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Hi, I am designing a website for a new gym. They are selling session memberships (for classes) in 10, 20, 40, monthly and yearly unlimited access subscriptions. I have the following questions please:

1. Can your system integrate with Payfast – a South African payment portal

2. If the client pays for 10 (or how ever many) sessions, can the client register and book 1 session now and the rest later?

3. On the 10, 20 and 40 sessions, these must be booked within a period of 5 weeks, otherwise they lose the sessions. Can this be done?

4. The client must pay for the sessions first and then be allowed to book the sessions.

Thank you! Melanie

Hi Melanie,

1. Unfortunately, no. Would have to be custom developed.

2. There’s no such functionality.

3. Our system can’t handle such scenarios.

4. This is implemented differently – first client selects date to book then he/she is paying for that date.

Hi, I have pre-sales question : We are running membership club which our member will get special price. is it possible to have price adjust automatically by user login, so they will see the special member pricing once login.

Hi yiapls,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

There are no user logins in the system, unfortunately.

Does the script yet support multiple owners admins? like login for user, owner and admin?

admin/pass demo is not working!

Hi bizready,

It works fine (admin/pass). Please try again.

Our demo resets every 15 minutes, probably somebody changed the password when you tried to test it before.

can i schedule for my future OFF DAYS e.g now is 2017-08-31 , i need to schedule 2017-10-05 is off day because it is a public holiday ?

Yes, you can set off days in bookingwizz!

i cannot found this function, your bookingwizz only can set day off base on monday to sunday, so that, how can i made a day off which is a specific day on eg next month or next two month? and how can set that day off and that setting will not influence the coming weeks?

you need to block off days in manual booking section.

Hey, i want buy this!

Few questions before… Can i translate to german, can i change date format to Day.Month.Year overall and can i add custom field for reservations. You have Name, Telephone etc. but when i need the customer adress, i see no field.

Can i do this simple things? Than i would buy it!

Hi Black-Shadow,

1) Yes, you can translate, there is a language file.

2) Yes, you can change date format in the settings of the software.

3) Custom fields would have to be added through code at this time.

what is the price for custominze on add a holiday /day off schedule function?

Hi linkforeltd,

Please contact us through codencanyon profile –

Hi bought this today. Trouble installing though. Getting the following error:

“The resource limits for this website have been reached, please return in a few minutes.

Are you the owner of this website?

You can view the history of these limits being exceeded in your cPanel under Logs -> Resources Usage

The potential limits reached include:

Memory (each hosting account is allocated a % of the total server memory) CPU (each hosting account is allocated a % of the total server CPU) Inodes (number of files on the account) I/O Usage (number of read/writes on the account) Entry Processes (the number of processes running concurrently)”

Confirmed with my host provider but nothing on their end is wrong.

Not using WP.

Quite urgent, need to have this finished by Wednesday :(

Cool thanks, will check it out. Other question, how do I make the size bigger of the calendar, the main page, index.php?

hello your admin password seam not correct. I can not access it. please check for me ,thanks~


It works fine – we just re-tested it.


mr999 Purchased

good morning, i have bought 1 license, and i need to reinstall the software on the same website but i am having problem looks that i am locked. i am aloud to reinstall your software on the same domain? thanks


Yes, you can reinstall it. If you’re having issues – please open support ticket at

Hi, can this system be used as saas ?

Hi Unfortunately, not without modifications.