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Hi, great script, can you adapt it to work with JomHoliday which is complete booking site:

Hi miojamo,

Unfortunately, we don’t have plans to integrate our system with Joomla anytime soon. We will release an update with JS integration option so it will be possible to use the simple JS file inclusion on any type of sites/systems.


will this Booking System also run with PHP 7.0?

Best regards

Hi flyydesign,

Current version on the codecanyon supports only PHP 5.4 and older versions. If you are running later PHP version – for the moment you need to open support ticket with us and we’ll provide you updated files.

Can i use your system for advertisement booking for a news paper company ?


Please try live demo and see if it works for your business.

Do you offer an extended license?

Hi orenyny,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, no, we don’t offer extended licenses at this time.

hmm.. for the person asking just below me you gave a different answer. Unless I do not understand the licensing here. I would say that it makes no sense to buy the product if it cannot be used.

Extended license gives you right to use our item within your own product and then resell it on the marketplace. This is not what we are willing to do. You can buy single license, install it for your client or for yourself. When you need to install it for another site or client – you have to buy it new license (unless you’ve stopped using previous license on previous client’s site). Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions about licensing.

Hi, i would like this but for multiple users who have their own accounts / listings on my site, i will pay for this to be done


If you would like to get a quote for such functionality – please contact us through codecanyon profile – – please include detailed technical description and we’ll estimate this for you.

front end submission add-on would be great.

Thanks for suggestion !

I need a simple Secure Contact Form to take my appointments… Name, Adress, Phone, etc.

I do Kid shows at clients home

The contact form needs to send a confirmation email to the client & a copy to myself.

At the same time, I want the script to sync with my Google Calendar

I have been working with Gravity form at this moment, but Gravity form does not Sync with Google calendar


Thank you for your interest in our product.

We’ve replied to your email few moments ago. Please take a look.


I have read through many comments of here and back a couple of years ago you said you were planning to add a search feature where visitors can search by date and time. Is this still planned as it’s a feature I would need before I purchase your script. I need several calendars but I need the ability for people to search rather than flick between calendars.


Hi Ashley,

We’ve replied to your email.

It is still planned, unfortunately I cannot provide ETA for this at the moment.

Where do you view the list of attendee’s?


We can’t provide an accurate ETA for the update. As for the list of attendees – you can view it in Schedule, you need to select the proper calendar and date and then you’ll be able to view the attendees below and print PDF attendees list.

Can I sell the tickets in a package system and then give the option to reserve in the event the want only for the package they bought? Let say I bought a package with 3 seats but I do not know when to use it, but I have the option to reserve until they are all use.

Hi Peyotemx,

Unfortunately, no, there is no such functionality at the moment.


Burndog Purchased

Any updates planned for this?

Hi Burndog,

Update planned, but I can’t provide ETA at the moment.


Burndog Purchased

FYI, this code on admin-index will not allow the Reporting Graph to work when there is only 1 Service. For instance, someone adds a new Service and deletes the default, will render the graph non operational.

solution: change query from >1 to >= 1

    $sql="SELECT * FROM bs_services";

Thank you for reporting this issue. It was fixed in latest development version. If you’d like to get updated version (development) – please contact us through the profile form:

Hi CriticalGears!

I do like what I see so far in your plugin, but I need to ask this question.

Okay, here is my question before I purchase:

My client has two condos in Hawaii that she would like to have a booking or reservation calendar for each room because each condo has a different price and features. But wants an instant quote first, so the user can see what the total would be before purchasing. She wants it to look something like … or I will set it up like this: Each condo you’re allowed only up to 4 guests. The first two comes with the price, there is a charge for the 3rd and the 4th.

Nightly rate 10 X $ 100 = $1,000 – there is a calendar to choose dates.

Choice of 3rd guest $ 10 = $ 10

Choice of 4th guest $ 10 = $ 20

Cleaning Fee $ 125 = $ 125 – standard, not an option

Refundable Damage Fee Deposit = $ 300.00 – standard, not an option

Tax $ 13% = $ 150.00 standard, not an option


Then the guest before booking has to agree to the rental policy

50% is due now

**Balance is due 30 days prior to arrival

Then they can pay the 50%

Can I do this with this plugin?

Thank you for your time, Christine :P

Hi Christine,

Unfortunately, your scenario can’t be used with bookingwizz without custom development. If you would like to discuss custom development – please email us through our codecanyon profile –

Hello, good stuff really … i’d like to have the exact same app but without paying money.. i just need it as a checker for room availability.. is it possible ?


You can set the time slots to free – please try the demo (admin demo)

Checking to see if this has been updated to use £GBP as well as accepts PayPal payments. Have a small Tennis club in mind

Hi madesignUK,

You can select GBP in settings and it is compatible with paypal. Please try live demo.