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Cute game. Good job, congratulations!

Thank you!

How many levels? How easy is it to build a new level?

there are 5 puzzle now, you can add new puzzle with build-in edit tool

Good game. Can you add the same features as in your “Rearrange Letters game in your next update: 1 – Background music 2 – Category of Pictures select option 3 – Description audios option of the picture 4 – Countdown game mode 5 – Social share buttons

the current version already have background music and social share, and thanks for the suggestion…

Hi, Nice game. Had a few questions. 1. I dont always want to close the path. For e.g. I start drawing from point 1 go to point 20, then I dont want to join point 20 to point 1 to finish the game 2. Can I disable social share?

Hi, For your request please wait for the next update.

Ok. Thank you. Also wanted to know if we can add multiple lines in one level.

Hello. Every time I go to update the puzzles.js to input my new map the game crashes. The only fix is to revert the code and not put my new puzzle in. Any idea whats the issue?

Hi, make sure you copy the complete generated array and put in the right array of object.

is there a way to connect starting any dot (not specified 0 or 1 or 4…) just any and to be able to join any next dot to it, fully random sequence ?

the dot must start from first number and end with last number

is there a way to change the code where i can start from any point and end anywhere and attach any following dot ?

You can wait for Version 2.0, new option to enable random sequence

SO COOL! Two question:

Can you add more than 20 dots? PLUS, when the puzzle is solved can an actual pic be revealed?

Yes. You mean you want to reveal new picture when puzzle is solved, yes but need little modification.

How do you install the game? I am not sure how to upload folder ‘game’ to my server.


The game files must upload to a website to run, it won’t work locally due to browser security issue.

How do you upload to a website, and what kind of website?

First you must own a server, and a website something like

And below is some tutorial how you can upload file to your server