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nikkoboy Purchased

How can I remove the annoying pop up “May I ask you to give it a 5-star rating on Wordpress?”. I’ve already rated you, but the window keeps popping up. I want to remove this pop up as it’s really annoying. Thanks!

Thank you very much for giving us your valuable feedback.

Have you clicked on I already rated it button ?

You can disable this popup after clicking I already rated it button.

If you are still unable to remove it. Please contact us at


Foxnala Purchased

Hello guys, I purchased the cool timeline plugin the other day, excellent plugin, but for the life of me I cannot get the last date on the timeline to be the last date. All stories were working in date sequence fine until In created the last story/post which seems to find itself second last instead of last. Creating the timeline stories is simple and all stories were created one after the other, without issue, now I’m lost, I simply cannot get the last, most recent date to show up as first on the DESC timeline, here is my homepage where I am displaying my work history timeline. Please scroll down the page a bit, thanks in advance.

License number – bc94273f-5aeb-40ef-a939-cbcff324b243


Hi @foxnala,

Thank you very much for your appreciations.

Did you set last story date before second last story date?

Please just set last story before second last e.g.

Second last story date:- 08/10/1975 06:08 am

Last story date :- 05/05/1972 06:08 am

Please also share your both stories sections screenshots.So that we can figure out the issue and help you out.

Thanks! CoolHappy Cool Timeline Team.


gmcardle Purchased

Please can you let me know how to move down the Timeline Pro legend that appear top right of the screen, see here:
Try to use this custom css:- .ctl-bullets-container { display: inline-block !important; top: 20%; bottom: 10%; height: 70%; overflow-y: scroll; overflow-x: hidden; } .ctl-bullets-container::-webkit-scrollbar { background: #124e88; width: 7px; } .ctl-bullets-container::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background: #24afe5; } @media (max-width: 860px) { div#tm-default-default-19-navi { display: none !important; } }

guvenck Purchased

Hello, just purchased and installed the plugin. I had stories from free version and have converted them. Although all of these stories have correct dates, the timeline displays today’s date! All the stories have the same year.


Thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Could you please share your timeline page link and timeline stories screenshots. So that we can check it and help you out.



alphyjuma Purchased

Advise on if I can achieve the following;

1. Is there a way I can dispay the stories as blog / news format as opposed to the timelines.

2. Can I have an image displaying at the top of the timeline eg like the image here in green just before the timeline starts.



I using this short code about 200 pages. please Let me know !
When you apply a new update.
Do I have to change all page show codes?

[cool-timeline layout=”one-side” designs=”design-2” skin=”default” category=”00000” show-posts=”20” order=”ASC” icons=”NO” animations=”bounceInDown” date-format=”default” story-content=”full” based=”custom” compact-ele-pos=”main-date”]

I hope new updates will not change.


I would like to view browser console of page

Newly created pages will look ok.

[cool-timeline layout=”one-side” designs=”design-2” skin=”default” category=”point” show-posts=”20” order=”ASC” icons=”NO” animations=”bounceInDown” date-format=”default” story-content=”full” based=”custom” compact-ele-pos=”main-date”]

Reduce the line spacing slightly. Thank you for your custom CSS.