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dansas Purchased

Hi, i installed the plugin, registered users can comment but for visitors its shows: error proccising your form and wont let them comment, do you have solution?

That is very strange. Enter my test website. Does the same thing happen to you?

If not, you should have some problem on your website. And I have to review it.

Give me the URL of your website.

This is my e-mail:



dansas Purchased

solved! it was akismet plugin that was blocked the comments.. thanks:)


dansas Purchased

hi, possible that users will get notify if someone replay to their comment?


I’m sorry is not possible.


todo4pc Purchased

I would like if you add an option or word filter in case someone comments a bad word the comment is not published.

And some style to pagination comments.

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion.


todo4pc Purchased

I have another suggestion, it would be nice if you can add an option to highlight a comment so that it is fixed in the first place of the comments.


towor Purchased


Can you have a look into this? Please remember me. Now I use version 2.4.1.

1) The embed video size doesn’t display properly in the comment box. Every time I embed a Youtube video, the width of the video in the comment box displays as 540px and the height is 250px . You can see the screenshot here https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdyj4edarvk1e7d/444.png?dl=0 .This results in short-height embed video. But in the YouTube embed code in YouTube website, the width is 560px and height is 315px. This is not correct.

2) Embed video and image are not responsive. So I have to add media query to make it look good in mobile view. Would be great if you make it responsive.

3) When I delete a comment, the deleted comment doesn’t disappear immediately after deleting unless the page gets reload. This is not professional and I misunderstand that I couldn’t delete a comment due to something wrong.



towor Purchased

Hi, let’s go back to the embed video again. I misunderstood that it’s already fixed. You already gave me the css code to fix.

.saic-wrapper iframe, .saic-wrapper embed { max-width: 98%; width: 560px; }

But I still have problem with height. Every time, I embed a video, the embed code appeared in the comment box like this. You can see the size is width=”540” height=”250” by default. Could you please change what display in the code below to be width=”560” height=”315” by default?

<iframe class=”ytplayer” type=”text/html” width=”540” height=”250” src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/IPfJnp1guPc?autoplay=0” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”> </iframe>

I want all the video (YouTube, Video, facebook…) to display at the same size by default. Just this, thank you!

Your support has expired.

I’ve sent you a download link with the update.


I purchased the plugin, But he displays the responses twice.

I would like to leave the comments “Reviews” And below that add the comments using the plugin.

Not to show in both

Thank you.


I need the url of your website to see the comment box.

try with this option:


what is your email?

infomaxlopez[a] gmail.com

i hope your the answer to my questions…

Hello, I am just curious if this will fit on my needs… 1. I am looking for a plugin where in I can create separate multiple forms for my main website and groups. I know this is possible. 2. For example.. I am creating a form where they can submit a prayer request which will then be sent to the admin and on the 3. backend the admin can approve the prayer request and automatically post their prayer request in our prayer wall page and 4. once post if also there’s a way we can add social media icon to either someone will share the post to their sm sites.. at the backend we can enable or disable this function. 5. also can download csv or pdf reports of the sent prayers (optional)

it’s basically like a comment function but different way with short codes…

Hi, I’m sorry but my plugin does not have the features you need.

You might have left one of the fields blank, or duplicate comments.

my site https://www.gatapop.com/modelo/mily-e-jessica-o-retorno/


Hi. The comments worked well before, what happened? Did you change something?

Hello. I have some questions:

1. Do you still plan to update this plugin? 2. How long yet will you support it? 3. Is it compatible with newest Wordpress and BuddyPress?


It does not work, it is not compatible.

Thanks for your reply. So there is not an easy way to integrate your plugin with it?

I’m sorry, unfortunately not.