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Hey, little question: Is it possible to search in all tabify categories?


Thanks for your message.

Right now, it’s not possible.But, I’ve listed your idea in plugin to do list.


That sounds good. :) An animation would be nice as well. I tried to solve it with CSS transitions, but the effect was not satisfactory.

Pre-purchase question: The plugin seems great. But I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to also display each question automatically in a separate page ? (Getting all questions and answers in a single URL is not good for SEO, especially when I add more and more of them).

2. Is it possible to automatically link from each question to it’s details page URL?




Thanks for your interest on my plugin. I suggest you to check my KB plugin which match with your requirements.


Let me know, if you need more info.

Hello xenioushk, how can i hide the name of the author in de metabox? Thanks in advance. Webteam

There is a option in plugin option panel to hide name of the author. http://prntscr.com/falvwu


do i need to have wordpress to use this system

or can i use it whiteout wordpress

You need to install WordPress to use this plugin.


PreSales question: Is this plugin compatible to Edge browser? Is it possible to link to a single question/answer? Would be great if a support person could respond with a direct link to a question/answer. Thank you.


- There is an option in admin panel to display single page URL in front end. If you activate “Excerpt Mode”, then a “read more” link will display after the summary of FAQ. This link will take you to FAQ details page.

Please check following screenshots

http://prntscr.com/fw3izr http://prntscr.com/fw3jba

Let me know, if you need more info :)

i am not looking for a link to a single page. I’m looking for a direct link to an single entry in a accordion – like this http://projects.bluewindlab.net/wpplugin/baf/faq-categories/?fid=188 .
Internet forums often use the ’#’ as link text to a single post – this would be great :-)

Thanks for your feedback message. I’ll try my best to work on this :)

First of all thanks for such a great plugin for Faqs.We want to use its some to like Question and answer type system for our site.my question is that how much questions will bear this plugin like our plan to add thousands of questions.in hundreds of Categories and how much its effect on our current running site speed when its fully loaded we are on dedicated server.please reply us

Ok Thanks, we are purchasing it and if have any concern will contact you.Thanks for Such timely Support.

We have Purchase both of your plugin

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager BWL Knowledge Base Manager

and found them best. In BWL Knowledge Base Manager our question is how can we increase font size of lists of accordion style questions? can’t find in options or we miss any setting ? please guide.


Thanks for your feedback :)

Go to plugin option panel>Advance tab and bottom of the page you will get option to add custom CSS code. Just add following lines of code and font size will be increased.

.smk_accordion .accordion_in .acc_head h4{ font-size: 18px !important; }


Hi! What is the difference between this plugin and BWL Knowledge Base Manager ?


Thanks for your message.

Knowledgebase plugin has more options than FAQ plugin. Both of them are responsive. But, If you want to handle large no of items then Knowledgebase plugin is the best.


Maybe i bought the wrong one. FAQ+Ajax search is more expensive than KB with Ajax search included and has more features :-/

If i set a faq to ‘no archive’ using by example “The SEO Framework” the faq isn’t shown in the output. Are you relying on the archiv ?

I use [bwla_faq faq_category=”cat1,cat2,cat3,cat4,cat5” limit=”999” orderby=”date” order=”DESC” sbox=”0” list=”1” /]
What can i do to get rid off the paging links and info ( Total 1 Page!) etc.
In preview the paging infos are not shown, but after saving the page.

Thank you. Is there an option that more than one faq in a category can be opened/expanded? Actually opening one faq is closing all others.

Sorry no. Can you please send me your FAQ page URL?


It’s on local dev at the moment. Sorry.

Hi! Is there a way to get some nice animation while expanding/closing faq entries? At the moment it looks a little bit rough.

Glad to know that :)

Let me know, if you need any help regarding my plugin.

Have a nice day ahead.

I’ve implemented some nice features :-)
Thanks for the feedback.
Have a great day !

That’s very nice :)

If you like my plugin please give a 5 star rating with few lines of review. It will help me a lot :)

Thank You.

Hi! Seems that the arrow sometimes is overlapping the label text on small displays. Any idea to prevent this? Thank you.

It’s currently on local dev. Sorry.

I’m sorry. It was my fault. I hat wrong padding in my css. Thanks.

Okay, no problem.

Thank You :)

Hello. How can I remove the little checkmarks that are appearing above each question? Thanks.

@Replied your support message.


the hide author (meta data) only works when viewing the page eg http://discover.sharecover.com/sharecover-faq/does-sharecover-cover-my-property-if-it-is-being-rented-for-commercial-purposes-like-for-a-photo-shoot/ but whe you look at this question via shortcodes eg on hopmepage http://discover.sharecover.com the author and date is still showing. the metadat is set to hide in settings…. pls help


I checked your site and found no meta data in your home page. Seems everything is fine.

Please check and If you found anything wrong then send me a screenshot.


Hello. Do you have any plan to discount? and is it seo friendly?


Thanks for your message.

- Sorry, no plan for discount.

- Yes, it’s SEO friendly.



Is it possible to put FAQs into separate groups?




Please check following example- http://projects.bluewindlab.net/wpplugin/baf/faq-categories/

Bottom of that page you’ll get example shortcode too.

Note: You’re 6 month support period has been expired. Please renew support period.


Hello, I have a problem with the localization of the plugin. I have added bwl-adv-faq-pt_DE.po and bwl-adv-faq-pt_DE.mo to the language folder and defined WP_Lang as DE. But the Texts are still shown in English….http://www.farbratten-zucht.de/ratten-haeufig-gestellte-fragen-frequently-asked-questions-faq/

The translation file ist named bwl-adv-faq-de_DE.po…I also contacted you via support form, maybe you can have a look at that

O nooooo….you are right, I have the wrong filename….this is really stupid of me, sorry…thanks for your help!!!

No problem and glad to know issue has been solved. Let me know, if you need more help.


Hello! Do you have only php version from this? (not a plugin) I would like to integrate it to my website


Sorry, I don’t have any PHP version.

You can check following jQuery plugin that do the same job. You just need to hire some on to convert it in to PHP version.


Hope that will help you :)


I’m very interested in your plugin.

But before I actually buy it, I need to ask a couple of questions:

1. What happens if a category doesn’t have any faqs? Does it disappear? Or does it show a message saying its currently empty? I’d like for it do do the latter option.

2. Is it possible to add a description to categories and to display it under the tabs and above the faqs?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for your message.

1. I’ve added a empty category called “copyright” & it’s display “empty faq” message in there. You can check example in here- http://projects.bluewindlab.net/wpplugin/baf/sample-page/

2. Currently, description display feature is not available. But, I’ll added in next release.

Hope that will help you. Have a nice day ahead.


I’ve added your required feature in plugin. Check examples in below-

1. Display category description in list mode- http://projects.bluewindlab.net/wpplugin/baf/display-faq-category-description/ 2. Display category description in Tab mode. http://projects.bluewindlab.net/wpplugin/baf/display-category-description-in-tab/

Hope that will help you. Send me a message if you like examples and purchase the plugin :)

Thanks a lot.

Your documentation page is broken. Where can I find the documents? Your urls all contain #! and won’t show

I don’t know why but that does not work for me. When I click the link you just gave, and then try to use the menu on the left, when I click one of the sections, I get a url like: http://projects.bluewindlab.net/wpplugin/baf/doc/#!/plugin_addons but if I look at the page bottom before I click the link, I see a destination of http://projects.bluewindlab.net/wpplugin/baf/doc/#plugin_addons so if I fix myself it works. Do you think it only happens for me??

One other thing. I want the rounded custom view like this [bwla_faq sbox=”1” list=”0” custom_layout=”baf_layout_round” /] This shortcode displays fine but doesn’t include all the details of my other shortcode when I use the maker inline. So, if I add it to the end of the long short code, it just makes another faq’s after the other. How do I input the custom part into the long short code?

Please send your site admin panel login info via support page. http://codecanyon.net/item/bwl-advanced-faq-manager/5007135/support/contact

Thanks :)