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Can i set my own icon (not round, hexa) in the middle?


Sorry, The current version does not support custom icons. You can only use font awesome icons.But we will add custom icon options in next updates

Thanks! Cool Timeline Team.

I was wondering if your plugin allows you to display anything other than a date for an event.


Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

We are working on custom order based stories features.Using this feature you can add anything in stories and can easily create any type of timeline.Please wait for 2-3 days.

We will release this feature in next updates

Thanks you very much!

Cool Timeline Team.


PinkBorder Author Team

Hi, We have added this functionality. Now you can add custom label/text instead of date.

I am having issues where the year is skewed outside of the box for it. Can you please help???


wahili Purchased

I removed the stuff you had a strike through on. At this point i need someones help willing to even pay a couple of bucks assuming someone can fix this tomorrow. as you can see same issue

Hey @Wahili,

Please contact us at



PinkBorder Author Team

@wahili Please use this custom css, it will solve your problem:-

.cool-timeline .icon-placeholder {
    background: none !important;
    display: initial !important;

.cool-timeline .timeline-icon {
    top: inherit !important;

Hi. I am working on my 2 timeline when I encountered this error. What shall I do?

Warning: include(COOL_TIMELINE_PLUGIN_DIRtemplates/single-cool-timeline.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ourspeci/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php on line 74

Hi @cathoward,

Thanks for using our plugin.

We have fixed this bug in our latest updates. Please contact us at

We will send you updated plugin version copy.

Thank you! Cool Timeline Team.

I’m interested in this plugin, but noticed you can’t add events before the year 1000. Is this something I can modify to allow earlier dates?

Hi @modaoust,

Thankyou very much for showing interest in our plugin.

We have added new custom order based timeline feature in our latest updates version(Version 2.0.2).

Now users can add any type dates like BC/AD etc.But you have to add stories using our custom order based feature.

We will also provide you guidelines and video tutorials.

Looking forward to provide you best product and services.

Thanks in Advance!

Cool Timeline Team.

About 2 months ago another user mentioned how slow their site was with this plugin. I have spent ages trying to figure out the issue and have also narrowed it down to this plugin. You told him that you could provide optimised files… can you do the same for me?

Hi @hiren_shah,

We apologizes for inconvenience.

Our team is working on plugin optimization.We have also fixed dynamic.css loading problem.

We will send you updated plugin within 24 hours.

Kind Regards, Cool Timeline Team.

Hi, got 2 Problems: 1. I have to sort posts by date-values from a custom field, not by post-date. Is this possible (i.e. via customisation in file XY)?

2. I get an php-error (Notice: Undefined variable: category_id in \wp-content\plugins\cool-timeline-pro\includes\views\content-timeline.php on line 305) when using the following short-code: [cool-content-timeline post-type=”post” taxonomy=”category” layout=”default” designs=”default” skin=”default” show-posts=”20” order=”DESC” icons=”YES” animations=”bounceInUp” items=”“] ... currently 2 of my posts have no category

Thanks in advance


PinkBorder Author Team

1. We have just releases version 2.0.2 – in it you can use custom label/text instead of date please try to use it.

2. Otherwise share your wp-details with our developer at –, we will resolve it asap.


berams Purchased

Hi, I had an issue with a plugin that turned out to be due to special characters in my content (Croatian language) I received new plugin version from your support which corrected that issue somewhat.

However, these issues still remain (I’ve sent them more then a week ago to a person who helped me with the initial issue but since then no answer):

- timeline doesn’t show up in Firefox, it flashes and then disappears. Only the first post shows - years navigation doesn’t show up in any of the browsers although is enable in settings - link “read more” doesn’t show up in any of the browsers although is enable in settings - it clashes with related posts on story details

This is the link:

Login credentials that we created for your support person are still active.


PinkBorder Author Team

Hi Berams, We have resolved browser problem in your timeline, For read more issue – actually your theme is conflicting with plugin read more and it is overriding our plugin settings.


berams Purchased


However, some issues still remain.

- content length in the box is always the same. At the moment I’ve put it to be 5 words long but it’s always the same - ASC and DESC order don’t work - on the story details my Facebook and Twitter buttons are gone, as well as my Related Post block

and also I have a few questions: - is it possible to have months too in the floating menu? - since we don’t have Read More link is it possible to make the entire box and not just title and image?

Best regards


berams Purchased

Any update on this? I don’t see any changes.

Hi, great plugin, i’ve only one trouble about the date order of timeline

regardless of the fact that I put “desc” or “asc”, the ordering is always with the oldest year to the newest one, I need to have 2017 – 2016 -2015 – etc

you can see the page here:


PinkBorder Author Team

Can you please create an admin for our support developer? We will resolve it asap. Please share your details at –

hi, i’ve emailed you the login informations to resolve this issue, thanks

Hi there,

Please check your timeline again. We have fixed the issues.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

We will happy to assist you.

Thank you! Cool Timeline Team.

@CoolHappy, a bit too late. I’ve stopped using this plugin due to the performance and issue with it not actually ordering the events chronologically. You replied to another guy on here 2 months ago and acknowledged the issue with performance and nothing was done. I will be requesting a refund.


PinkBorder Author Team

Hi shah, sorry for inconvenience, but we have resolved this issue today, just waiting to approve it by codecanyon. But if you need a refund then you can request it at here –

Hi, whatever I do I can’t get the right time/date in order. Feb 9 comes before Feb 6 for example. I’m adding timelines with back dates and it seems that the order is set on when I create the stories and not on the date I set.

Please check the following example:

Have I missed anything important? Best Regards


PinkBorder Author Team

We have submitted it inside codecanyon, it will be released by codecanyon either tonight or tomorrow.

If you need it urgently, please send us an email at – by mentioning your purchase code.

Hi, where can I get the update?

@neil please email us at and we will forward this latest version at your email.

Actually whenever someone purchases from codecanyon, seller doesn’t get customer email.

Also when we upload new update on codecanyon, it takes 1-2 days to be released because envato staff verify every update.

That’s why we are telling you that please email us directly if you need this new version immediately.

Thanks Cool Timeline Team

is it possible to add custom post types of a certain category? Like I want to display only a custom post type and set the category of that custom post type

Hey, I emailed you back, what’s the line of code I need to change? I’m not getting any post content in the timeline- Just the title and category.

Hello? This is day two, can you please respond to me? I have timeline posts without any content. Can I at least get an “I don’t know”?

Hi there,

We Apologizes for delay response.

You don’t need to add any custom code.Our plugin already support content timeline with specific category feature.

We don’t have add any tag or conditions on post content.The post content will automatically shows with default timeline.

Could please send me your timeline link.So that we can find out content missing issue.


Cool Timeline Team

Can you please let me know what to do with this error below? I reinstalled this few times already. It’s really slowing me down. If you can’t help me…can you please refund my money.

Warning: include(COOL_TIMELINE_PLUGIN_DIRtemplates/single-cool-timeline.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ourspeci/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php on line 74

Warning: include(): Failed opening ‘COOL_TIMELINE_PLUGIN_DIRtemplates/single-cool-timeline.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php70/pear’) in /home/ourspeci/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php on line 74

Thanks, Catherine

Hi Catherine,

Please check your email inbox. I have already shared updated version 2.0.3.

Thankyou! Cool Timeline Team.

Hi. I installed the update you sent me yesterday and it messes up my media library. I had to call for technical support and spent my whole afternoon for them to fix my site.

I would like a full refund please. I will no longer use this plugin.

I will need a full refund please. This is not for me. The new update messed up my media gallery.


PinkBorder Author Team

Hi cathoward, sorry for inconvenience, It’s okay we will provide you a full refund but can you please send me the error that you are facing so that we can resolve it because it will help us to remove any bug from our plugin. We will provide you a solution and also you can request a refund at here –

Please message us your error and screenshot at –


We just purchased your Pro version of the plugin. But now, the dates are missing and the stories on the Timeline are scrambled and not in ASC order as depicted in the shortcode. We did perfom the migration from the Free version to the Pro.

Can we get assistance please?


Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Don’t worry! we will provide you full support.

Did you migrate stories from free version to PRO version using our Migration feature.

Please send me your wp-admin credentials at

So that we can check it and provide you solutions.

Regards, Cool Timeline Team.

Hi – I just purchased this plugin, and after attempting to install it through the admin I got the following error:

error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /var/www/sites/wistar125/wp-content/plugins/cool-timeline-pro/includes/cool_timeline_template.php on line 398[/code]

Please let me know how to resolve this.


We feel Apologizes for inconvenience.

You are facing this error due to an older version of PHP in your server.Please upgrade your server PHP version 5.5 or greater.

We have also fixed this error in version 2.0.4. We have already submitted updated version for approval on codecanyon.But approval process takes some time.

If you need updated version urgently. Please contact us at

Thankyou! Cool Timeline Team.


cbgeer Purchased

I purchased Cool Timeline Pro. Is there a way to remove dates altogether? I am using the timeline as steps not by date? Also, a few steps are out of order. How do I move them in the correct order?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Did you add custom order based stories ?.Custom Label based timeline automatically hide all dates.

You have to add story with custom order based with correct order. In order to show steps in correct order.

After that you have to create a timeline with Label(order based) option.Please check below add screenshot.

Please let me know if you are still facing any problem.

Thanks! Cool Timeline Team.


reikelgoh Purchased

Hi, I am using the horizontal timeline… how can i ensure that the previous button doesn’t go beyond the first slide? Cos its weird when i m at the 1st slide 1991, then when i click previous it goes to 2015. So ideally, at the 1st slide, the previous button should be disabled. please advise.

My purchase code: a5e9dc5f-a6d0-47f8-a1f7-1df0192bff97

The site using the plugin:

Hi @reikelgoh,

Thanks for using our plugin.

In order to disable navigation buttons in the last of timeline story.You have to change one line of code in horizontal script file.

Don’t worry!. I have changed this code snippet for you.You have to just replace a file .Please follow below mentioned instructions.

Please goto this path:- cool-timeline-pro\js

And Find this file:- ctl_horizontal_scripts.js

First of all take a backup of this file.Then just replace it with below shared file.


Please check your horizontal timeline again. Let me know if you need further assistance. We will Happy to assist you.

Best Regards,

Cool Timeline Team.


i have set up the “Stories Description” to “Full (with HTML)”,

in a custom post types shortcode, i want to appear the “Short (Default)”,

how to?


Hi there,

Thanks for using our plugin.

Our current version does not support content settings in custom post type shortcodes.

In order to add content settings for custom post type you have to customize small snippet of code.

Don’t Worry!. We will do it for you.

We are integrating this feature in version 2.0.5.

If you need this feature urgently. Please contact us at

We will send your updated version(2.0.5).

Best Regards, Cool Timeline Team.

Thank you very much!