Codeigniter Login with Ion Auth, HMVC, Social Login and User management System

Codeigniter Login with Ion Auth, HMVC, Social Login and User management System

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Codeigniter Login with Ion Auth, HMVC, Social Login and User management System - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

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CodeIgniter Login with ion auth Library is a CodeIgniter based login and backend application to use as a starter kit for new projects. The login and registration system is completely taken care of members can get authorization rapidly with social accounts OR creating their own account. It provides secure login, authentication, authorization and complete user management.

The development is ongoing and improving. New features will also be added and current features will be improved based on buyer comments.

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Main Features

Blog Features (Talos Template)

  • Latest version of Code Igniter 3.1.9
  • CI login library ion auth
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Email to Members
  • HMVC Ready
  • Social Login (Facebook, Linkend, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail)
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • User Profile
  • User Registration Enable/Disable
  • Forgot Password Enable/Disable
  • Social Logins Enable/Disable
  • Print pages with Dompdf
  • Print pages with Mpdf
  • Ion Auth is extremely configurable
  • Multiple language ingeration in Ion Auth
  • Secure user registration and login
  • Reset Password
  • Secure password algorithm using Bcrypt
  • Enable or Disable Remember Me feature
  • Login with email or username
  • Google reCAPTCHA on registration
  • Enable or Disable Email Activation on user’s registration
  • Create Groups / Roles
  • Assign groups to users
  • Client side and server side form validation
  • Create Users
  • Admin & other User’s have their own access
  • Activate & Deactivate Users
  • Maximum Login Attempts
  • Is max login attempts exceeded
  • Increase Login Attempts
  • Account Lock Time
  • User cookies Extend on Login
  • Extend User Expiry Time
  • Track login attempts
  • Clear login attempts
  • Get login attempts num
  • Layout ( Grid System,Static Sidebar,Boxed ).
  • Forms
  • Button varieties
  • Email Template
  • Login & SignUp Forms
  • A lot of static stuff available

Admin Panel

  • Add Posts (Meat Desc, Meta Keywords) for SEO
  • Manage Posts
  • Trashed Posts
  • Blog Settings
  • Add Tags
  • Add Categories
  • Frontend

  • SEO Friendly URLS
  • All Posts with Pagination
  • Single Post
  • Comments on Post (Powred by Disqus)
  • Share Post on Social Media (Powred by Sharethis)
  • Search Posts
  • Category Posts
  • Tags Posts
  • Recent Posts
  • Category Posts
  • Much More Features
  • Live demo speaks for itself!


  • XSS Filtering
  • CSRF protection
  • Password hashing
  • Validate input data

Admin Login

Email :
Pass: password.

Member Login

pass: password.

Installation Videos

Install with form wizard : Click to view
Manual Installation : Click to view

Blog Videos

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  • If you are new to Codeigniter, I am available to help
  • Have any pre-purchase questions you can get support by posting your issue in comments box
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Feel free to ask any question
  • Change Log

    Release Notes v 1.9

    Change Login and Registration Page Design. 
    Update Ion Auth Version.
    Issue resolved in Twitter Login 

    Release Notes v 1.8

    Blog With Rich Features. 
    Update Codeignite Version to 3.1.9 

    Release Notes v 1.7

    New feature added - Send Emails To members. 
    New feature added - Enable / Disable Two Factor Authentication.
    User Guide updated.

    Release Notes v 1.6

    Updated Codeigniter version from 3.1.6 to 3.1.7.
    New feature added - Enable / Disable Forgot Password. 
    New feature added - Enable / Disable Social Logins.
    New feature added - Enable / Disable Register User with Email Verification OR without Email Verification.
    Some issue resolved in the sidebar.
    User Guide updated.