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I buy and am using a CCSlider plug-in of word press. If I try to upload a picture from a plug-in, it’ll be an error. What is the cause? An error message is this. Error: File doesn’t exist Is there a use time limit of CCSlider?

This is the jQuery plugin version of CCSlider. Did you try to install this inside WP?

Yes! jQuery plugin in WP. Upload of a new picture wasn’t read any more. Regards,

I am not following you clearly. Are you saying that you deliberately want to use the jQuery plugin inside WP? If you do so then you need to follow the instructions provided in the documentation and provide the slide images in the html.


I am trying to install the CCSlider – jQuery 3d Slideshow Plugin and it gives me an error See below, Error in wordpress.org Error Code see below, The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature I downloaded to zip file on my computer File Name codecanyon-162445-ccslider-3d-slideshow-plugin I open up file 3 files listed _MACOSX readme and Source each can be clicked on to open more files Do I click on Source which opens jquery.ccslider-3.0.2.js and jquery.ccslider-3.0.2.min.js PLEASE HELP DO I HAVE TO EXTRACT OR COPY BOTH FILES TOGETHER AND UPLOAD TOGETHER CAN YOU PLEASE HELP LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO Is it compatible with wordpress.org On the Demo its an assume plugin I just want to get it installed? Thank you John Stevenson parisfrance1940prints@hotmail.com

This item is a jQuery plugin. If you want to use the slider inside WordPress then you need to get the WP plugin version – http://codecanyon.net/item/ccslider-wp-3d2d-slideshow-wordpress-plugin/400692

531f8ee2-df11-4838-af74-410e0cff46a8 – 15 Nov 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

Couple questions. The first two slides have the captions nicely sliding in—the others don’t. How can I update so all captions ease in and don’t just appear?

The other question is…why on first load, does the slider extend far down on the page? Is that a css issue or script?

I really like the flexibility with this slide, but would love to address those two issues.


Thanks for purchasing!

I inspected the slider in your page and saw that you are using the exact slider initialization code as was used in one of the provided demos. As you can see that code only sets up custom animations for the captions of the first two slides. Please go over the documentation to see how to setup custom animations for your slide captions. The documentation also explains how to setup the loading screen for the slider.

531f8ee2-df11-4838-af74-410e0cff46a8 – 15 Nov 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

Very sorry I forgot to add the link!


Hi, CCSlider is the top plugin i’d liked to learn and use for a personal achievement of my knowings ! ( retired 68 ). Please tell me wether I can install it into my WISIWIG .10 Thanks a lot, have a great year :)

Thanks for your interest!

CCSlider is a jQuery plugin and you will need knowledge of JavaScript/jQuery, html and css in order to get this working in your website.

I have a client who is interested in your slider but has asked is there a cylinder spin transition. The image is basically to sit flat, then the transition is going to be as if it was spinning on a 3D cylinder – almost like a slot machine spinning. Is something like this possible or could it be done? Client can pay extra.

Yes, you can do that by setting its width through css.

I tried that but the Canvas edges don’t seem to do to the screen edge.

For 3d effects a specific width and height needs to be set in the slider settings as mentioned in the documentation, and you also need some spacing between your slider container and the canvas for the transition effects to show properly (which has also been mentioned in the documentation).