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How to hide “View Project” button and use item thumb to open details viewport?

This can be done pretty easy. Just few simple modifications that you can even make in Plugins -> Editor in WP Admin.

1. First you should hide “View Project” button. To do this open wp-content/plugins/colio/grid.css and add “display: none;” to this style

.colio-view .colio-button {
  display: none;

2. Change mouse pointer when you hover thumb in portfolio. To do this add “cursor: pointer;” to this style in wp-content/plugins/colio/grid.css

.colio-list .colio-thumb {
  cursor: pointer;

3. Finally open wp-content/plugins/colio/colio.php and at the end (before ?>) add this filter

function colio_thumb_link($html) {
  $html = str_replace('colio-thumb', 'colio-thumb colio-link', $html);
  return $html;
add_filter('colio_item', 'colio_thumb_link');

How to fix missing “Featured Image” for Colio Items?

Sometimes this may happen when Wordpress theme enables post-thumbnails for only specific post types, not globally. To fix this problem you should add the code below to the end of wp-content/plugins/colio/includes/post.php file

function colio_fix_featured_images() {
add_action('after_setup_theme', 'colio_fix_featured_images', 99);

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