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I purchased this plugin under the impression Admins would still be able to approve comments before they’re posted. I do not see any such option. Please advise or may I get a refund?

This is your mail? I’ll resend it to you.


Hello, thank you for your help. Lastly, when I try to use the short codes using Raw HTML and a text box – neither which shows the comments…. http://www.womenwineandtheword.com/event-archive-details/ please advise.

I want to give users the ablity to upload there media from my server instead of using a link to post the content. Is there anyway to do this or any add-on I can purchase?

Hi, unfortunately there is no such feature, sorry


todo4pc Purchased

Tengo problemas, es que todo andaba bien hasta que ahora no muestra los comentarios a los visitantes, solo los muestra a los registrados, casilla de Only registered users can comment está desmarcada y nucan la marcado y tambien y el /wp-admin/options-discussion.php todas las opciones estan cofiguradas para permitir comentarios. ¿me podrias ayudar?

hola, por supuesto puedo ayudar.

Necesito la url de tu sitio web y si es posible tus datos de acceso para tratar de encontrar la causa del problema. este es mi email:



todo4pc Purchased

Espero me puedas responder por correo, he estado esperando su respuesta :-(

Hola, ya he solucionado el problema, revisa tu correo.

Hi Max, is it possible not to keep Name, Email, Website mandatory? If yes how can I do that? I have read comments but could not find it by myself, please help.

Another question: Can a user attach and upload media (image / video) while posting comment instead providing just link?


Hi, you can deactivate only the following fields.

.. sorry, it is not possible to upload any files.



1) I want to use the plugin as a chat between buddypress users, can i do that?

2) Do the comments have to be approved without alternative? No option?

Thank you. Best regards.

Hi, it is not possible to use it as a chat, as it is a comment plugin.

If the user does not have sufficient permissions then the comment must be approved first, otherwise it will be automatically published.

Do you have any plans on adding image uploads? Sites should ever allow embedding images from another site. It can invalidate your https and every site should be using https. Google Chrome as of Jan 1st gives a warning to visitors of any site not using it and search puts you lower in the rankings.

It’s worse than I thought. This plugin will not work on https sites. These players need to be changed to https: /* -------------------------------------------------------------------- Función que Retorna el Reproductor de un Video de Youtube o Vimeo -------------------------------------------------------------------- */ function get_embed_video_SAIC($id_video,$tipo_video,$width=610,$height=280,$autoplay=0){ $video_player = ''; if($tipo_video == 'youtube'){ $video_player = '<iframe class="ytplayer" type="text/html" width="'.$width.'" height="'.$height.'" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/'.$id_video.'?autoplay='.$autoplay.'" allowfullscreen frameborder="0"> </iframe>'; } elseif($tipo_video == 'vimeo'){ $video_player = '<iframe width="'.$width.'" height="'.$height.'" src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/'.$id_video.'?title=0&autoplay='.$autoplay.'&byline=0&portrait=0&color=3D95D3" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe>'; } return $video_player; }

It will not effect non-https sites, but those that are will not be able to embed videos.

Hi, there is no such feature for uploading files.

It is possible to avoid http or https from the video url like:

The video works without problems.

Give me your email to send you the update.

I’ve already modified that for videos. Images is the real problem. If you can’t upload you need something where it will only embed images with a https address and return just a link for http.

When I copy the shortcode on this page and paste to my WP site, it didn’t work.


When I copy the shortcode on this comment page, it works.

I think there is something wrong with the text encoding in Chrome.

Hi, I need the url of your website to see what is happening.


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Hi. can’t open Ajax Comments window on my mobile device. How I can fix it? Thanks.

mmm Sorry but I do not have that device to do the tests. Have you tried it from an android?


rahdai Purchased

No, but I’ll try


rahdai Purchased

No, but I’ll try

This looks very interesting. The presentation is very nice and clean. One question, though: I tried the demo and despite entering a valid e-mail address, my Gravatar did not show up. I assume it pulls from WordPress profile or something? Is there a (reasonably easy) way to have it pull Gravatars based on e-mail address entered? Can you require the e-mail address field? (Obviously, I would add a disclaimer that e-mail address are not displayed public and never shared).

Also, it would be perfect if it would load the initial comments via PHP (for SEO goodness) but use Ajax to do any updating (such as adding comments/replies).

Anyway, I look forward to your response on the profile pic thing. This project doesn’t have user accounts, so I would like the profile pics to be pulled from Gravatar if possible. Thank you, Daniel

Hi Daniel

My plugin is optimized for gravatar support, I just added a new comment with an email associated with gratavar.

The email field is always mandatory

Mmm indeed, so far all initial comments are loaded by Ajax when loading the page.


1) This plugin does not work on https sites. This will not prevent non-https sites, but those who will not be able to integrate videos.

2) Is there a way to delete the comment form on publication types on “post-new.php”? Currently he says that comments are closed on these types of publication ..

And only allow the comment form on custom publishing types? “Post-new.php? Post_type = blog_posts”


Thank you

Ok, for now the only way to do that is by adding the following code in your php files:

<?php if( is_page('blog-page') ){ if(function_exists("display_saic")){ echo display_saic();} } ?>

Thanks, but what is the php files:

In the files of your current theme, for example single.php, page.php

Add that code where you want to display the comment box, and you should change ‘blog-page’ to the pages where you want to display the comment box.

Hi Max, Love this plugin! Sorry for the silly question- You mentioned that if I’d like to have multiple comment forms on one page I just need to put the unique post IDs in each shortcode. I don’t really understand how you get the post ID if you are putting content on a page with a page builder like Visual Composer. Thanks for the help, Cathy

Thanks for your suggestion and sorry if it was misunderstood. Of course, if you no longer use the plugin, you can request a refund.

Hello Max,

Thanks for the offer for the refund; I really appreciate it.

I think I’ve finally figured out how to deal with multiple comment forms on a single static page. What I’ll have to do is create a video post (wordpress format or custom post type) for each video I want to show on the static page, then I can put the shortcode using the video post’s id right beneath that embedded video on the static page (same for any type of text, I’ll need to generate a post to get the id then duplicate the text of that post on a static page). It’s extra work but at least you can collect comments for each video or text block on a static page. There may be some other advantages in terms of managing comments too. I also remembered that each item in the media library and each item of a custom post type (for example I use an events plugin) has a post id so that can be used to put a shortcode somewhere too. You’re probably saying “Duh!” I’m glad I finally understood what you meant.

So, I think I won’t need that refund but I’ll let you know if this doesn’t work like I’m hoping it will.

Regards, Cathy

Sometimes, a plugin does not work the way you want it, but I’m really glad that you’ve found a way to use it.

Don’t worry, try to make the most of it.

I’m unable to disable the Email and Website field.

The following message is appearing when

“You might have left one of the fields blank, or duplicate comments.”

Show Field “Email” – Not Show Field “Website” – Not

Can you please help.

Hi, It should work fine.

What wordpress version and the plugin version do you have?

Give me the url of your website to review.

WordPress 4.8 on https://tit4tat.com/ currently I enable the Email and Website field again as the site is now live, let me make a test on my local xamp server and will update you.

I’ll update you.



sexplay Purchased

Max, i have 2 problems in my site

check in: https://www.gatapop.com/modelo/nayara-godoy/

First problem: An extra giant button appeared.

Second problem: Even putting in shortcode in autoload TRUE it does not load automatically.




sexplay Purchased

Works in this link?



towor Purchased


1) I would like to have a popular comment on the top of every comments. Let’s say….a comment that gets the most up votes will appear on the top with a highlight color on that comment. And other comments below the popular comment will be sorted by newest ones. Possible to do this? This will make the comment look more interesting.

2) The avatar looks small.Is it possible to increase the avatar size and make it circular like BuddyPress profile avatar?


towor Purchased

My misunderstanding. Ok, man. I understand now. In the default comment, it happens the same. So This is ok. Forget it.


towor Purchased

Ok, works fine as expected now. You deserve 5 stars,man.



desadent Purchased

Is update plugin multilingual now? can we translate it’s ui elements?

You can only change the text messages from this option:


Good Morning. I’m using shortcodes and “Comments are closed” appears. How do I enable comments ?

see your email

Thanks for the feedback. Everything went well.