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is it possible with this plugin to have some elements with different with, some of them for instance 1 columns large and some 2 columns large like this example of isotope grid?


thanks a lot

No I don’t plan this. There is a lot of plugins already that can add lazy loading to the grid and they can be integrated with colio

Hi again and thanks for reply. No need to lazy loading, I only aim to have an irregular grid with object having different width, something like this to have an idea:


Thanks anyway for the support!!!

No, it’s not possible to have items with different width. Sorry

One of my clients just purchased your plugin and loves it. Everything is working correctly after I added the featured image support to the current theme, but here’s my clients question: is there a way to had a “default” filter to show rather than all of the filters on the main page? Here is the link to the page in question – http://lgcdev.brailer.info/projects/. Is there a way to have the filter “Federal” already clicked when a user goes to the page?

Any updates?

Actually now it’s not even showing the groups. Any ideas as to why that may be?

Hello! Sorry for delay with reply. Yes, it’s possible to make certain filter active when page loads. But it requires to change some plugin files (init.js and colio.php).

Regarding why groups (filters) are not showing. Make sure that colio items have filter tags assigned. They are used to generate filters menu above item grid.


jbradin Purchased

Hey love your product but I am having some difficulty. For some reason the pagination is not working and neither are my filters.

I made sure to check the pagination checkbox as well the filters checkbox.

Here is a link to my website. http://e55.c45.myftpupload.com/portfolio-2/

Please let me know if I need to provide anything else


First of all you should get rid of a check sign for LI items of a grid. To do this please open wp-content/plugins/colio/grid.css file and add this style

.colio-list li:before { display: none!important;}

Then I noticed that there is no wp-content/plugins/colio/init.js file in footer of you website. So when I click on “View Project” it does not work.

If possible please contact me privately using mail form on my profile page on codecanyon and give me WP admin login/pass.

Hi there, just bought your plugin for the third time. I always use ‘inside’ for the item details placement, but this time it causes a problem on this site: http://stefaanoyentemplate.yoolswebsite.be/portfolio/. When I click on an item button, the detail box displays correctly. But when I scroll, the detail box also moves, covering other portfolio items or the footer. What can I do to make the detail box stay in place when scrolling? Thanks for your support!


Checked your problem. You should remove “height: 100%;” from this style

html, body {
height: 100%;
min-height: 100%;
overflow-x: hidden;

in style.css because it adds another scrollbar.

Thank you so much for your reply, that solved the issue!

Hi there,

is there any possiblity to order items by TAG? The standard parameters don’t give me the result that I’m looking for.

Okay, thank you. A different question now. Is there a possibilty to NOT show certain filters on a page? I mean, for instance, not show (f.e. display: none;) the third item in a list. Filter style is list. The li’s don’t have a class.So i can not select them with css.

(for example, i want to display:none the “Best Sellers Wallcovering” filter on this page: https://www.alphenberg.com/leather-flooring/ )

Do you have a sollution for this? Thank you in advance


html for this filter is

<a href="#best-sellers-wallcovering" title="10 items">Best Sellers Wallcovering</a>

and you can use CSS attribute selector to set “display:none” for only this specific filter. It can be done with this style

.colio-filters a[href="#best-sellers-wallcovering"] {

Thank you! Does the trick!


jbradin Purchased

Hi I contacted you about two weeks ago and still haven’t received a response. I still can’t get the pagination to work for your plugin. If there is anyway you could get back to me today I would greatly appreciate it.


This is how it’s appearing on my site. My client would like there to be multiple pages like you see here


Hi! I will reply in email. Thanks!


Im having a bit of a problem with this plugin.

The first time I open an image within a portfolio item it scrolls correctly and everything is wrapped inside fancybox-overlay fancybox-overlay-fixed.

But the second time i open an item fancybox-wrap fancybox-desktop fancybox-type-image fancybox-opened is the outer div with fancybox-overlay fancybox-overlay-fixed sitting outside it….so the image will not scroll correctly.

Refreshing the page allows you to scroll the tall image correctly but once you have done it once the order of the div is changing!

Please help.

Maybe there is another instance of fanybox plugin on your website and image has beens initialized twice creating a conflict. Please give me website URL and I will take a look. Thanks

Before purchasing, i have some questions.. the loading time for the viewport to show up is really slow in the demos i’ve seen on multiple examples with different servers. Can this be instant?

Also, with multiple rows in a grid, is it possible to center the thumbnails so that the second row with only one thumbnail will be centered, as the first row has sufficient thumbs to fill the row? E.g. A grid with four thumbs per row, you add five thumbs so one thumb is on the second row. I’d like to have this centered.

Thanks for question.

Conten of a viweport us loadede via AJAX and then is being inserted into grid. There is no way to speed up ajax part, but it’s possible to decrease animation times to show content in Viewport.

by default all thumbs are floated to the left. If we make them inline and will text-align container it’s possible to make fifth item be centered

Hello Author,

Thanks for making this great plugin, I am trying to do a multiple portfolio in a same page but separated by Bootstrap Tabs. Unfortunately the first portfolio works but the other ones do not show, only the filters and when I click on the filters or close the “List Filter” it appears. So something is hiding the other. Is there something that can be done ? or a different approach?

Hi! It’s not good idea to put portfolios into tabs and it may cause problems. The reason is that during plugin initialization portfolio grid should be visible so the code could get proper dimensions. If a tab with portfolio is not visible, dimensions will be wrong or 0 and plugin will break.

Thanks for your kind reply. I would like to ask, is there any other way to make this happen? I would like to have multiple portfolios separated by some sort where you can click.

Basically portfolio should be rendered (visible) before in can be initialized properly.. Not sure but you can try to call jquery trigger (‘resize’) on every tab switch to force it realign.

Plugin description page links missing. see text: “Finally here is few screenshots for Portfolio Settings and Item Edit” <—both have 404 image not found

Sorry, fixed.

Hi there, thank you for your great plugin! I have a quick question: the extra photos display in 3 columns. How do I make them display in 2 columns? Thank you!


In wordpress admin in Colio -> Settings -> [your portfolio] there is option “Columns” where you can set amount of columns in grid (2,3,4,5)

Hi, Can you please tell me with the Black Theme, if it’s possible for the images to have a caption when they popup with the lightbox effect?

Hi! To add caption for image popup you should find it in Media Library in WP admin and set a caption

Thank you. I will go ahead and purchase the plugin now, I was just checking. The screenshots for Portfolio Settings and Item Edit are not working over on the Item Details tab.

I fixed screenshots in item description.

Loving this plugin, but one problem: Within the viewport, no links will work. The nex/previous buttons, the close X button, and any text links within, none of them work.As a result, I can’t get it to collapse the viewport.

I have tried disabling all other plugins, to no avail. Using the Divi theme.

Your help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Figured it out: there appears to be a conflict with the Divi Theme. I switched to another theme entirely and it works like a charm!

Great! Some conflicts you can resolve by checking JS erorr log in web inspector in your browser

Is there a way to have the Item Button Text be different on each image? So “View Project” would instead be different for each and every image? Or looking at it another way, could Item Title that appears below instead be on the image, and serve as the link? Thanks!

Yes, it can be done. But you have to modify the core. And instead of View project use the_title() to get post title.


anilanc Purchased

I’m trying to use Colio Portfolio with Pagelines and the NavPro menu plugin and they are not playing together well at all. Colio tries to render the NavPro header & footer menus in the project popups, and the parent page menu bar keeps refreshing and adding icons until the page becomes unusable. I’ve never seen this with any other plugin I’ve tried. Is there any hope to get these to work together?

My plugin does not work in tabs, or popups. Could you give me a link to check this?