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Really beautiful :)

Thanks a lot.

Can you provide a demo to try before I buy. I am interested, but since there are many open source DAL generators out there, and we would like to know we are getting more that some basic version with usable features before I make the purchase there are many out there so can you please list the features and options

Thanks for your interest in our app.
Here is the video preview of the item:

Please check the item description for the features. If you still have any confusion, please send me script of a database table, I will generate DAL for that, will send it to you and then you will decide.

Is there a Visual Studio 2015 version of this

Also why is this not licensed as a Tool. Not sure I understand the Licensing


1. You can open it with Visual Studio 2015 and it will be automatically converted to Visual Studio 2015.

2. Its license is not Tools because we are providing the source code and we have uploaded it to .Net category. Tools license is available for the following items:

Hello, i got a problem when using app. When i try to click options app returns “column [object_id] not found” error. Do you have any idea about the solution? Thank you

I have replied your email, please check.

The issue has been resolved fast and perfectly. Thank you again for your helps.

You are welcome.
Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Hi, there is a problem the source code does not work or open in both Visual Studio 2015 and 2017, can you please update the files so I can open the source project

Please contact me via my profile page to help you to open it in VS 2015.

Here is a link to the error postimage

Successfully opened the project in Visual Studio 2015/2017.

Couple of questions: 1) Buy today and save $14 (original price is $39).Is this for the complete including source code? 2) Does this handle images? If yes, do you have sample web page for image upload?

Yes, please send me email via my profile page here.

I just purchased the source code and it works fine. Quick question: how do I create the Installation_Files (.msi and .exe) from source code

Thanks for the purchase.
To generate exe file, build the project and open it in the windows explorer. Check the bin/Debug folder, there will be an exe file there. Its name will be CSharpSQLServerDALGenerator.exe (you can rename it as well).
To generate msi file, you will need to add a new (Setup Project) to this project.

I got a chance to try it, we were able to upgrade.

Can you please fix these

  1. (I fixed it myself), but its missing support for some data types, this is an easy fix and you may want to fix this
  2. It needs additional work to work with FK based tables, like loading FK tables. When I try to show CustomerOrders table, from customerTBL + customerOrdersTBL you have to make 2 separate calls (during this time if the data changes, for e.g. order is placed) the information is completely wrong. So, a call to load FK based tables is needed
  3. The code is not easily testable as it is now, I have to write new test code for every function called. This should be generated with the code, author is going to help make sure its testable.
  4. The last most crucial is—it opens a new connection for every call to the DB, IMHO this is not good. In my web app, when I tried this even with a small test users group, it very quickly crashed, I got two critical errors, a memory exception and connection exceeded error. To fix this, I would suggest modifying it to provide an option with connection pooling and a timeout option
  5. For every call a new sql query is constructed from scratch, the overhead is a lot, an option to let it be cached and allow con-current users/data calls.

Thanks for your interest in our app. Please see my comments below.

  1. Yes, we don’t support some data types like geometry or geography at the moment but we have given list of supported data types in the item description (see features list).
  2. It doesn’t mean that the information will be wrong but we will provide more features in the future.
  3. I have provided a sample application, please check. You can use it to test the generated code easily.
  4. ADO.Net is handling connection pooling smartly. I think you need to read more about what a connection pool is and how it is managed. It’s better to provide the timeout option in the connection string in Web.config so that you will be able to change it even after publishing your application. There must be some issues with your own application (or db server) that it crashes. The quality of our app has been tested by Envato experts/reviewers, please see it below the item price.
  5. Handle caching the following way:
    Call the DAL for the first time and cache the data. On next call check if the data exists in cache then don’t call the DAL.

Hi, I have an issue when I click on option button the “Class” and “GetAllMethod” tabs are disabled. I cant enter the class name or the select Columns or Search Columns fields. It is all disabled.

When you select/highlight a table from the tree view then these tabs will be enabled/activated.
Please check the following video that demonstrates this.
Forward the video to 0:35 and then carefully look at it for the next one minute. If you are still unable to enable these tabs then send me an email.

Ok, I will try and let you know. Thanks for the quick response.

You are welcome.
Feel free to ask if you have any question.

Hi, it is can not create view table?????

I didn’t get your point.
Can you please send me the details in email using my profile page?