and so the images are coming with empty alt tags although the alt tags are already there in WP. Are you able to make an update of the plugin that does so or advise of an alternative solution?

@mabouhammoud We have forwarded this to our developers team and we will sure add these SEO tags in our next update.

Thanks for suggestion!

How can I make it so that the timeline doesn’t scroll. I want to fit all 4 stories on the same horizontal timeline.

Hi there,

You can easily show 4 stories without navigation(next/previous)button in horizontal timeline by creating shortcode with below shared settings.Please check below shared screenshot.

Please let me if you need further assistance.


Narinder Singh

Cool Timeline team.

Hi, it is impossible for me to get the compact layout working.

Like here:

Please download our latest version from codecanyon and use it, as we added compact timeline feature in recent update.

If you are facing problems then please share your timeline page link along with your temporary wp details with our developers team at –

We will sure provide you a solution in next 24 hours!


tauhb Purchased

Hi, I purchase Cool Timeline. But not work as you promise. Can you show me how to fix it? Here the problem in the image I show you via link below: Please Help me!

Hi tauhb, Can you please share your timeline live link with our developers team at – ?

Actually this problem occurs sometimes due to some styles overlapping with a theme. We will sure provide you a solution but for this we need to check your live link. Also it will good if you can share temporary wp-admin details at our support email. then we will resolve it immediately.


I want to buy your plugin, but I have one question before I buy it.

Does your plugin support multi post? I want to show 4 post at the same time.


Hi jjcrab, By using our plugin you can create a timeline using posts. Means first you need to create posts or stories then you can showcase a timeline based on these stories or posts. Also you can create a category specific timeline.

Hi is there any way for the timeline to only show published posts and not posts that are “pending review”?

Our plugin only show published posts, no the pending one! Please share problem with our developers team at if you are facing any problem regarding this.

Hey, how do i change the icon to something other than the font awesome fonts? Should be possible with some custom CSS or something right?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Currently our plugin only supports font-awesome icons

Hey, for some reason all the images that I post to my story items in the timeline have a lightbox activated on them. Is this part of the plugin/ I don’t see this functionality in any of the demos and I’d like to turn it off. Also the stories that I have Sliders on instead of images are scrolling much much much too fast, is there any place to customize that speed?

Hi, these things required some code customisation, please share your website temporary wp-admin details with our developers team at – along with your requirements, we will provide you a solution sure :)

Is this not possible within the settings of the plugin?

Hi I checked with my developers. You can turn off the lightbox effect by using these settings:- Go TO >> Cool Timeline Pro >> Stories Settings >> Story Images >> Disable Links

Also here you will also see slide-show speed option >> just change the value inside it.

Hi, I want to produce a timeline but with times instead of dates. Can this be done? This would be very useful in a news reporting website whereby some ongoing event might need to be reported with timestamps, so reader can see updates based on time rather than just date.

Something similar to how The Guardian or BBC do for elections:

yes we have an option to use time along with date/year inside timeline.