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Looks good.. Pre Sales question: Can this be use on landing page? Can one use it as a slider, and have 1 or more different slides? What is the maximum size to display to avoid slowing the display?

Yes, you can create multiple canvases on one page. Maximum size is not set, size of canvas depend of size parent block. I’m testing on 2560×1440 – it was worked good


Nice idea but something wrong with your HTML and CSS files.

Post Sale question: Where is a documentation file?

Tia can find documentation on Preview page at the bottom. There placed all available options and functions, and there you can find simple example. If something doesn’t work – please contact with me, I’m will help. Thank you

Nice !!!!!! It is working !!!!! Thank you for little help for me & best wishes

G.Job, I would like to know if I could use it like that one below:

No, you can not create 3d model, my plugin work only in 2d space. Maybe in future, but i don’t have similar plans for today

Looks awesome, is it possible to embed something like this codepen:

For now – no, maybe in next version

Please send me a message if you ever do, will be a definite buy!

Ok, I will think about “how it create” ;)

Hi I have installed and tested your code. Thank you again for your support. Best wishes to you.

No documentation, No HTML example,

Your script should provide similar examples and documentation as

I want a refund

All documentation exist on preview site. What you want to do? I will help you

Very cool. How does one load a shape? Hopping that there is a software flow in Adobe CC that can result in the coordinates.

How do I create an array?

I’m creating arrays manually. I don’t find any plugins for Photoshop for now…

I understand. I didn’t mean photoshop. I just meant, is there a way to programmatically create the array from a graphic file? Do you do it in your head? Do you have an equation? How are we supposed to create an array for words, letters, icons etc?

yes how to load shapes? is it svg? just a presale question.

It is an array. X and Y coordinates. I don’t find any software to automatically create shape for now… But it is not hard, few minutes work with coordinates (l created my shapes in PS in 10-15 minutes)

Can you make a screen cast and put it on Youtube so we can follow your lead on array creation?

What is the command to achieve ” to set locate points equally along the contour: ” ?

Need to make this manually :(

Any documentation or exemples?

You can find examples and documentation on site (Preview site at the bottom)

Plz can you send me working exemple?

You can find all example code on my site (“Code of second canvas” block). If you do not succeed, please, write me on email, I will help you!

Is this support multi-colored dots ?

Oh… not for now. But i will do this in next version. You want to random color or set array of colors?

array of colors would be great .

Ok, I take into account your wishes

Got this problem : Cannot read property ‘getContext’ of null on line :

context = canvas.getContext(‘2d’);

(The canvas work fine, but it prevent other script from running due to that error)

Need to create <canvas> tag with “id” attribute

Very good work!

Thank you, man!

Hi, nice product!! i just purchased it!,and i have one question for you, ive been playing with some parameters on your script, and so far i cant find a way to increase the dots size, can you guide me a little with this size thing? Thanks for the time.

Hello, size increase only by connections (need to set options.sizeDependConnections = true; and options.sizeMultiplier = *; * – any number). I’ll think about static size on feature versions


How to create <canvas> tag with “id” attribute ?

More details please to see an example

You can find example on site at bottom <canvas id=”myCanvas” style=”position: absolute;”></canvas>

Hello there,

I purchased your product, but it does not work. Javascript console gives me an error; “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getContext’ of null”

I did exactly the same as example site, however still gets that error. I wish you put a working example html to the package. I feel like most people needs it.

Do you have any solution for that?

You sure you created canvas with ID attribute, and initialize it with correct ID? if it still not working – please write me on email with your code. I will happy to help you!

Hello there,

I have a simple question. Can i preload shape when the canvas is initialized? I want to start my canvas with loaded shape. Is it possible?

Anyway, good job. It’s really good.

You want start shape with shape and destroy it in process? maybe not…

hi! i want assign a custom interaction to indivudual dot, for example open at click a modal window, it’s posible whit your plugin?

Hello, it is very inspiring application. I want to use this in our website. How could I use this on our WordPress website?

Can I put this on a texture background, and the texture to be shown through, without a solid background color surrounding the javascript?