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With the latest release, I’m getting a fatal error on the backend:

Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’

I have mySQL 5.1, must I upgrade? Is that the reason?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Your current version of MySQL does not support the ‘utf8mb4’ character set. This character set was introduced in 5.5.3. Kindly, upgrade your MySQL to the latest stable version. As you can check on , the recommended MySQL version for current WordPress is MySQL version 5.6.

Let us know if you have further question.



xdaniel Purchased

Hello, I have the same problem “utf8mb4” unknown … But I’m in a hosted environment and can’t update my mysql server. Where can I rollback? :shocked:

Hi, First of All, I would like to apologize for delay in response. You don’t need to rollback anything.We have already fixed this issue. Please just update your plugin version.

with the latest release, the front end cannot load !!! I had to disable the plugin for my site to work…

Another issue, when the plugin is disabled, if your page stills uses the plugin short code nothing will load on that page :-(

Hi our support team will sure check and resolve it as soon as possible, because everything working fine at our end and we tested it under different themes and platforms – but there are a lot WP themes and plugins which may conflict and we can only check it at your end, share temporary wp access info with our development team at


AndyHerz Purchased


I asked you a question several days ago and you have responded with two worthless comments just describing the product and telling me to watch tutorials.

That is not “support”. This is wasting the time of people who bought your product.

My question is repeated below. Please answer it clearly NOW.

If not, I will alert the entire envato and broader Wordpress community to avoid Cool Timeline Pro because you are can’t even explain how your own product works.

Here is the question:

————— March 31:

I’m trying to understand where/how CTP pulls posts from my WP site. Do I just name the category in CTP the same as Category on the rest of the WP site?

Or do I have to create a whole new post/story for every single timeline? ————

Andy Herz – attorney and angry

Hi Andy, Sorry for inconvenience, actually there are 2 ways to create a timeline using Cool Timeline Pro.

1. Use your blog posts to create a timeline.

2. Add stories inside Timeline Stories >> Add New, one by one and then use these stories to create a timeline.

1. If you already have blog posts inside your website and you want to show them as timeline layout then create a new page inside your website and add “content timeline” shortcode on it by adding your blog posts category slug. If you are using Gutenberg then add shortcode this way – or in simple editor add it this way – Remember to select proper category slug.

2. If you want to create timeline by adding new stories from Timeline Stories >> Add New, then first add all stories one by one via Timeline Stories >> Add New button and then create a new page and add vertical timeline shortcode this way –

Let me know if it is clear now? If you want me to setup it good way then you can also share temporary access at, I’ll help you to create an awesome timeline.


Satinder Singh

Cool Plugins Senior Support Team

hello I can’t use my license key : 3c8a7774-e5c2-4cec-a9a3-4addbaa85dc5 Please check thanks

Hey there, Please do not share your license code and/or any other sensitive information here. You can contact us on for any kind of technical or sales issues. As we have checked, your purchase code is already activated. Please email us with your website URL and purchase code to sort out this issue as soon as possible.


Hello, thank you for providing this wonderfull plugin!

On this page for example: ‘' – I see there’s is a plugin discount (not $25 but $15). It’s very nice you’re offering a discount! Can you please give me the right link to buy the plugin for $15?

Thank you so much!

Hi, Above link was live for testing period only, please visit this link for correct pricing –


Hi, above link is just an example, because this discount is visable on several pages. The current pricing is clear, but providing incorrect information isn’t a nice way of advertising.

actually item was under discount from March 21 – 31, 2019 so it was a sub-site at that site, You can check now there is no discount mentioned on site –

Is this plugin PHP 7.2 compatible?

Hi there,

Thanks for showing interest in our plugin. Yes, our plugin is compatible with PHP Version 7.2 Feel free to contact us if you have further question.


how do i remove the sidebar from the full story page ?

i figured out how to do this

not seeing this link anywhere on the single post page ? >>> Show go back to timeline link on single story(detail) page.

Hi there,

In the current version version of this plugin we have removed this feature(Go Back link on single story page). This feature is actually depreciated from the latest version. We will remove Go Back link option from plugin’s settings in upcoming version of this plugin.


ok thanks but why did you remove it ? when i view a single post page there is no way to navigate back to to the main timeline …what do you suggest ?

Hi there,

In order to add Go Back link on single story page, add this Snippet of code ( in your Wordpress active theme’s functions.php file. Let us know if you have further question.


Hello, I bought the PRO version but unfortunately I can’t create a vertical timeline.

I’m getting an error: “Sorry, you have not added any story yet”

Please help.

Thank you

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing our plugin.

This message displays in case user did not add any Timeline Story or when user selected category in shortcode has no Timeline Story. So please make sure you have added at least one Timeline Story and selected category in shortcode has at least one Timeline Story. For the guidance kindly read this documentation ( ) First watch video tutorials to know how this plugin works. ( )


Did you migrate Timeline Stories? Whenever user switch from Cool Timeline Free plugin to Cool Timeline Pro plugin, Timeline Story Migration is necessary. Check this link( to know how to migrate stories in Cool Timeline Pro.


i am trying to create somehwat of a widget for wpbakery that pulls in the latest timeline posts …...stories …... much like you would do on a homepage or a sidebar for recent posts

how can i include the story year with the post so that if i display the 6 most recent timeline stories on a sidebar or wpbakery element …how do i display what year the story is from ?


timeline recent entries: year of story 1 – title of story 1
featured image of story 1 everything links to the story post itself

year of story2 – title of story 2 featured image of story 2

i’d like to add a feature request with this inquiry ….. will you please create a widget or shortcode or both we can use to display something like this?

You can’t display Story Year because it is a custom field. You can display only Story Title, Story Featured Image and Story Description.

The current version of this plugin does not support this feature but we might integrate this feature soon.

Please check this link to know how to Create Timeline Using WPBakery Page Builder. (



clspl Purchased

Bonjour, Je rencontre un problème avec mon site depuis que j’ai installé Cool Timeline Pro.

J’utilise le thème Idyllic Theme Freesia (mon site n’est pas encore en ligne, il est en local).

Mon slider principal ne fonctionne plus correctement depuis l’installation de Cool Timeline sur la même page.

Les images s’affichent bien, mais les slider-text et les slider-title n’apparaissent plus.

Lorsque je désactive Cool Timeline Pro, tout rentre dans l’ordre, et le slider fonctionne à nouveau correctement.

Merci d’avance pour votre aide ou vos idées pour résoudre ce problème. Et bravo pour votre travail !

Cordialement, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas, It seems like any other plugin or theme conflict with our plugin. Can you please share your website URL with us. It would be better if you can use English in your comments.


klear Purchased

Hi there. Where is information or screenshots that cover how a post appears on one side or the other? Like to achieve something like this: category: mustang, tag: good. category: mustang, tag: bad… and all posts in the mustang category with good tag on one side and bad tag on other. Is this how it works?

Hi @klear,

Thanks for using our plugin. Our plugin doesn’t show comparison. It shows posts in an alternate format like tag: good. | tag: bad | tag: good| tag: bad you can adjust the color according to the even/ odd formula from settings panel


klear Purchased

Just trying to make sure we’re on the same page… can I (1) have all posts with good tag show on one side of timeline, and all bad on the other side? (2) Further, only show the posts that are within currently viewed category?

Hi Klear,

I understood your first query. Timeline does not sort according to Post tags. So you can’t sort all posts with good tag on one side and all bad tag on other side. Timeline sort posts/ stories accoding to date or cutom order in Timeline Stories. So, you have to arrange your posts/stories manually so that they appeare on timeline as you want.

For creating “Category Specific Timeline”, you can select a category in shortcode generator ( (



imisidro Purchased

I have a timeline that is based on year and the date.

But I want a timeline that is only based on the date, notwithstanding the year. This way, I can easily do the “On this date, this happen” kind of posts. So something could have happened on that date in 2015 and 1993, and both events on that date but from different years can be shown

My questions:

1 – Can that be done? If so, how?

2 – Can I use my existing stories that I use for my vertical timeline to do this or do I need to copy my stories for this kind of timeline?

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

The current version of this plugin does not support this feature. But here is an another way to show Timeline as your requirement.

1.) Yes, it is possible using Custom Order Based feature. Using this feature you can add “Custom Label” for your story, in “custom label” you can add Story Date (OR any text) and also can set Custom Order of your story.

2.) Yes, you can use your existing stories but you have to edit these stories to make them Custom Order Based. For example you have to add “Custom Label” and “Custom Order” of your each story.

Thank You

Is there a way to disable the prettyPhoto lightbox option with this plugin in place of my other lightbox plugin? My site currently uses Nivo, and I would like to do the same with the Timeline.

Hi there,

Yes, it is possible. But to do so you have to customize plugin code.