Discussion on Calendarista Premium - WP Reservation Booking & Appointment Booking Plugin & Schedule Booking System

Discussion on Calendarista Premium - WP Reservation Booking & Appointment Booking Plugin & Schedule Booking System

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Hello! I need only the hours available for the current day to be displayed. We don’t need the calendar to be displayed. Only the hours of the current day should be displayed. It’s possible? thanks

Hello! I have some initial pre-buy questions. Will I be able to use the plugin based on my use case? Here is the scenario. I offer rental sleeping pods for people. These are rented per day and charged in British pounds.

1. I need to add a simple calendar to my website, where person can pick a start and finish date of rental, ex. start -01.02.2023 – finish 20/02/2023. 2. I need to add a shipping/delivery calculations based per mile. ex. If someone is located up to 100 miles from my office (no extra charge), If someone is located 101 – 500miles (£0.50 per mile) -extra charges, etc, 3. Need to have British pounds currency 4. Do you support Elementor? Shortcodes?

Many thanks and looking forward for your reply! Seb

Typps Author

Yes, all possible.

can this be connected to some provisioning system? I need every completed transaction to be recorded under concrete registered member and provision calculated based on total cost. Is that somehow possible?

Nope, sorry :(

Pre sale question. On your Tea Time demo, can this be used for a flight charter company? Meaning can all the copy/text be updated so it doesn’t read like golf? Very interested in a solution for our flight charter client that just goes out 2 days out of the week and need a way to keep track of seats available similar to your golf (small charter, 30 seats per day). Thank you in advanced for you feedback.

Hi, Yes of course. All text is customizable and you may also add custom fields etc. The business you can deploy can be anything you choose. The Golf course demo is just an example to showcase some of the common use cases.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you! Meeting with client and purchasing soon!

Can we use create google schema with hotel data using your plugin ?

Hi, I do not understand your question. What do you mean by Google Schema? If you want to synchronize with Google Calendar, yes this is possible.

hi! pre-sale question: is your plugin compatible with divi?

It’s compatible with any Wordpress theme.


How can I export and import settings in Calendarista? I want to backup and after that restore the settings?


Hello , we have been using your plugin for a while without any problems, very satisfied. However, since 2 days the plugin has stopped working, everything seems to go well when reserving a table in the restaurant, however, at the last step where the overview of the reservation is stated, nothing happens after confirming, the page has been updated but no success message no emails are sent either. Debugging: disabled all plugins and switched to default wp theme, remains the same, it really seems to go wrong somewhere in the plugin. Any idea?


Nothing in the plugin has changed and it is working correctly as usual. Since it was already working correctly for you, deactivate any recent plugins that you may have installed. Most likely one of these is causing a conflict.

Note that support is not offered through the comments section. If you still have an issue with this, please get in touch using the link below:

Hi, great plugin. Any plans to make the backend more ajaxified – its so slow because of Wordpress ;)

Hi, We have ajax where it makes sense and we keep pushing improvements as customers bring nuances to our attention. So as a customer we will listen to your feedback, no worries.


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Is it possible to add day price, what is not 12 hours. I mean rental period starts from 10:00 and ends 17:00 and price is 80€. Then client exceeds the range then pay extra hours, etc 5€ cours per hour?

Thank you

Hi, That kind of discount based on hours selected is not possible when using time slots. However, each individual time slot can have it’s own cost. So for slots after 17:00, set the cost to be equal to 5€ .

Note that we do not provide support in the comments section. In the future please contact us using the contact form below. Support is email based, thanks!

Hi, any chance for some good discount on Cyber Monday campaign?

Yes of course. The sale is live now.

Is there a way to delete all the sales/bookings for a service. I see i can this individually but is there a way to do this in bulk?
Kind regards

Hi, No, there isn’t. What you need to do is duplicate the service and delete the old one. By deleting the service all data relating to the service is also deleted.

Note, we do not offer support in the comments section so if you should require further help, please use the link below, thanks!

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Hi, I am using woocommerce payment with a off-line credit card payment gateway. The payment status on woocommerce shows as on hold but the booking shows paid and appointment confirmed? How can sync the payment status with your booking status? Thanks.


Go to the Settings -> Connect -> Woocommerce page and ensure that the following option is checked: “Create booking only if payment has been received”.

In the future if you need to contact us for support, use the link below. We dont provide support in the comments section, thanks!

ozwds Purchased

Yes, sir. Thank you.


ozwds Purchased

Hi, I was able to copy and past a calendar link into my Google calendar, but I can find that link now. Is it still available with the latest version of the plugin? Is it possible to set a different color for confirmed and unconfirmed bookings? Thank you


iCal feeds link can be generated in the Settings -> Feeds page. Use the export section in the left pane.

In the future if you need to contact us for support, use the link below. We dont provide support in the comments section, thanks!

ozwds Purchased

Sorry, I found that is now in the settings > feeds page. Just in case others looking for this function. Great plugin. Thank you again.

Hi, as I see this is a very interesting, mature and highly rated plugin so I am preparing to buy.

One question: Is it possible to approve/deny a reservation via frontend?

My case: I want to add permissions to approve/deny reservations for some my website users (BuddyBoss based website), but without them touching my Wordpress backend.

Is it possible?


You can approve/deny appointments from the back-end. It is not possible to do this from the front-end as of yet :(

Thank you for your honest answer.

Despite the lack of this functionality, I will probably make a purchase in the coming days, because currently I need a proven and simply “working” days booking plugin like yours, because most booking plugins on the market only focus on “time slots” which is redundant in my case.

In addition, your plugin is already 4 years old on CodeCanyon with an almost perfect sum of reviews: 4.93 – my congratulations.

P.S. If possible, please add “approve/deny a reservation via frontend” function to Calendarista roadmap. Thanks in advance.

I appreciate your support and feedback, thanks! New features are introduced periodically and this too is something that we will be working on soon.


I am aware that my support has lapsed, but still think that this is relevent to the plugin as its an error with the plugin rather than some help.

Every event that I set up I have 2 issues with.

1. When using Woocommerce as payment, nothing is added to the purchases / sales part of the plugin 2. (this is new) – every time I try to purchase a product, it keeps saying “A race condition..out of stock..blah blah”

This is all really unhelpful as, well, the pluign isnt actually working.

Any help greatly received



These issues you mention are not errors in the plugin but problems in your setup. Firstly, ensure that you are running the latest version of the plugin. If you are and still facing the issues you mention, then you most likely have a third party plugin conflicting. So please try to disable one or more plugins and test.

In the future, if you should still require support, please contact using the link below and ensure you are within the valid support period, thanks!

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Hi, I bought the Calendarista Pro version. I made the mistake of creating a discount coupon and setting the amount of coupons to 100,000. I can’t find an option to erase by bulk. Can you help with this?

Hi, responded to your email.


bzpoint Purchased

pre sale question : does the code support RTL for Arabic language


Technically it should but we did not specifically code or test for RTL.

Hello, to confirm first

is that compatible with this?



I’m not familiar with that particular plugin but any woocommerce payment gateway plugin should work fine. If there is a problem contact our support, no worries.

can i use 1 wp site and have more than 1 location to book

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of booking forms on your website.


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