Discussion on CloudArcade - HTML5 / Web Game Portal CMS

Discussion on CloudArcade - HTML5 / Web Game Portal CMS

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I have sent you an email with a question regarding a functionality.

Thank you!

Is it compatible with php 8 ?


can we use Adsense and other ads network? This is safe?

Yes, it should be safe


myarhi Purchased

hi, does this portal cms has a json path to load all games(posts) with api, something like wordpress have (


Can you explain to me the purpose of it?


myarhi Purchased

i want to load all post URL to an app. in this way i can have all data like game URL, description, instructions and images in a dynamic updated json file that i can load everytime my app is loading.


xiaolinn Purchased

Can you design the URL and title for the Tag tag like this? (Ex URL: I want to group Tag many games with languages other than English


xiaolinn Purchased

No. I mean titlle of Tags: “Name Tag” Current name tag: name-tag (it has a dash ”-”)

Ah got it. I will noted it for future update


xiaolinn Purchased

Thank you very much :)

I am Buy Your Code on your website but received a code missing please give me a solution my Email ID is


Sorry for the late reply, please use item support for faster response. What do you mean code missing?

Hi, I wanted to add regarding the sitemap, not only do you need to set the priority but also add the number and day of the last modified page. Also need the language prefix to be specified. Example and link how it should work below.

To make it work well you need to run automatic sitemap generation via cron job.

This is good because if we edit the content on the page, then after generating the sitemap search engine will be able to understand through <lastmod> that the page has been updated and will recheck it.

<url> <loc></loc> <lastmod>2023-09-20</lastmod> <changefreq>hourly</changefreq> <priority>0.8</priority> </url> <url> <loc></loc> <lastmod>2023-09-20</lastmod> <changefreq>hourly</changefreq> <priority>0.8</priority> </url>

Information on the link

I will noted it

I want to buy your theme. I have a question, I’m from Brazil, and can I translate the system and the theme into my language easily? If you need help with that, I’m also available. Do you have new theming projects in mind? I have some ideas for beautiful themes that you can create that, in my opinion, are the most beautiful on the market. But your theme is beautiful too, it’s not far behind the others. So much so that I really liked it and will probably buy the theme.


Yes you can manually translate the strings easily.

You can share the theme link here or private message

Hello, thank you very much for the feedback. I will send it to you privately.

I have a question how to connect google login what should be Authorized redirect URIs?

I don’t really understand your question, you just need to put the ID, no need extra configuration.

People ask about SEO for google, for sites on ingix with the solution that I proposed below, it will work well, I checked and did not find any more errors. The author also added the ability to add keywords to the site.

There are minor problems with the sitemap generator; there are no priorities for pages, and the language selector is not indicated. But the sitemap can be generated separately, so this is not a critical problem.

Thanks for letting me know, I will fix it next update

By the way, I solved the problem with duplicate pages in search and also the problem of handling non-existent URLs. After that, the search engine removed all the duplicates. And also now you can not drive any url in the browser bar. If you enter something the site will give an error 404. )))

This solutions only for nginx, this code should be added to nginx configuration.

if (!-e $request_filename){ rewrite ^(.*)$ /$1.php; } In the screenshot you can see that the pages are deleted and the site starts to be seen by users in search ))


Thanks for letting me know.

full and other similar page is set to deindexed in the recent theme update

Hi, can you tell me when you will add a language switch to the template. With the ability to disable it in the admin panel. Very much missing this option.

It would not be bad to make a plugin to log in through social networks such as VKontakte, Twitter.


Can you give me a live example that implement this feature?

Could I replace the blog with a WordPress one? link them I say.

No, It’s not recommended to use separate CMS

You can have an optional button for the admin for people who have a language that is perfect for multiple languages

I will consider about it

The sitemaps that are generated do not do it with the different languages, that is, it does not say my, it does my

Thanks for the report, we will fix it next update

I am interested in buying this code. by default, how many games are you providing in your template? Can you provide contact details for more information? Contact As soon as possible.

I have been using this product for a while. It has no flaws. but there should be some improvements like the home page model (collapse and expand for reading). Similar to the description of the category.


Sorry, higher number first


Hi can you add WYSIWYG editor in Plugins Extra Fields ?

Hi, Currently there is no plan for it

script friendly seo google ?

Not 100%, but I will do the best to make it SEO friendly

When I get this error during setup process;

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function open_connection() in /home/customer/www/ Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/customer/www/ on line 127

Any solutions?

You can visit install page again, in a rare case your server is not get the files after unziping package.

In the future, please send a support message via item support, since we can’t put a sensitive information here

Having the same issue again. I sent you an email this time regarding the issue! Thanks :)

I sent another email in response to the email you sent me yesterday

I sent an email to your email address, thanks

I will check it


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