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mrzpro Purchased

Hi, this is the second time I update the plugin and it does not work properly….

I have replied you in email. Thanks


mrzpro Purchased

I received 2 mails but they do not contain answers….

Hello! Could you explain what exactly does not work? I checked your site at http://www.ferentino.org/ferwp/media/ieri/chiese/ and on first glance everything is ok. Let me know where is the problem.

Hi there,

Thanks for the great plugin! I’m trying to adjust my layout slightly. I’d like to have it so that instead of displaying the “View Project” Button, It will display the unique title of each item on rollover. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

Yes, its possible. You should use get_the_title() WP function

So open colio.php (wp-content/plugins/colio/colio.php), line 408 replace

$settings['item_button_text'] .

with this

get_the_title($post->ID) .

Don’t forget ”.” at the end above, as this is string concatenation operator in PHP


When you have a description section open for a particular project, if you then click on a different category on top, the description box doesn’t go away automatically. Is there a way for it to close itself if you click on a different category. It rearranges below the description, but it isn’t noticeable because the box above doesn’t close.


Hm. That’s strange. Try directly on links

$('.colio-filters a').click(function(){
  var api = $('.colio-list').data('colio'); 
  return false;

That worked! Thanks so much for your help.

No problem!


jamiec Purchased


I’m having the same WordPress 4.7 “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘taxonomy..” error. I edited the colio.php file (version 2.2) so I’d prefer not to overwrite it.

Can you tell me what exact changes you made to the colio.php so I can add it to my existing file?

And to confirm, that is the only file I need to change to fix this problem?


Hi Jamie! Yes, only two lines has been changed. Line 248 should be

$item_tags = wp_get_object_terms($post->ID, 'colio_tag', array('fields'=>'slugs'));

and line 420

$item_tag_slugs = wp_get_object_terms($item->ID, 'colio_tag', array('fields'=>'slugs'));

I have no idea why since WP 4.7 wordpress devs made third argument only work as array. On codex however for wp_get_object_terms() function they say it can be string also… but it does not work.


tibewww Purchased

Hi, great plugin congrats.

I need to use your grid with some post. for this I ve in WP_Query() from “colio_item” by ‘post’ in wp-content/plugins/colio.php which works fine. Hoewever, I would need to have the filter with the post Category. How is this possible ?

Thank you for your help and time really appreciate !

Thanks! In wp-content/plugins/colio/colio.php there is function “colio_get_filters” which generates UL list with filters. Try to modify it for your needs.


Tobee77 Purchased

Hello! I have the same problem like Jamie (2day ago). I made the WP_update to version 4.7. Now I have many Warnings like:Warning: Illegal string offset ‘object_ids’ in /......./wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 1875 / Also in line 1874. I am using colio version 1.5 thanx for your help! regards



I have fixed this bug in Colio version 2.3.2. If you have version 1.5 you can either upgrade plugin to 2.3.2 or make changes in wp-content/plugins/colio/colio.php

What you need is to replace all strings that look like

wp_get_object_terms($post->ID, 'colio_tag', 'fields=slugs');

with this

wp_get_object_terms($item->ID, 'colio_tag', array('fields'=>'slugs'));


I need to display two different portfolios in the same page but one at a time.

The way I’m doing this is with a javascript function that hides one the element and display the other or vice versa.

So I have two container elements, each with a colio shortcode inside. They both start with Display: none, and depending on where the client clicks, one of them will animate and appear. The code is working when the container elements contain only a text, used for test. But when I insert the shortcodes it doesnt work anymore. The portfolio just doesnt appear.

Here is the link of the page: http://www.igb.com.br:8443/wordpress/solucoes/

Right now the page has one of the containers with a colio shortcode and the other has the test text

And my script:

<script type=”text/javascript”> (function ($) { $(document).ready(function(){ })(jQuery);

var atual = 0;
if (atual  0){
    $(".animacao1").slideDown("fast" , function(){
    $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $(".animacao1").offset().top}, 1000);});
if (atual  2){
    $(".animacao2").fadeOut("fast" , function(){
    $(".animacao1").fadeIn("fast" , function(){
    $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $(".animacao1").offset().top}, 1000);});});
atual = 1;
if (atual  0){
    $(".animacao2").slideDown("fast" , function(){
    $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $(".animacao2").offset().top}, 1000);});
if (atual  1){
    $(".animacao1").fadeOut("fast" , function(){
    $(".animacao2").fadeIn("fast" , function(){
    $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $(".animacao2").offset().top}, 1000);});});
atual = 2;


I tried animating the colio portfolio div itself (using the id) instead of a container that contains the shortcode, but still got the same result.


I also tried adding the code $(window).trigger(‘orientationchange’) because you recomended that to someone with a similar problem and it didn’t work.

In worst case scenario I cant get that to work. Is it possible to have a portofolio inside a portfolio item? Then, when the person clicks the item another portfolio will appear.


Hi ! i am having toubles with your plugin since last WP update. If you could kindly help me with this it would be great since your plugin has been great and I don”t want to have to switch with another one.

Like others I had the “warning message” and I read your comments and changed the 2 lines with “slugs” in it and it worked fine, the portfolio was back online. However I have another issue with the filters. See here : http://www.clairedrapier.com/portfolio/ – If you click on filters no items will show.

Can you please enlighten me on this ? Greatly appreciated, Claire

Hi! Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it did not do the trick. Another thought ?

I’ve even tried creating new items, new tags, tested all plugins by deactivating them. Nothing works ;(

Ok. Could you send me your WP admin login/password via mail form on my profile page – https://codecanyon.net/user/flgravity

Hello! I just installed your plug in and am having issues when I click “View Project”. View here: http://excelelectricinc.com/project-gallery/ Do you know what may be causing this? The post name is the permalink in settings.

Hi! When I click “View Project” it starts to expand details and then it redirects to http://webchecker1.net/?_stc_=1..

It happens because this URL http://excelelectricinc.com/colio/grand-valley-state-university/?portfolio_id=grand_valley_state redirects, whereas it should just return html for colio item.

I recommend you to go to Settings -> Permalinks and try to re-save them.

Quick question i have created groups and added items to that group. Is there a certain setting to activate to ensure the top navigation. The group links are not showing above my portfolio.

I have done a screenshot of your navigation so you can see what is missing for me.


I have figured out that tags are used for the filters. Just a thought for future release it would be easier to have the filters be visible to select rather than having to click the choose from most used. Thanks.

>Just a thought for future release it would be easier to have the filters be visible to select rather than having to click the choose from most used

Not sure I understand. Do you mean filter tags that you can assign to Colio item on edit page? basically you can choose any existing tag or just enter a new one

I was wondering if it is possible, when choosing Slider as Extra Photos setting, to make sure when you click on the slider, you get a large picture. it seems this is only possible when you choose: feed. Is there any chance i can implement a click to enlarge function or something like that for the slider option?

Please help!

Kind regards,

Mark Borst

Hi! As you correctly noticed you can either have a feed with fancybox or slider. To add fancybox feature to slider you should modify colio_item_print_side() function that you can find in wp-content/plugins/colio/colio-item.php

Drop me email using my profile page and I will send you modified colio-item.php file.

Hi there, I am no more able to open a gallery, clicking on a “album item” photo. Any idea? I am using your last plugin version and the last WP version available. Thank you.


I see you have changed content of colio-item in UL list so I found two problems:

1. every colio-item LI should have a link or other clickable element with “colio-link” class. It will work as “view project” button in my demo.

2. Ajax content that plugin will load into details viewport on this URL – http://www.picoservice.it/colio/royal-hotel-sanremo/?portfolio_id=portfolio returns not what it should. I recommend to go to Settings -> Permalinks and re-save them. This link should return HTML snippet

If something is’n clear please feel free to contact me again!


encodia Purchased

Hi @flGravity we didn’t change your plugin. May u give us further instruction to solve the issue? Thank you

Please try to fix this problem first. This URL – http://www.picoservice.it/colio/royal-hotel-sanremo/?portfolio_id=portfolio returns HTML document, where is it should return only a portion of HTML like this http://plugins.gravitysign.com/colio-wp/colio/summer-afternoon/?portfolio_id=portfolio_white

Try to re-save permalinks.

Hi! I am wondering if there is a way for the thumbnail hover to stay active upon selection. Currently, I can’t get it to stay highlighted.

As you can see, I have the first thumbnail selected here, but it is now shown as active:


Thanks in advance!

Hi! I can see first thumb is highlighted. Have you resolved this problem?


indivo Purchased


We are using Colio on our site and have a request to see if this is possible. What we would like is to be able to show 3 projects on a page, and when the details view port is open have the ability to load the next set of projects when the last item is reached. For example if we have a total of 16 projects, when a user goes to the page it will load projects 1-3. When the details view port is open, on the last item you can’t click next. We would like that last item to click into the next set of projects (4-6) and so on. Also it would be nice if you can go back and forth.

Thanks in avance

Hello and sorry for delay!

I have similar functionality with 3 items & pagination, but it does not auto-advance on last item – http://plugins.gravitysign.com/colio-wp/one-row/#

If you are interested in “auto-advanvce” feature I can do this as custom work. I can write JS code that will split all items in grid into sets (by 3 for example) and then switch sets as you click next /prev buttons. Contact me privately and we can discuss a price.


indivo Purchased

i am trying to get addthis.com social sharing links to show with each portfolio item. I have read the docs, but can’t seem to figure out how to get this working without hacking your core plugin code. The social links in the plugin only take a uRL, AddThis.com gives me a <script> to be called in the header and then a DIV where the buttons would show. Can you provide any help? thanks

Sure. What you need is in “Advanced Usage” section of plugin documentation. You should use hooks to insert HTML for social sharing into the items details box. For example

    function colio_add_custom_social($post) {    
        echo "<div class="social">….</div>";
                // also you can use $post object
               // to get all Post related info also
    add_action('colio_item_after_main_content', 'colio_add_custom_social');

this should be added to the wp-content/plugins/colio.php

Regarding JS code. You can add it right after HTML in function above , wrapped into

<script type="text/javascript"></script>

or you can do it more property by adding it into wp-content/plugins/colio/init.js file in function that starts with this

                            All 3rd-party plugins should be inside external_plugins() 
                            function. Keyword "this" refers to the content in viewport 
                            and should be used as context for selectors 

                        function external_plugins(){



and target your social DIV with this code

$('.social', this).init_social(); // or other code

Hi I can’t seem to get the pagination to work


First make sure that your Colio plugin is v2.0 or greater. Secondly you should check in settings that pagination is enabled – “Pagination” checkbox. And below it is another option “Pagination Items” that should be set to the amount of items / per page.

wow what a fast reply!! :) I do not know what version I have I bought the script yesterday and used the link in the e-mail, how can i check this? Thank you.

I fount this in the jquery.colio.js : /** * Colio – jQuery Portfolio Content Expander Plugin * http://plugins.gravitysign.com/colio * Copyright© 2013 Roman Yurchuk * Version 1.5 */

If that is it where do I find the new version?


I had a few questions re: your plugin:

- Can it open in a modal vs on the page?

- Can I add additional fields per item? Right now I see Title, Subtitle and Description, but I would also like to add “medium”, “price” and perhaps some other information as a custom field.

- Can an item belong to multiple categories?

- Can there be two filters types.. for example by medium and by artist?

- Is each item a post so I can have category and tags?

Thank you.