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There are some bugs in Colio that are causing us problems… Can you please help? http://hdl.webcraftclients.co.nz/portfolio

1. When a property in the top row is selected the gallery opens above the header of the page. There are also problems with overlapping text.

The issue occurs after filtering using the tags at the top of the page.

e.g. click on Commercial. Then click on view project for any item in first row.

Actually it is not just the first row. If you click any project after filtering the project, it is shown at the top of the page overlapping the header.

When you click on Show All, the proper behaviour returns.

Just checked and I see you have set “after” viewport placement.

Continuation from previous message about http://hdl.webcraftclients.co.nz

We have compared the demo link of the plugin and the wordpress installation.

We have found few differences, that is causing the issue.

1. The demo is using isotope to show hide the items, and excluding the hidden item from the list while filtering. But in this plugin, isotope is not working, though the codes are there, but not activated.

2. As the filtered items are having display none as the attribute, the isotope is tranforming them into 3d elements to hide which is also another issue. Inspite of hiding them, they are coming into the calculations which is returning the height wrongly, and the issue is occuring.

Its not the filter that is having the problem. It is the items that are filtered that are having the problem. The hiding process currently is WRONG , than the process mentioned using isotope.

The current method is taking account of all the items in the list inspite of hiding them. That is the main issue. Though the items shown is only 6 for the last category, but the items calculated is 28, which is totally wrong. Please review here yourself http://www.hdl.co.nz/ [ip address]

Please rectify this error.


Hmm. I will check this and update you shortly.

I see that there is physically 28 items in UL list. While only 21 have “show-all” filter tag and you don’t have default “X” filter to show all items. So I recommend you to make sure that all items under certain filter category have corresponding tag assigned. Also item won’t even display when it does not have featured image set in Admin.

Hi, is it possible somehow to local link to a colio item on the same page? Nothing happens when using #colioitem as link on the same page, but deep linking from a different page works good.

Working :) Is it possible with an API method to have two different colio lists on the same page and open items on the second list? Because now only items on the first one that’s possible to link to.

You can just define two functions, like so

window.openColio1 = function(n){
  var api = jQuery('#my_portfolio_1 .colio-list').data('colio'); 
window.openColio2 = function(n){
  var api = jQuery('#my_portfolio_2 .colio-list').data('colio'); 

where #my_portfolio_1 #my_portfolio_2 are IDs of your portfolios.

Working good! Thank you so much :)

Hey, is there anyway to share portfolios via facebook etc and also use them with the search function on wordpress. at the moment anything i try to share or search returns a Oops! “portfolio_id” query argument is missing. looks great but ultimately useless at the moment if they cant be shared etc. Fingers crossed you can help me with this.

Colio items can’t be shared on their own. To share some item you should go to your portfolio page , like http://domain.com/portfolio/ and click “View Project” to open item details. Then copy URL from address bar that will contain a hash, like this http://domain.com/portfolio/#some-hash

This URL you can share via Facebook.

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.

Hello, I’m using your plugin “Colio” for Wordpress on this website : http://miss-marquises.com I really love this plugin. However, as you can see the images thumnails height is not ok. How can i change the height of picture please ? Thanks for your help, Regards, Nicolas

Hi! What do you mean saying that height is not ok? What height it shield be?

Hello, I’m using your plugin “Colio” for Wordpress on this website : http://miss-marquises.com I really love this plugin. However, as you can see the images thumnails height is not ok. How can i change the height of picture please ? Thanks for your help, Regards, Nicolas

flGravity, I’ve been using this plugin on my portfolio website for a while and it worked well. I’ve just redesigned my site using Bootstrap 3 and now the plugin doesn’t seem to be acting as it should. Most importantly, if you scroll to the last row of thumbnails and click ‘view project’ it doesn’t jump back to the top of the page to show the details, so users aren’t even aware anything has happened. Also, when you landing on the page, the thumbnails change from 4 per row to 3 with a gap on the right.




The problem is in this style http://illustrationanddesign.uk/wp-content/themes/bootstrap-basic/library/css/global.css

There is such style that sets height of HTML element to 100%

font-size: 62.5%; list-style-type: none; height: 100%; overflow: hidden;

what breaks possibility to scroll with my plugin. If I set

height: auto;

everything works again. You can add next style to wp-content/plugins/colio/grid.css to fix the problem

html { height: auto!important; }

Purchase code: 752b7e8f-18a5-44a8-ae3b-4693a72d4be6


Nice plugin. I have managed to get items to show up, but the filters that I have created do not show up. Can you help? Thanks,


Thanks! Make sure that you have selected these filters for Colio -> Items. They won’t snow on their own, only if they are assigned to items.

Can I open an external link with you plugin inside a light box? If yes, where can I see that on the demo? Tks.

I use fancybox plugin to show images in lightbox. Fancybox can handle iframes. But to make this possible you should change plugin code in wp-content/plugins/colio/colio-item.php

Hmm, but Fancybox does not have categorizing feature. Its just for images one by one, right? :-( I need something like that: http://esites.pro/escolher-site/

Not sure about “categorizing feature”, but I see that in your example lightbox plugin opens an iframe also.


i use some filters for the portfolio. It is possible to have anchor links, maybe on main page, that open the portfolio with the exact filter?


JS code to do this may look like so (haven’t tested it)

var url = location.href;
var filter = url.match(/\?filter=(\w+)/);
if(filter) {
  var tag = filter[1];
 jQuery('.colio-filters a[href^=#' + tag+']').trigger('click');

URL of a link to open certain filter should contain param ?filter=some_filter like


where word some_filter should match a filter tag slug in WP admin that should open on page load.

Thank you. I tried this code, sometimes its work perfect and then at other times the items from all filters will shown. This situation is the same if the code is in the header or footer of the page. Maybe you can have a look on it. https://goo.gl/fx1fiI

I checked your site and when I open URL like that http://www.moprojects.de/erfolge/?filter=residential only 3 items for this filter are shown.

Hi, I am trying to get rid of the ellipsis at the end of the excerpts with the following code you supplied for colio.php, but it does not work:

function colio_trim_excerpt($html){ $html = str_replace(‘[& hellip;]’, ’’, $html); $html = str_replace(‘[…]’, ’’, $html); return $html; }

add_filter(‘get_the_excerpt’, ‘colio_trim_excerpt’);

Any ideas?

Hi! What version of Colio Wordpress plugin do you have?

On this site: http://hdl.co.nz/portfolio

Everything is working fine except that when I have a project open and I click on a different filter the project stays open. e.g. if “Hospice Link Drive” i open and I click on Wallpapering, “Hospice Link Drive” continues to show unless I close it by clicking the x in the top right of the project or replace it with another project.

Instead any open project should close when a new filter is chosen.

See this 1 min video for a demonstration… https://www.screencast.com/t/9VK6c0mhrSr

I see, but by design filters menu should disappear when you open item details. So it won’t be available until you close item.

You have this style that breaks this functionality

ul.colio-filters {

    visibility: visible !important;

    opacity: 1 !important;


I see. I have removed that code and it behaves as you describe. Is there any way to set it so the filters remain visible and any open project closes automatically if a filter button is clicked?

To make this possible you should modify code in wp-content/plugins/colio/init.js

- remove code that shows/hides filters
- use Colio API method collapse() to hide active viewport

jQuery('#colio_portfolio .colio-list').data('colio').collapse()

when filter link is clicked

Hi, sometimes i end up with an empty gap where a tile should be? as per this link. There is no tile in the cms but looks to be a css issue with the alignment?


> sometimes i end up with an empty gap where a tile should be?

I checked your portfolio but see no issues with it. Could you tell me where do you see this empty gap – in grid or in item details? Also, how this can be reproduced?

I am using Chrome on Windows and see this? But IE is fine.


Please try this. Open wp-content/plugins/colio/grid.css file and find this line

.colio-grid4 .colio-list > li { width: 25%; }

and change to this

.colio-grid4 .colio-list > li { width: 24%; }


I just bought this plugin and when registering a new item I noticed that the “Layout” option (columns) is not appearing as shown in the tutorial sample images. How do I activate this feature?


Grid Layout setting was added in v1.5. So make sure you have this version or above.

How to fix Layout Type missing in the Colio add new item?

Hm. Could you clarify this problem a bit, because I don’t quite understand where you get this.

Layout Type is on Colio Item edit page or you mean Grid Layout type in Colio -> [portfolio] -> Settings page?

Pre-Purchase Question: I am looking for plugin that, where I can build a portfolio grid, that looks similar to this:


Most themes redirect to a new page when loading a portfolio-item. I just want a pop-up like in the example to open instead of loading a new page.

Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks and best regards


I think it’s possible, but it requires some changes in plugin code. I can do this as custom work (paid). If you are interested please contact me using mail form on my profile page.

Hi, i bouth your code, think it’s pretty useful and well done, but i have a problem on this page http://lnx.fratellibertoni.com/settori-di-intervento/ (saw it’s a problem already commented). The shortcode is called into a tab, and there is a problem in loading tabs, when i click on a tab the only way to make a gallery appear is resizing window. I pasted the code you suggested in the previous code

jQuery(’.tabs .tabs-label’).click(function(){ var tab_index = jQuery(this).data(‘index’); window.setTimeout(function(){ jQuery(’.tabs-panels > .tabs-panel:eq(’ + tab_index + ‘)’ + ’ .colio-list’).isotope(‘layout’); }, 200); });

Trying to adapt it to the name of my tabs, but it seems not to work. I’m not so expert to understand the problem, can you help me? Thanks

i have an other question too: when i add html styles to captions these styles or tgas (like or ) are deleted and do not appear: is there a way to solve this? Thanks again

I solved this second point, deleting ‘strip tags’ in code, so remains only the first point about tabs, thanks


you don’y have jQuery(’.tabs .tabs-label’) element. You have ui-tabs, ui-tabs-nav etc.. Use firebug or web inspector and check what markup you have, then adapt my code with the elements you have in document

Hi there,

Is there a section in the ‘Settings’ or in ‘Edit Item’ to have the featured image link externally to another website?

Or can you add that option to the Social Links drop down section?

Thanks for you help!

Hi! No there is no such feature, but you can use ACF plugin to add extra field to Colio Item and change the code to link featured image to external URL – file to modify is wp-content/plugins/colio/colio.php

Nice pluggin, How can i put a link in the colio.php if this link is a ACF text field?