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viantea Purchased

I have the allow_url_fopen = on and cURL module enabled on my server. I have added key from google console and ye the map is not showing. I am using text mode only. can you please help me resolve this or is there anything i am doing wrongly

Hi, For Google maps, you can get a key from here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key and in header.php, locate the following:


and change it to:


replacing YOUR-API-KEY with the actual key. This should show the map on your site.


viantea Purchased

I have used the key as you stated in one of your other comments , and it is not displaying. can it not work without the key?

Hi, It seems that you’re using incorrect Google maps api key. Please make sure that it is valid for the domain/ subdomain you’ve installed the script on. Google treats a domain and subdomain as separate entities.

Hello I purchased the Classified made easy script and I’m not seeing any of the ads pictures. I see my profile picture but not the ads. The Cache and Uploads folders are fully writable. Any ideas?

Hi, Please check your email.

I am willing to take your license but I need to install

Hi, I can install it for $15 provided you send me your cPanel login and purchase code after the purchase.

Hello Ravi, trust you are well.

With a SSL certificate installed on the domain.. and placing this in the .htaccess file …. <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://domain.com/$1 [R,L] </IfModule> ... does not seem to work. There are elements in the script that are not SSL and the script does not display correctly… nor find listings.

Please can you advise on how make the script/domain secure?

Many thanks!



Where is a language folder? I want to edit translations.

Hi, The language translations are stored in database and you can update them by going to ‘language tags’ page after you login as admin on your site.


Gokzi Purchased

Hey buddy, nice work. Got the script installed all fine, now trying to adjust the $defaultCountryZoom=4; but i dont see those options in the config.php as it is pointed in the documentation file, so i assume there been some updates since the documentation was made and some things are not as pointed. so would need an advice about where to change the zoom of the country. Maybe not bad if in the next updates add those as options within the admin panel. Thanks in advance.

Hi, The zoom is automatically adjusted as per viewer’s screen size and # of listings. $defaultCountryZoom is only for the default map which has no listings.


Gokzi Purchased

Hiya buddy, nice script. Purchased recently and slowly adjusting and tweaking things as needed. Would need your assistance/advice on few things.

1. When i submit listing with uploaded picture, the pictures are not showing. Tried as admin and user, still the same.

2. About the featured image, i do not see option from a user view, on how to submit featured ad? I think i need to add the paypal details, or its not related to that?..not sure.

3. Exploring the option to add autopost on my facebook page whenever new ad is created. Tried looking trough the files and find where is the part to submit a listing, but no luck for now. So would like to have some advice about it, if you dont mind.

4.Not really important but i think its not bad if i mention this to you. After i added the facebook login button, went to have a try and login with facebook. It happen to be that my facebook username(not email) is same as the username i had set for the admin account. After i logged in with my facebook I automatically had the admin privileges and no extra username was shown in the members list. .Anyway just mentioning this as possible security threat which has small odds to happen some random user to use the same facebook username as the one for the admin.

Thanks in advance and keep the good work.


Gokzi Purchased

By the way, seems like the facebook issue is lot more serious then i tough. I asked a buddy located on the other side of the planet to try the facebook login and send me screenshot of how does it look on his side. So the result was shocking. He was actually logged in the admin user lol….not sure why is that but any idea to sort it out would be useful…thanks


Gokzi Purchased

Update on some of the questions:

1.The Facebook login problem generates this error in the log: Mon Nov 28 22:40:36 2016 [client] AH01215: CSRF state token does not match one provided.: /home/sites//public_html/class/fblogin.php. After googling the error and going through few stackoverflow explanations, i think its something about the SDKs included in the script etc, for which im not that advanced to solve, so if you can come out with working solution would be nice.

I basically created the fb app as you explain in the admin area, got the needed details where they need to be, and after that tested to make sure work as it should and run on the problems explained in the other comments above.

2.For the problem about not showing images, literally checked all the comments here about it and the faq you created, and did as its explained about the permissions setting. After that its still not showing images, so seems like its problem with the timthump.php app you have in your script. I contacted my provider about doing mod_security whitelistening, and this is the answer i got: This is a shared hosting server and you wouldn’t have direct access to the httpd.conf file to make adjustments, you do have access to a .htaccess which you can make adjustments for your own hosting area however this is not something we would do for you and you would need to research whether it can be done via a .htaccess file.

if it shows that this is not possible via a .htaccess file then you would need to consider moving to a self managed VPS in which we provide no support on software issues.

I do apologise for any inconvenience caused and if you have any further questions please let me know and I will be happy to help..

So not sure what i can do via the .htaccess file, but from what i googled there is apparently ways to make it work via the .htaccess file, and by updating of the timthumb.php..

I believe focuses quite precisely on the problems reason, and believe it will be easier for you to get a solution.

Thanks in advance.



lazyym Purchased

After install, my admin username and password will not allow me to login. It states incorrect password. It did not require an email during install. How do I reset the admin password?


lazyym Purchased

Will the new google recaptcha be supported or is there a way to implement it now?

Hi, Please make sure that fb account doesn’t have same email as admin and check again. Otherwise, you can pm me.


lazyym Purchased

This one is handled. I set up a user account and changed the user level to 9 in the database. After logging in as a second admin I was able to setup smtp email because gmail wouldn’t work. I then applied an email address to the admin account in the database because install does not apply one. I then was able to use the forgot login function and reset the admin password. I might suggest you implement an admin email address in install for admin so people can at least use forgot login to get a new password. Thanks

  • hello, I am in the Philppines, so please help me understand how YOUR theme handles geolocation support since it seems that different themes have different interpretations of geo ip location support. With your theme, does the location need to have an ad submission before your geolocation support takes effect? In other words, let’s say I am in Manila which starts with the letter M, and there is still no ad submitted with any location that starts with the letter M, so when I perform a search for any ads in Manila, will the search results show all the locations that start with the letter M (just like in some themes which also offer geo location support) if there are no ads submitted yet? With one of your competitors, as soon as I type B in the location field, for example, a list of ALL locations that start with the letter B appear in the search results field EVEN with still no ad submitted with any location that starts with B. But it does not happen with your theme. So kindly explain how yours is supposed to work. thanks.

Hi, It uses Geo location based on visitor’s IP address i.e. loads map accordingly and search query auto populate feature has no relation with it. Registration captcha can be disabled through admin options.

  • I am in the Philippines, but the map that loads when I do your demo is the map of the United States / Canada, and not a map of the Philippines. So why is that?
  • also, does this theme offer multi-currency? OR, is it possible for the site admin to build a Currency field where there is a drop-down list of all currency symbols that the site user can choose his currency, i.e., if he is in the U.S. then he will choose and use the $ symbol, and if in the Philippines then the PHP symbol, etc. etc., and then add the price next to the symbol – is this possible?
  • If you have no listings, then it will default to North America but you can specify default country in admin options or even better just post a listing in your country
  • No, it doesn’t offer multi currency and it isn’t possible at this time.

There’s something wrong with the installation, I followed every step correctly but couldn’t login as admin.

The admin password can be reset by generating a md5 of your new password (for ex here ) and then updating ‘password’ column of the ‘member’ table of your site’s database.

Not sure why can-canyon approved this script for sale on their platform when all codes used are outdated. See error message from my server ,and it refused to work. The codes have all been deprecated:This script will not work in next php version. My server admin had to be tweaking sever to make them work ad yet we had to trash the script. On your error reporting and you see it all

“Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in “

Really it is ironic to hear that. I noticed that you are using it on multiple sites using a single license which isn’t permitted by code canyon. Since you’re wrongly blaming the script so I’ll list all your sites where this script is working PERFECTLY fine:

1) http://www.phillocal.com

2) http://dmalay.com

3) http://dsouty.co.za

You are allowed to use it on only one website so should immediately remove from other or else I’ll have to file DMCA against your sites.

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Hi we are interested.

Please share the Installation guide. so that we can understand how to install.

once our team is ok. we make purchase immediately

Please check item’s detail page.


anan2m Purchased

Hi there, i have few questions : 1. I translated the site to rtl lang, most of it working… I have an issue with the Search all listings, I cant translate it (I did it several times and nothing, It stuck on the first translation that you provided) 2. I want to change the map to local language but it still in english? thanks

Hi, As map is provide by Google map so you’ll have to check with them if it supports your language.


anan2m Purchased

Thanks, what about the translation?

For translations, please make sure that there are not more than 2 same translations for a given keyword on ‘Language tags’ page.

Hello, I have the platform installed, and it works fine. But at the time of changing the admin options, (put topic, google api, language, etc) does not work for me, it does not record options. The database works, since I can record ads and photos. I upgraded to 1.5.4, but still giving the error. What I can do?. Thank you.

Hi, I’m still having the same problem. I can not record “admin options”. What could be the problem. Thank you


doculeak Purchased


I have some minor issues getting listed cities with Danish keyboard for cities like Ålborg – Århus – Grenå – and the theme i have for my major field is Anlægsgartner It would not list it first and now i got it listed and in the contact page for the listing i get an error:

An internal error occurred: 547B761B849C1.A9A7F82.5903EF9C

Please check your web server log for the detailed message.

Hello I`ll going to but this one my question is, this is working on with SSL Certificate?

And also is this available for a certain provinces only? i would like to buy it but i don`t want a listing wordwide nor nationwide only a certain province in my country

oh i forgot i hope you will add also claim this business. if the one who post is not the owner

Yes, please read FAQs for https

Hi CSGraduate

I am deciding to buy Classified Made Easy but I have few questions.

1. Can I modify the code according to my needs? 2. Can I do programming to change the theme/layout according to my requirements? 3. Can I modify the images as per my needs? 4. Will I get full source code? Are there any limitations as per what part of code cannot be modified?


Yes, the limitations apply as per the license you purchased.