Chat GPT-3 OpenAI - AIgency - SAAS and HTML 5 version

Chat GPT-3 OpenAI - AIgency - SAAS and HTML 5 version

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Welcome to AIgency! Our software, built using HTML5, provides access to specialized artificial intelligence in various business areas. Our template offers a range of capabilities, including the creation of intelligent neural responses, continuation of dialogues, code generation, and response to texts. With the ability to customize AIgency according to your specific needs, you can create personalized solutions for your business problems with confidence and effectiveness

We offer specialized artificial intelligence in essential business areas such as Digital Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Software Development, Interface Design, Event Planning, and many other areas.

AIgency is fully customizable, allowing you to add, remove, or delete artificial intelligences from the site and train them with your own prompts and behaviors. This ensures that AIgency is always up to date with the latest business trends and that you can personalize your experience according to your specific needs.

With the ability to personalize artificial intelligence, you can create custom solutions for specific business problems and be sure that you are getting the exact help you need. AIgency is powered by the Chat GTP API, offering a highly advanced chatbot with fast responses. This ensures that you get the maximum benefits and can solve business problems with confidence and effectiveness.


  • Easy to customize
  • Clear documentation
  • Responsive (compatible with mobile)
  • Option to delete conversations
  • Option to save conversations
  • Advanced models used: GPT 3.5 Turbo and text-davinci003

What you Get

  • Documentation
  • Html, css, PHP and javascript files


  • You can test on a local server or you can host the html files on your preferred hosting.
  • Not available in the Fine-tuning models template
  • Current model: GPT 3.5 Turbo or text-davinci-003
  • The photos of the people in the preview are not included.
  • The header photo is not included, however, we provide a template in .ai, .png, .psd, .fig, and .svg formats.

Requirements for Html5 version

  • You need to have a GPT API key with credits, which can be obtained from the OpenAI website.
  • It is recommended to use a version of PHP between 7.4.9 and 8.2.1.
  • Your website must have active SSL.

Requirements for Saas version

  • You need to have a GPT API key with credits, which can be obtained from the OpenAI website.
  • It is recommended to use a version of PHP between 7.4.9 and 8.2.1.
  • Your website must have active SSL.
  • MySQL database and phpMyAdmin.
  • An SMTP email account.
  • A Stripe account if you wish to receive payments via Stripe.

Test the TextStream on your server.


- Added support with GPT4 model (Saas)
- Language reading bug fix (Saas)

- The api.php file has been corrected to handle servers that did not have cors enabled or ran out of credits on the API. Now, the code displays an error message indicating what happened.

- Fixed Sarah Taylor's welcome message.
- Made a small correction in the streamChat function to fix the display of error messages on some servers.

- A problem with the cancelSpeechSynthesis function that was failing in some browsers, specifically on line 1118 of the app.js file, has been fixed.

- Fix was performed on line 340 of the app.js file to correct the OpenAI error return when credits expire.

- It is now possible to select the output language when writing a message to the AI, with more than 210 languages available!
- You can choose from over 50 different writing tones for the AI.
- It is also possible to use over 40 available writing styles to be defined in the AI.

- The functionality to download conversations in PDF format has been implemented.
- The issue related to special characters in German and other languages has been fixed.

How the API works

The template is directly linked to the Chat GPT API. Each request made to the API by the chat consumes tokens, also called credits. The number of tokens and credits consumed varies depending on the size and type of the request, as well as the GPT-3 model used.

Users can purchase additional tokens and credits as needed and monitor usage through their OpenAI account platform at

The cost of tokens and credits varies depending on the size of the question or answer processed by the API. If all tokens and credits are consumed, the user will not be able to make any more API requests until more are purchased.

Users can check the price of each token and model via the following link:


What model is used?

Currently, we are using the text-davinci-3 and chat gpt 3.5 and gpt4

Is the product built on WordPress?

No, our product is developed entirely using HTML5, CSS3, PHP (for the API), and JavaScript. However, it is up to the user to integrate it into a WordPress page by themselves, if necessary.

Do I need an OpenAI key to use the product?

Yes, it is mandatory to have an OpenAI key to use the model.

Why isn’t my text streaming function working?

In order for the streaming function to work correctly, it’s important that the server doesn’t have gzip enabled or other extensions that compress cache on the browser’s output buffer. Otherwise, the text will be displayed all at once instead of being displayed in chunks, which is the standard behavior of the text streaming function. It’s worth noting that this streaming function is 100% optional, and the product will work normally without it.

We can recommend a server that is 100% compatible with this function. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Can you check if your server supports this function? Just download our script below and test it on your server.


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