Discussion on Canvas Dots

Discussion on Canvas Dots

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Hi, I just bought this license (in behalf of Digit-a company), you have done a great job, congratulations! We are looking for a more complex solution using this same code, our goal is that this script could be adapted to re-create and build a logo shape composed of three elements. If you are interested in take this job please let me know to contact you directly and give you a more accurate information. Feel free to contact me on

Best regards

Hi there.

Is it possible to show more than ONE letter at a time? say, if i wanted to show the letters “AMT” getting formed by the dots. Is this possible or only one AFTER another letter?


It possible, load array of all letters as one array

Sorry, mate. Already found another solution (after 1 month of silence from your side)...

Love the code! I do however have some questions.

1. The canvas is quite pixelated on smaller screens i.e. smartphones. Any way to fix this?

2. I am trying to build a logo that consists of 2 elements which are close to each other, is it possible to create those two elements without them “connecting” to each other?

3. Is it possible to spawn more lines? i.e. when loading an array it absorbs all the lines and there are almost none left.

How do I make it retina ready?

1. This script now is not retina friendly now. :( 2. Script automatically calculate line length. You can modify script yourself if you want 3. Script automatically calculate count of dots based on canvas size, but you can modify script (var estimatedCount = Math.pow((w*h),delimiter); ) here

Do you have any plans to make it retina ready?

Please where I have to insert the “Load Array” and the “Code Canvas” it’s working but I don’t know how to load array and canvas, help please, thanks.

Good luck with your sales