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is it possible with this plugin to have some elements with different with, some of them for instance 1 columns large and some 2 columns large like this example of isotope grid?


thanks a lot

No I don’t plan this. There is a lot of plugins already that can add lazy loading to the grid and they can be integrated with colio

Hi again and thanks for reply. No need to lazy loading, I only aim to have an irregular grid with object having different width, something like this to have an idea:


Thanks anyway for the support!!!

No, it’s not possible to have items with different width. Sorry

One of my clients just purchased your plugin and loves it. Everything is working correctly after I added the featured image support to the current theme, but here’s my clients question: is there a way to had a “default” filter to show rather than all of the filters on the main page? Here is the link to the page in question – http://lgcdev.brailer.info/projects/. Is there a way to have the filter “Federal” already clicked when a user goes to the page?

Any updates?

Actually now it’s not even showing the groups. Any ideas as to why that may be?

Hello! Sorry for delay with reply. Yes, it’s possible to make certain filter active when page loads. But it requires to change some plugin files (init.js and colio.php).

Regarding why groups (filters) are not showing. Make sure that colio items have filter tags assigned. They are used to generate filters menu above item grid.


jbradin Purchased

Hey love your product but I am having some difficulty. For some reason the pagination is not working and neither are my filters.

I made sure to check the pagination checkbox as well the filters checkbox.

Here is a link to my website. http://e55.c45.myftpupload.com/portfolio-2/

Please let me know if I need to provide anything else


First of all you should get rid of a check sign for LI items of a grid. To do this please open wp-content/plugins/colio/grid.css file and add this style

.colio-list li:before { display: none!important;}

Then I noticed that there is no wp-content/plugins/colio/init.js file in footer of you website. So when I click on “View Project” it does not work.

If possible please contact me privately using mail form on my profile page on codecanyon and give me WP admin login/pass.

Hi there, just bought your plugin for the third time. I always use ‘inside’ for the item details placement, but this time it causes a problem on this site: http://stefaanoyentemplate.yoolswebsite.be/portfolio/. When I click on an item button, the detail box displays correctly. But when I scroll, the detail box also moves, covering other portfolio items or the footer. What can I do to make the detail box stay in place when scrolling? Thanks for your support!


Checked your problem. You should remove “height: 100%;” from this style

html, body {
height: 100%;
min-height: 100%;
overflow-x: hidden;

in style.css because it adds another scrollbar.

Thank you so much for your reply, that solved the issue!

Hi there,

is there any possiblity to order items by TAG? The standard parameters don’t give me the result that I’m looking for.

Sorry, that is not possible. Tags assigned to posts are not something that posts can be ordered by.. Here you can see all options to order items – https://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Order_.26_Orderby_Parameters

Okay, thank you. A different question now. Is there a possibilty to NOT show certain filters on a page? I mean, for instance, not show (f.e. display: none;) the third item in a list. Filter style is list. The li’s don’t have a class.So i can not select them with css.

(for example, i want to display:none the “Best Sellers Wallcovering” filter on this page: https://www.alphenberg.com/leather-flooring/ )

Do you have a sollution for this? Thank you in advance


jbradin Purchased

Hi I contacted you about two weeks ago and still haven’t received a response. I still can’t get the pagination to work for your plugin. If there is anyway you could get back to me today I would greatly appreciate it.


This is how it’s appearing on my site. My client would like there to be multiple pages like you see here