FTwitter - Clone Simply Twitter Flutter App with Multi Payments | Firestore | GetX

FTwitter - Clone Simply Twitter Flutter App with Multi Payments | Firestore | GetX

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FTwitter – Clone Simply Twitter Flutter App with GetX
FTwitter – Clone Simply Twitter Flutter App with GetX. Lite, Smooth, Stateless Widget, Modern, Fancy UI, and Fully Firebase Integrated. No-SQL & Server Hosting Required. Admob Ready, AppleID, Google SignIn


Update Version v. 1.1.0

Minor update, Repair SignUp, SignIn, VerifyPage, AuthUserController. Compatible with Flutter v.3.7.6, Dart v.2.19.3, Flutter Source Code Revised, Improve Performance. Free installation & integration support.

Cloning of Twitter developed by Flutter with 99% StatelessWidget with GetX. Compatible with Flutter the latest one. Running both Android & iOS. All data stored at Cloud Firebase. This is a fundamental Flutter Cloning of Twitter.

Cloud Firestore
Use our flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client- and server-side development.
Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development from Firebase and Google Cloud.
Official Doc Firestore:

Firebase Storage (Store Image & Text)
Cloud Storage for Firebase is built for app developers who need to store and serve user-generated content, such as photos or videos. Cloud Storage for Firebase is a powerful, simple, and cost-effective object storage service built for Google scale. 
Storage Official Docs

Admob Ready, Chat Image Ready

Technology Stack:
1. Compatible with Flutter the latest one
2. Stateless Widget with GetX, GetStorage
3. Lite, Smooth, Faster for Twitter Cloning by Flutter
4. Firebase fully Integrated with Firestore
5. Well Structure Code, MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) Implemented
6. No-SQL Required, All data store at Cloud Firestore
7. Authentication, Storage, Dynamic Link, Remote Config, Cloud Messaging
8. Easy Integrated, Panel with Console Firebase
9. Control Admod enable/disable with Remote Config.
10. Running Well Both on Android & iOS
11. Fully-Well Documented (Free Installation Support)
12. Free Lifetime Update Version

1. Splashscreen, Welcome Page
2. SignUp, SignIn, Forgot Password. Google Account Login
3. Authentication with Email & Password
4. 4 Icons BottomNavigation (Home, Search, Notification, Message/Chat)
5. Shortcut HomePage (Message/Chat, Block, Follower, Following)
6. Compose Tweet, ReTweet, Comment
7. Like or Dislike.
8. Share Link, Share with Thumbnail
9. Fancy Left Menu Drawer (Profile, Setting, Privacy, Bookmark)
10. All action link or button coming soon or disabled is unavailable
11. Chat with Text + Image with animation
12. Follow/UnFollow User
13. Search user by Name
14. Modern profile page
15. Running Both Android & iOS
16. Data stored at Cloud Firebase & Storage for images
17. Free lifetime update version
18. No SQL and server hosting required

Demo APK Link:

Video Youtube:

Minimum Requirements
1. Flutter Framework (
2. Firebase Account Console Developer
3. Cloud Firestore, Storage
4. Visual Studio Code (
5. Follow instruction in Technical Documentation.
6. A Brain to Think

“We do not offer refund, please check and double cross check all details apps before decided to buy.”



09 March 2023
- Update version 1.1.0
- Minor update
- Repair SignIn, SignUp, VerifyPage Logic
- Improve Flutter Source Code
- Documentation Revised
- Improve Performance

06 March 2023
- Update version 1.0.9
- Compatible with Flutter v.3.7.6, Dart v.2.19.3
- Apple SignIn Implemented
- Flutter Source Code Revised
- Documentation Revised
- Improve Performance

22 February 2023
- Update version 1.0.8
- Bugs fixed Retweet with Comment
- Free Web LandingPage Code Igniter
- Improve Performance

21 February 2023
- Update version 1.0.6
- Google SignIn Ready
- Compatible with Flutter v.3.7.2, Dart v.2.19.2
- Added GooglePay Sandbox
- Added ApplePay Sandbox
- Multi Payments Blue TickMark Verification Implemented
- Flutter Source Code Revised
- Documentation Revised

08 February 2023
- Update version 1.0.2
- Minor bugs/issues fixed
- Flutter Source Code Revised
- Documentation Revised

06 February 2023
- Update version 1.0.0
- Update package share to share_plus
- Repair Flutter Source Code
- Add Paypal Payment to verify blue tick-mark
- Documentation Revised

25 January 2023
- Update version v.9.9.91
- Repair Tweet Comment (Hidden)
- Change Password
- Repair Search Page (User, Tweet, HashTag)
- Improve Performance

23 January 2023
- Update version v.9.9.9
- Repair SignUp/SignIn Screen
- Add Url privacy, policy, term of condition
- Add notification mention compose tweet
- Repair Feed Controller (searching by keyword)
- Update Constants Variables
- Add Logout Confirmation
- Improve Performance

21 January 2023
- Update v.0.9.8
- Repair notification message 
- Repair Chat List, Message Screen
- Update FeedPage
- Repair Comment Tweet
- Update AndroidManifest.xml
- Update SearchPage
- Improve Performance

20 January 2023
- Update v.0.97
- Repair notification message 
- Repair Chat List, Message Screen
- Delete Single, All Message, UserChat
- Update profile changed to all tweets
- Improve Performance

18 January 2023
- Update Notification
- Update Firebase Message
- Update HomePage - Tab Feed
- Update User Suggestion Page
- Update Google Sign In
- Admob Google Implemented
- Chat Image Implemented

17 January 2023
- Update v. 0.9.5
- Improve HomePage
- Improve Controller Core
- Improve Performance
- Next update coming soon

 14 January 2023
- First release v. 0.9.4
- Compatible with Flutter v.3.3.10
- Dart v.2.18.6
- Next update coming soon


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