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Hi, we want to use different size image. see example here after: http://www.wellstore.it/new/administration/zslider/Source/demo/demo3.html

How can we fix the height for all the images without stretching them? Any suggestions about that?

Thank you, Best Regards, wellstore

You can have different height images, but then the larger images will show up behind the smaller ones. So overall it it is best to have images that are all the same size.

Good afternoon, I bought a license but what is the reason stays that way


This is the comments section of the jQuery plugin version of CCSlider whereas you bought the WP plugin version, so please post your comment in that item’s comments section.

How to work sir plugin does not work

Hi there,

Just purchased the ccSlider – very nice product indeed. Am having a bit of trouble getting started though and just wanted to check on relative paths etc.

e.g. the demo works great locally when I download but if I change the path of the first image (to a valid path) the image doesn’t load and the slider itself just stop. Below is the one line changed in index.html from the demo:

This is an example of a simple caption

The slider loads with the initial but tiger.jpg does not show and it doesn’t transition to the next slide.

Thanks for any assistance.


Thanks for purchasing!

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Can this slider use on Blogger?

You can use it any place that allows you to insert your own js and css files as well as insert custom js, css and html code.

can you use video in this slider? now we are two years on from the lat update, are all modern day browsers compatible with this slider? Dec 2015..

The slider works in all modern browsers which you can verify yourself by testing out the demo.

The slider supports custom html content for each slide so you can include a video there.

How do I hide or remove the Forward, Back, and Pause button, as well as all the other button from the Slider. I just want my viewers to watch without the ability to navigate anything.

The slider already allows you to do that, the details of which you will find in the provided documentation. Specifically you are looking for the “directionNav”, “controlLinks” and “autoplay” options.

This works somewhat. I still have the PLAY and PAUSE toggle button. I need to turn off theses as well. Exactly where do I do this?

You need to disable autoplay for that. If you want autoplay on then you will need to hide these through css by setting them to <cpde>display: none

Regarding the CCSlider – jQuery 3d Slideshow Plugin. How do I get it to stop at the last slide? I do not want it to loop.

Replied to your email.

pauseOnHover: How do I turn this off.

autoPlay: How do I turn this off. And, If I turn this off, how do I start the Slider?

My goal is to start the slider, but I don’t want the user to interact with it. I just want them to watch.

Please be specific in your answer, Please be sure to mention file names and directory location.

You can disable both these setting by passing the value false to them when initializing the gallery, like this
    pauseOnHover: false

However as I have mentioned to you before, if you turn off autoplay then the slideshow won’t start, although there is an api command to programmatically start the slideshow. You can stop the autoplay by using the api events and functions that CCSlider provides. Please contact me through my profile page message box if you need further code samples.

please i want to install this Slideshow on open cart idont know how?

i will buy the service and you are installing Slideshow on open cart ?

thank u

I am not familiar with Opencart so can’t offer any help to you. If you know your way around the CMS then you can install the slider yourself, since it can be embedded in any page of you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How to make your slider responsive? I am using Foundation for responsiveness. My image size is 950×350. The slider always preserves a large size regardless of screen size.

I see that you have not purchased this item. If you purchased the WP plugin version of CCSlider then please post your comment in that item’s comments section.


bingojm Purchased

Hello. First, thank you for your great work! I have juste one problem: Where can I adjust the shadow? I use the first demo. I don’t find… the shade is cut in the back and I can not find the settings

Thank you for your help!

Thanks for purchasing!

The slider setting only allows you to turn the shadow on/off. If you need to change the style of the shadow then you will need to edit the plugin’s js file.


Tyjeco Purchased

I have numbers on the control-links and they are also not aligned. Do you have any idea? http://www.magneticnaildesign.com/downloads/example.jpg Below the code:

<script> $(function(){ $('#demo-nav').find('a').tooltip({effect: 'slide'}); }); $(window).load(function(){ $('#slider').ccslider({ _3dOptions: { makeShadow: true, imageWidth: 900, imageHeight: 350, pauseTime: 200, controlLinks: false } }); }); </script>

That is because in the css used in the demo, the numbers are hidden. You can use the same css file used in the demo to create a working base style and then add your own custom styles over that.


Tyjeco Purchased

I replaced the stylesheets with the ones found in the demo/css. I got the same result.

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Dear author, I tried to implement this slider into my Wordpress page. But nothing seems to be working . I even turned the js file into No-conflict mode. It’s not doing anything , I am using the latest Wordpress version. is the code compatible with newer version of WP? Also , how do I change the selector for calling the CCSlider plugin ?

You should have bought the WP plugin version of the slider as it would have been much easier to manage inside WordPress.

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Never mind I figured it out, thank you for your quick reply ! :)))

Hi, The slider is great. However, one problem I am having is to fit 100% of the image. If I make the image 100% the scroll bar comes at the bottom. Any Suggestions. This is urgent. Thanks

Thanks for purchasing!

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Hi, Thanks for your response. Additionally, I am having a major problem. I have a popup on the same page which uses googleapis.min.js and so does the slider. Only one of them can work at a time it seems. I have been told that it can be only called once. Since I need the popup today which is a login, I have turned of the slider. Is their a way out. The link is http://clients.seospell.in/geek/Home. Please help urgently on this because we have deadline to meet this week. Much appreciate your help. thanks

In the link http://clients.seospell.in/geek/Home I acceidently put a dot after Home in my previous note, please ignore. Use this thanks http://clients.seospell.in/geek/Home

Your page has several js issues. Even after disabling the jquery referenced by CClider your page is loading two more jquery versions. There should be only one version of jquery in the page. You also need to reference jquery before referencing the ccslider plugin. There is also an error in initializing some tooltip plugin in your page.

Please check your browser’s console for a list of errors in your page.

Hi, I am having difficulty making the CCslider responsive. It can be viewed on clients.seospell.in/geek . I have a deadline in 3 days. Please urgently help. thanks

Apologies but the gome page where the slider is clients.seospell.in/geek /Home

You need to set a specific width and height (not percentage) on the slider container through css. After that the slider will resize maintaining the original aspect ratio.

Hi , When I go to my website withe slider it seems all the images are loading at the same time and for a short time, it looks very bad. Are we doing something wrong. Please help urgently as we have a deadline in two days. The link is client.sigmaseosolutions.com/geek/Home Thanks

Please follow the instructions provided in the documentation on how to wait for the slider images to load and the show the slider. The provided demos also illustrate this in action.

Thank you for your comment. We are trying reading the code in demo and the documentation but still not successful. Can you help us with the snippet of code we can try since our deadline is very soon. Much appreciate your help. Our website is client.sigmaseosolutions.com/geek/home

Please tell us the command to hide the images before windows.onload. You might be clear but we are not. We have put the same code as the demo and it is not working. We are requesting you to help us as we have a deadline in two days. Please take a look client.sigmaseosolutions.com/geek/home thanks

Apologies the link is client.sigmaseosolutions.com/geek/Home

Set a class to hide the images in your css, and then using $(window).load() remove that class and initialize the slider. Check the html files for the provided demos to see how to use this event.

Hi, Can this slider use on concrete5 ver5.7? https://www.concrete5.org/

Thank you. Do you not Sell yours here in the future concrete5?

I have no plans to provide a Concrete5 plugin.

I’m sorry, but I understand. Thank you.