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PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /wp-content/plugins/comment-press/comment-press.php on line 492

What version of my plugin are you using?

PHP version?

2.3.7a php 7

list of comments can’t be loaded, but “Load Comments Automatically” is enabled

you can check it here in the bottom of page http://baza-volgodonsk.ru/baza-otdyha-beryozka/

Hi yourshadow.

You have several javascript errors on your page, and most likely the next error is causing the problem.


Contact your developer to solve this problem.

After that, you let me know if the problem persists.


cab434 Purchased

Hello, Im not sure what Im doing wrong. When I use a shortcode everything works great. But the captcha is question is not showing up and it is only showing the captcha input box. But If I set the setting to show comments on all pages, then the captcha shows up fine.

Hi cab434. Let me check it. Give me the url of your website.

Hello Sir/madam,

I was installed free version of http://netitsystems.com/client/complaintguru/wp/ on site (Its working fine here) and when i was make site live on http://www.complainguru.com/ server. Its show “You might have left one of the fields blank, or duplicate comments.” error when i am trying to add comment on post and i was logged in to site when i was add comment on post. Please help me what should i do?

Thanks Abhishek Sharma


The free version is considered obsolete, maybe that’s why it gives that error.

Are you sure after purchage plugin solve these issue?

Of course, I’m sure it will work well.

In case it does not work, we will try to solve it, or you could request your refund.


Continuation of conversation 4 months ago, the link https://codecanyon.net/item/commentpress-ajax-comments-insert-edit-and-delete-comments-for-wp/4542951/comments?page=17

In the latest update I do not see any function to block the comment form, custom publish types?

“Post-new.php? Post_type = blog_posts “

With each update of the template I am forgotten to integrate again the code

if( is_page('blog-page') ){
    if(function_exists("display_saic")){ echo display_saic();}

single.php, page.php

And look at the blog page: http://demo.joinwebs.com/classiera/blog-posts/nunc-tortor-tellus-porta-eget-est-quis/


look at the page of an ad: http://demo.joinwebs.com/classiera/test-2/

Could you integrate the function on your plugin Will be easier for us

Thank you

Soon, I will send the update to your email.




towor Purchased

Hi,I have a problem with username link. Now it’s unclickable, not like before when I click, it links to user profiles. I’ve deactivated all the plugins and switched back to the default theme, the result is same. Please check the version 2.3.8 you sent me.


The change I made in the previous versions are still in this version and will continue to be in the new versions.


towor Purchased

Can you tell me css to resize an avatar size only in reply comment. I want to make it look smaller than others.

.saic-wrapper ul.saic-container-comments li.saic-item-comment ul .saic-comment-avatar img { max-width: 16px !important; max-height: 16px !important; }

putispl Purchased

Hi, i have weird problem with your commentpress plugin. I use pagination of comments and it works when ex. I add 10 comments at once, but after reload the page, pagination won’t work and there are pagination links (prev, next) visible, but nothing happens when I click on any of them. At this moment my site is hosted on localhost, so i can’t give you link :(

is very rare, maybe there are javascript errors on your page, I don’t know.

The only way I can fix it, is to go to your page and see the problem.

I can wait until your site is online.


putispl Purchased

I fixed the problem. Comments was appended to div with display: none, so jPages doesn’t work correctly.


Comment Ratings & Reviews”

Could you add a 5-star rating field at the end of a comment form? Allowing the site visitor to submit a note with their comment. Ratings are displayed as stars under the comment text.


I do not worry, we will renew our support Our new paypal account and pending by paypal.

Thank you

Hi hostingames.

Sorry, I will not add such a feature.

Hi i used woo product. Will the plugin create new tab name comment? or make lost review woo tab, which is override woo review tobe comment system. Thanks

Sorry, that is not possible with my plugin

I mean that can u update in next version. I know it is not available now

Sorry, I will not add that functionality.

Hello, I’ve just moved my website from localhost to a hosting server. It seems that it takes long time for a comment to be posted. I’ve tried many times to comment a short word “test” but it takes about 30 seconds. This is not normal like before.

Hi, you mean username and password to login, right?

Sent. Please check ASAP, thanks.

I bought and installed CommentPress yesterday and immediately noticed the layout on some of my post pages was a little off. So to rule out CommentPress, I deactivated it and when I did I got the following message:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘delete_options_SAIC’ not found or invalid function name in /home2/waf7/go0adxfm/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 286

I haven’t been able to determine yet the cause of my layout problems, but given that I didn’t notice them until I installed CommentPress and then got this error when I deactivated it, I figured I better check with you.

I currently have CommentPress disabled since I don’t know exactly what this message means. Can you tell me what it means and what I can do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

A little strange, tell me what version of my plugin you have installed.

Also give me your email to send you an update.

Hello, do you have any new uodated bersion released for me?

If you have version 2.3.9a, then it is not necessary to update.

Hello. There is an update but nothing in the change log

I have already modified the changelog.

disable link button ->

Hello, do you have any questions?

Display buttons to insert images, videos, and links?

Disable the LINKS button

leave active only images and videos


Use this style: https://image.prntscr.com/image/SrFZ1dKETYmHAOCt7aeCXg.png .saic-btn-link { display: none !important; }

hello, I see the reply button when I am logged out. This is not normal, right? I should have been displayed only in logged-in mode. But when I click on it, nothing happens. In stead, I see an error from Chrome as you can see the screenshot here https://www.dropbox.com/s/hog5obs6w07ypl9/cp123.png?dl=0 I How can I disable this reply button only in logged-out mode?

Thanks for reporting the problem. I’ve already fixed it and I’ve sent you the update. Check your email

Hi, i just bought your plugin and installed my web site. But, whenever a visitor try to post a comment, he gets this error: “You might have left one of the fields blank, or duplicate comments” even if he fullfill all the required information.

I also checked this problem and when i get that error too, i checked the console from google chrome and i saw wp-comments.post.php gives 500 interval error.

Logged in visitors can comment but when a guest try to post a comment get this error. I also deactivedted my cache pluging but still getting the same problem.

Now i deactivated plugin. But i really want to use it.

Best regards


neodan Purchased

Is there a way to remove the comment box when comments are closed / disabled?


neodan Purchased

Is there a way to remove the comment box when comments are closed / disabled?

Not now, but give me your email to send you an update where you can do it.


neodan Purchased

neodan [at] gmail [dot].com thanks!

Hey Max,

I purchased your commentpress plugin to add to my site. Im having difficulties working with it.

I added this shortcode to a custom tab underneath a woocommerce product. [simple-comments post_id=”” get=”30” style=”facebook” border=”true” auto_load=”true”]

Im not quite sure how to add product post id to shortcode automatically.

It loads the comments bar, but wont let me add a comment. It says that “comments are closed”. This happens whether or not I am logged in as a user.

I tried following the instructions on allowing comments by everybody through the settings and even adding code snippets but it doesn’t seen to have any effect.


Any help would be very appreciated Thanks :)

I got it working,I had a plugin disabling product reviews that was interfering. It’s a really nice comment plugin THANK YOU!!!

Hello, I am interested in your plugin. Can you please reply to these two questions? 1) is the plugin translated in Italian? 2) I need to add different comments sections, so that a logged-in user can login into his/her own private area, where he/she can find different private pages, each one with a different comments section because they are related to different topics. Is it possible to have this level of interaction? Hope this point is clear enough. Please tell me if it is not