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hi sir cool app 1. is easy add more audi effects 2. is possible save final voice on sd or share

Thanks 1 yes 2 we will update it

nice app, but will be perfect if user can share recorded voice and save it . If you added these features notify me and sure I’ll buy it

Ok. Thanks

we will update it and will notify you

Will purchase after you add share option .

Ok. Thanks

When will you update with new code ? I really like this project and want to purchase asap .

We are working on it. We will update it soon. You can purchase it now if you want. You will get an updated copy after update.

Hello Admob is there both banner and interstital ? reply

It has StartApp Banner and Interstitial Ad

I’m sure it’s a good idea. Good luck with sales!

Is this eclipse project and have admob banner and interstitial integration? When you update this app notify me and I will buy it for show.

need to add some share option or save option…will buy for sure

Sure Sir. We will add it.


I want to purchase this app but i want to know that
i need to learn which tool you use for voice filter ?

we have not used any tool. we have used library for that.

demo ??????


Please install this apk in your android device and check it.

Please how add an admob interstitial ad ??

We have updated the source code. You will get notification when it will be approved by CC team.

admob banner ?

We have updated the source code. You will get notification when it will be approved by CC team.

i have purchase app but crash every time and no opened home page please fix this issue now otherwise refund

Please add us on skype. Our skype is guru.technolabs

app can share the sound ? .. if yes i well buy it

is it free after i buy the code ?

No, It wont be free. It will cost you small additional amount.

please can you send me the cost to my email obay4web@gmail.com thanx

good app … can i share the sound file with social app like whtsapp ? , if yes i well buy it

This feature is not available in this app. If you want then we can customize it for you.

you work with library for filtering the sound ?

No, we have not used library for filtering the sound.

Hello, I saw the app and is so good. Can i rebranded and sell it? How much is the price for that license?

Yes. You can rebrand it and sell it.

You need to buy extended license if you want to resell the app.

Is there any ads?

how much?

Please give me your email id so that I can send you the price details.

OR add us on Skype. Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

check your email

Hallo, Is it support android 6.0 (marsmallow) ?


Can you share the voice you create ?

Nope. This feature is not available. We can add it if you want but it will cost you little extra. For more information, add us on Skype. My Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

Hi please i can add more voice effect ?

if you are a programmer then you can add it.