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there is an admin area?

If so, there are pictures?

Best regards Daniel

What is the difference between and

I really wanted the “BookingWizz for WordPress”.

Ah, i have understood. Thank you!

Let us know if you will have any other questions.


I would like to know if frontend booking management is possible. I have a directory/listing web where i would like to allow listing owners to manage bookings by themselves without give them access to my backend, only frontend.


Hi DavidSPN,

Thank you for your interest in our product

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality on the front-end.

Hi, we are looking for a booking system in monthly basis .. for example room booking for a month, is this possible ?

Hi cincomedia,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Yes it is possible -please take a look on our demo and select guest house rental – – you can set the minimum booking time to 1 month for example in the settings.


seaus Purchased

installed main system and plugin. It will not take /booking/ as directory

Hi seaus,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We’ve replied to your support ticket – please take a look there.

Guys – just stopping by to say thanks for all your help. Thats both booking systems looking fantastic. I have adapted them to fit an MOT Booking Station and an online travel/tour operator. They look fantastic and we are really very grateful for all your help. Top Class Support & Products – Very happy

Thank you for your feedback! We’re happy that our products work well for you!

I have 4 meeting rooms and would like to allow users to ‘reserve’ blocks of time (30 min all the way up to 8 hours) in any given room on any given day.

The calendar would then reflect the reserved rooms and times with associated users.. Can this be done?

Hi tackdetack,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Yes, it is possible to setup like that. Please note that there are no “users” in bookingwizz – anyone can land on the booking page and make a booking (no logins/passwords etc). After booking – calendar will reflect the booked spot if bookings are set to “free” – then they will be automatically removed from calendar. Customer name who actually booked will be displayed to admin in bookings section.

Hi, I am interested on this plugin. may I know, can I set the minimum and maximum day for booking, or exact days that they can book. And for example, if we got 3 twin room. How to set the availability of the room after booking?

Unfortunately, no, there is no such functionality. It would have to be custom developed for you.

may i know the charges? and how long it takes?

Please contact us through profile form to get quotation –

I installed, and configured Booking Wiz. Then I installed WordPress and the plugin for it, but when I enter the URL of hte install I get the following error: 0 0 comments awaiting moderation New Howdy, admin Log Out Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Thank you for your feedback jmazzuca. I’ve checked our records – we have 2 support emails from you (from your developer) 10 minutes apart, both sent 24 hours ago – so not sure why you’re saying that there were 3 issues/1 week waiting to get support.

If you’re not satisfied with the product/support, and you’re not going to use the product – please request the refund through the codecanyon and we will make an exception and issue refund for you.

I also asked pre-sales questions that were not answered for days. I sent out quite a few emails and 2 of the emails were never responded to. I should have known then. Your tech support got back to us with some updated files. If they don’t work, I will request a refund.


We will look into the emails and see if there are any un-responded pre-sales questions. I apologize if that’s the case.


seaus Purchased

Hi folks

I see nothing in documentation about creating a user role for staff to NOT be wordpress admins and still be able to access Booking Wizz

Please advise

Hi seaus,

There is no such functionality at the moment.

Please open support ticket at and we’ll try to assist you further.

Bought it. Doesn’t work. Tried to register for their Forum, that doesn’t work. Have submitted a Support Ticket. Waiting to Hear.

Have downgraded my Version of Wordpress. Still Doesn’t Work.

Be wary buying this and the WP Plugin as there appears to be conflicts with this plugin.

Its Nose Bleed / Headache inducing as it takes your site down Error 500.

Hi Johan,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Forum is no longer in use – it’s still accessible only for archiving. The support is provided only through support tickets.

We’ve replied to your ticket a minute ago – please take a look there.

Ahhhh sorry guys… sorry… really need to get this WP plugin working… and I got your reply.. thanks… :)

No worries Johan

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Hi sprindgd,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We’ve replied to your support ticket. Please take a look there.

Hi guys, i need the plugins (add-on) as soon as you read this message please. sorry for pressing you (i know its holiday) but please respond as soon as you read this message thank you.,

All sent sprindgd, few days ago.

Hi, we are a tourism company. this is my site . we purchase netsuit and salesforce CRM. we want to combine both of them. i have some questions with you. please tell me what kind of services you are offering me? second what can you help me to combine my applications? third where are you located?

please send me answers at

Waiting for your mail.

Email sent Saaleh.

Thanks, i will check and let you know soon

Presale: Does your plugin allow a scenario for a customer (visitor) to book a weekly recurring time-slot with an employee? I don’t need payment gateway, just a plugin to facilitate the booking aspect and give the employee an updated time table…?

Thank you, Wzz

Hi Wzz,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Recurring bookings can be made only from administration panel at the moment, not through the front end.

Hi, interested in your plugin.

Would it be possible to book venue and have scaled costing i.e if venue is booked from 13h00 to 14h00 cost would be $10, but if the venue is booked from 13h00 to 15h00, cost would be discounted to $8 per hour with a total of $16

So I Would like for the client to be able to book consecutive hours at a discounted rate dependant on the amount of hours booked.

Hi cinnabar,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, we don’t have such functionality in place at the moment.

Hi there I tried to install the wordpress plugin, or the bookwizz standalone, and the server outsput its the error 500 and your support page its out…

Hi babilonia,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Please open support ticket at – and include your PHP version installed on your server in the ticket.

hi. Does your plugin works with php7 and is responsive?

Hi DQ-8

We haven’t fully tested it on PHP7 environment. The version sold on codecanyon supports PHP 5.4 (up to). If you run on PHP 5.5/5.6 – after purchasing current version send us request through codecanyon profile or our support ticketing system and we’ll forward latest development files which support later PHP versions

I have used the single-day event to create a room booking table. For the automated confirmation and cancellation email, can we include the email of the person-in-charge of the room? I.e. auto send the confirmation email to the person who booked the room and the person in-charge of the office.


You would need to modify the code a bit as there is no such option to assign a person in charge of the room to the service.

Hello, can the plugin been used for Book online Tee time for Golf Course ? The only needed is time intrerval every 8 and 7 minutes. for example 08:00, 08:08 , 08:15, 08:23 (one available every 8 and 7 minutes) ?


You will need to do a small code change to add such custom intervals. It is possible though.

This hasn’t been updated since 2014. I see you posted here that you have even newer version but it needs to be requested. How come? Why can’t you post it up here on codecanyon?

Hi Nalij,

There are several reasons for that, one of which is basically the version which is in development is not polished for release in terms of all the changes which we wanted to implement. Due to time constraints with other projects – at the moment it’s the quickest option to receive the update (by requesting it after you purchase current version)