ChatMe - Simply Chat Messaging Flutter v.3.3x with GetX | API Backend | Google Admob

ChatMe - Simply Chat Messaging Flutter v.3.3x with GetX | API Backend | Google Admob

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ChatMe is simply messaging mobile Flutter v.3.3 App. Integrated with Firebase Authentication Email & Password, Cloud FireStore, Storage and Cloud Messaging. Also had integrated with Restful API Backend, PHP 7, MySQL Database. (End-To-End Encryption), Google Admob Ready

Update Version 1.1.8

Compatible with Flutter v.3.3x, Dart v. 2.18.0, Flutter Code Revised, Improve Performance

Youtube Video Demo

ChatMe is simply messaging Flutter. Integrated with Firebase Authentication, FireStore, Storage, Backend Restful API PHP+MySQL CI (code igniter)

Integrated with GetX Flutter Plugins:

Almost 99% is Stateless Widget
Lite, Smooth, Compact n Running Well Both on Android & iOS.
Ready to Publish & Monetize with AdMob Google. (Freemium Apps)

Demo Apk Installer:

Youtube Demo:

Flutter v.3.3 Ready (null safety)

Main Features:
1. Flutter 3.3 Ready (sound null safety)
2. End-To-End Encryption (Single Chat) – One-to-One Chat
3. OnBoard Screen (IntroPage)
4. Sign Up with FullName, Email & Password
5. Sign In with Email & Password.
6. Invite Friend with Email Registered Invitation, Accept or Reject.
7. Had 4 Tabs (Chat, Friend, Explore & Setting)
8. Tab Chat contains All your friends, auto sorting the latest on the top and also search your message friend by Nickname.
9. Tab Friend, list of your accepted Friends, icon image clickable to display your picture friend.
10. Tab Explore, list of all registered email ChatMe users. Swipe to Left to show more menu row list.
11. Tab Setting, update Profile, Share, Feedback and also ChatMe latest version.
12. Chat Screen had capabilities for text, emoji and image and also clear all recent messages and has an icon message delivered (double checked).
13. Profile update your AboutMe, Nickname, Photo Profile and also Change your password.
14. At the top of screen always show Icon User+, for invitation new Email Registered Friend.
15. Only accepted friend can do Chat. (Personal Chat)
16. Fastest chat messaging with Firebase Backend System.
17. AdMob Google Integrated.
18. Notification Integrated
19. Running well both on Android & iOS

Flutter Framework v.3.3x, running well both Android & iOS with API Restful JSON, PHP 7, MySQL, Code Igniter.
Save 1000+ development hours.

1. Flutter Framework.
2. Visual Studio Code
3. Code Igniter.
4. Php 7
5. MySQL
6. PhpMyAdmin
7. Domain Hosting Server Backend with SSL Support
8. Read the documentation carefully
9. A Brain to think

Support Email:

“We do not offer refund, please check and double cross check all details apps before buy.”

Aug, 31, 2022
- Update v. 1.1.8
- Compatible with Flutter v.3.3x
- Dart v. 2.18.0
- Improve Flutter Code
- Documentation revised
- Improve Performance

Apr, 06, 2022
- Update v. 1.1.7
- Compatible with Flutter v.2.10x
- Improve Flutter Code
- Documentation revised
- Improve Performance

Feb, 01, 2002
- Update v. 115
- Compatible with Flutter v.2.8
- Flutter Code Revised
- Improve Performance

Dec, 6, 2021
Update version 1.1.4
- Upgrade lib plugin firebase, admob
- Flutter engine v. 2.4x
- Improvement Performance

May 18, 2021
Update version 1.1.3
- Flutter 2 Ready (null safety)
- Improvement Performance

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