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Dear Suport, I would like to ask, that in your script is possible to change the datum of the post manual by posting. I would like use the script a little other way, and for me would be important for the users to get unique date for unique posts. And may I ask, that is possible to frame videos from youtube? So if I renew my support could you get a solution for these? Thanks

Hi, The item support does not include: Customization services and/or Installation services. What you need is custom work for which you can pm me and I’ll let you know how much it will cost.

Hi , can I auto push listings from Realestate script to Classified listings.

Hi, This isn’t possible.

It would be great if we add more search options to add sub categories .. 1.No of bedrooms, 2.no of bathrooms, 3.City location, 4.area location

Do you have mobile app version?

Though it is responsive but it doesn’t have an app yet

Hello, this project code is decoded? or open source.. there are any licence confirmation? thanks

This is not encoded but not open source so you’ll be bind by the license terms.


tisho Purchased

Hi csgraduate, for some time my website don’t show default markers. I get only red pins and numbers for combined listings. My script version is 1.5.1, and here is the preview of the problem: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AlA-lFf4PAqZhH1YrRwshuxgdoRF In config.php: $customMarkers=false; I want to use the markers like your demo: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AlA-lFf4PAqZhQCTExwsdMRBD4OW

Hi, Please update to the latest version.


tisho Purchased

OK, thanks. And from where can I hide subcategory field in Search tab on left ? I want to have only category search.

And when I open the site, I want to see the Search tab on left first, not Results. How can I do that ?


Treple Purchased

i can list any thing .. i reinstalled it it show that it cant create the listing table .. what is the solution …?


Treple Purchased

Couldn’t create table: listing 0 -


Treple Purchased

any answers pls

Please pm me your installation url.


Treple Purchased

hi dear …

do u have a solution for add listing problem .. when the database extracted .. the listing table cant be created ..

can u help me

Hi, What do you mean?


Looking to buy and use the Classified Made Easy – PHP Script

I understand that it will work with PHP 5.2 and higher.

Are there any other special server Mod. that I need to have install, or just be able to set up the Vars within the OS

Also I would like to ask about some special needed item, (i.e, be able to Sign-up and/or Login with FB & Twitter, to be able to Share listing Title/Selling Price & listing URL to FB and tweeted to Twitter

I will need to consult with your team to go over the needed and cost to do the Mods add-ons!, so reply best way to contact you?

Hi, Please check item’s detail page for minimum requirements. You don’t need special server mods.

Is this script support multiple country?

I like others am running into a loop issue regarding the Facebook login functionality. The loop is happening at fblogin.php . I’ve confirmed with my hosting company SiteGround that cURL (curl_exec and curl_multi_exec) and openssl are functioning correctly. I saw another post concerning adding start session() or something like that and that too did not resolve the issue. Can I PM you?

I’ve noticed only in Chrome when I click ‘Update Options’ under ‘Admin Options’ that Chrome throws this error ‘ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR’. My changes are saved however but chrome requires a refresh that then takes me back to the home page as opposed to reloading the ‘Admin Options’ page.

I’ve made an update (google developer apps as it is today 8-3-17) to the instructions concerning setting up google authentication. Maybe it might be of use. Here it is.

In order to enable Google login, follow undermentioned steps:

1) Visit Google Developers Console: https://console.developers.google.com

2) Click on ‘Select a Project’ or one of your previous projects name to the right of ‘Google APIs’. You’ll recognize it with an arrow pointing downward.

3) A pop up window will appear. Click the ‘+’ sign, create a name for your project, agree to the terms and click the ‘create’ button

4) Click on ‘Credentials’, select your project and open it.

5) Click the ‘Create credentials’ button and select ‘OAuth client ID

6) Click the ‘Configure consent’ button, name your project and click ’save’

7) Under ‘Application type’ select ‘Web application’

5) In Authorized JavaScript Origins, enter: http://facetfind.com 6) And then enter the following URL in the box that says Authorized Redirect URI: http://facetfind.com/glogin.php

7) Click on Create Client ID button and then locate Client ID and Client secret under Client ID for web application and paste it in the below given boxes respectively and click on Update options button on this page. 

Disregard the ‘ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR’ error. I found out what was causing it. It was the Adsense code. The issue was with my adsense account not officially live (waiting on PIN). I’ve removed the code and the error has gone away. Great script by the way!!!

Id like to buy it let me know pls when you update this script.

Thank you for your interest. Currently there’s no scheduled update.

Hello support, I would like to buy your script. I have some list of colleges need to update in backend and show on map. Is this possible with this code.

Not out of box and will require modifications that can’t be explained here.

Hello I successfully installed your script: http://www.annoncesloisirsvacancesbusiness.eu/ but now I see it’s a real estate script, can you repay me? I have written to you several times but I have never had an answer from you, if you had answered me I would not have bought your script thanks for finally answering Best Regards Gerard Catella

I sent you several mail messages, BUT ALWAYS NO ANSWER. NO ANSWER. NOTHING. Very bad company! WARNING !

I asked for a refund, but NEVER REPLY

“Hello I successfully installed your script: http://www.annoncesloisirsvacancesbusiness.eu/ but now I see it’s a real estate script, can you repay me?”

Isn’t this your mistake?

what type of support you give , only email or phone support , remote support . you install the software for me , you do some changes for the website , if i pay for you. let me know ps , i like you script . which country you from , i am from Canada , thanks.

No phone support. The installation charge is $20 and for any custom work you can pm me. I am also located in Canada.

Hello, I just have a few pre-sales questions: - Are you planning to integrate gateways for payments by Stripe and Hipay? - Is there any membership/plans system compatible with the script? As we would like to create specific packages for Private and Professional members, allowing users to publish a certain number of featured/highlighted/urgent ads, for example. Thank you.

Hi, Currently I’ve no plans to implement payment integration for Stripe & Hipay and membership plan system will require custom changes.

I’m having issues installing the script. Step 2 shows just a blank yellow box. If the page is refreshed… it says

“Step 2

Please specify:

Click here and try again. Item Purchase Code

Try again”

Hi, Please pm me your installation url.