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Can I add this shortcode on Blog page? So I can get Comment box for each Post on Blog page by itself. I don’t want to redirect to Blog post detail page.

Hi, of course, just use the next code. <?php echo do_shortcode('[simple-comments post_id="26" get="30" style="golden" border="true" auto_load="true"]');?>

Here you can see all available arguments. http://comments-wordpress.com/how-to-use-shortcode/


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Hello! Can i insert the comment field with a shortcode a textfield?

You can add multiple comment boxes per page but only one for each post (By ids)




Paulson Purchased

Thanks, you see i bought it. It works on a widget well. But no collapse out on a page. I cheked all three jquery options.

What is your website to review the problem.

Hello, I am having an issue with this plugin. It seems to inconsistently show or not show the comments bar and sometimes will not show the comments at all. https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArfxPmpRY8zhhnRl6EcYVs8Vgo1y

here is a link to my dev site: http://18e.110.myftpupload.com/

Mmm should be for the amount of post you load.

You can use the following option to prevent automatic loading.

hey one question. Is it possible to restrict certain users to comment?

Give me your email to send you the update.

oh that would be great. sent you a private message.

see your email

Is there any way to cache guests so they dont have to keep filling out the form to post. Also does this plugin integratevwith social media logins?

Hi, I’m sorry, those features are not available.

Your plugin is great but 2 things missing.

1. Can I upload image from my computer in the comment section? 2. Can comments be shared to social networks (Is there share button)?

Hello, I’m sorry, these features do not exist

Hi Max!

I’ve read some comments about issues in pages loaded with AJAX (2-3 years ago). Before buying your plugin, I want to know if it running in a simple AJAX load (and “reload”) div.

To explain what I want to do: I have a special page (where I include some contents: posts and pages, its a tool for professionnel worker) and I’m working on a comment system where a left slide opens when someone click on a “comment button”. So, the slide (a simple div) is working, but I would like to load and reload the content of the slide whith AJAX (where your plugin will be inserted, actualy the code behing the shortcode I think) when the website visitor click on another “comment button”.

Do you think your plugin is available for that ?

Thanks :)

Hi, it should work fine, but if it does not work I can refund your money.

Hello. with your plugin, the number of comments will appear in the home page os my stream website, or it isn’t compatible with the wordpress comment count? Can I change the thumbs for arrows? thank you! :)

see your email

Thank you for the email. The website i’m working on is http://postas.pt Thenew icons you set in the costum code you sent in the email doesn’t work, it shows only a little box. i have font awesome on my site, can i set a icon to change them?

That should work fine, have you replaced everything?

Please try deleting your cache


Possible to also have the update? on

But I want specific registered rescript users too. Does it work? Or perhaps with another plugin jointly?

One thing, is it possible to highlight the author of post comments with an icon after the name, or a text? It would just be great if I could do it all with your plugin!

Possible to add a function to customize email When a new comment is posted, we receive a mail from the style wordpess@domaine.com Would like to customize it for example: admin@domaine.com

Thank you

Hi, in the update I sent you recently it is implemented the feature to exclude users (v2.3.1)


Please see your email.

Image attach is not possible from the file.

Hi, Yes I saw the feature to exclude users (v2.3.1) I was talking about finding “id” users?

Thank you

Ok, you can do it as follows:

<?php $user_ids = array(1,2,3,4,5); if( in_array(get_current_user_id(), $user_ids ) ){ if( function_exists("display_saic") ) { echo display_saic(); } } ?> or using shortcode <?php $user_ids = array(1,2,3,4,5); if( in_array(get_current_user_id(), $user_ids ) ){ echo do_shortcode('[simple-comments post_id="1598" ]'); } ?>

Hi there. I have some questions before buying.

1. Can I translate to PT-BR?

2. I would like to use your plugin in some pages of my site. So, each page would need a different set of comments. Is it possible?

3. The problem is: my theme uses some kind of Wide Layout that does not show wordpress comments… only on its boxed layout. But I really need to use the Wide layout. So, will your plugin work?


1) No, it’s not compatible.

2) It might work if you use the short code on the page where you want to display the comments. http://comments-wordpress.com/how-to-use-shortcode/

3) The comment box is flexible and adapts to any screen width.

Would it be possible to allow comenters to attach a photo from file?

This is pre sale questions:

1. Question for this plugin

a. Can I hide Name, Email and Website field ?

b. I request feature that display on Body box and submit button, then when user click submit they will asking login using social account or enter the name and post as guest

There are too many field such Name, Email, Website display so users will feel lazy to post comment, I think that.

c. Is your plugin integrate with Akismet plugin?

2. Question about ScrollNav plugin

I am planning to buy this one but is it possible to display custom menu by default? Some time I want display custom menu by default


No shows box to comment and neither comments in my wordpress

Hi @luanfernando, something must be happening. Give me the url of your website to review.


Would it be possible to change the e-mail address by “Wordpress@domain.com” by “admin@domain.com”

Thank you

see your email


Do you have a php version?

Thank you

Sorry, only available for wordpress.

Can the ajax option be disabled ?

Hi MisterDirector, I’m sorry, it’s not possible


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Can not put there over one Like / Dislike. If a like/dislike is added then any other user can not add more likes/dislikes. I use the CommentPress plug-in version 2.2.4 and WordPress version 4.7.2.


Hi, the same user can not give more than a like / dislike.

That is to say a comment can be qualified by many users but only once for each user.

see demo page:


Is it work with comment wp, woocommerce and buddypress?
Available to disabled like /dislike?

Of course it works with woocommerce and buddypress. (Note: it does not replace the buddypress comment system.)

Can you help me quick check woodiscuz and wpdiscuz if it also work please?
Please also fix demo links, i want to test drive too, If had admin will be great, if you install 2 plugin bellow also.