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HEY! – Just tried the demo, booked 2 rooms and my PayPal account was going to be CHARGED $20!

Come on is this for real!

On a lighter note, was interested in this, but as a BOOKING in system without any PAYMENTS for club members – ie Book a Room for FREE, to members only.

If your a NONE member – you have to apply for Club membership…

Ie 1-year membership $200 Junior membership $60

So ts a MEMBERSHIP Paying system – ie book a Room and pay a 1-year membership to the club, all future bookings are then FREE.

what do you reckon?

Hi madesignUK,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Your scenario will require custom development, if you want to process the membership fees through the booking system and if you want to add the login system (as there is none at the moment).

Umm OK.

Is there any customer data base, ie for recurring users? That could be easily adapted to allow “only-members” to book for FREE a room/ court, with admin control of the DB

Forget about buying membership – just need a simple to work around solution. It’s a small club with only 50-60 members and their families.

Thxs in advance

There’s booking database, you can extract the customers from there if needed. I’d suggest adding simple login system though. It’s not that hard to add.

All you explain was i knew already. but u cannot deny that, it is a great chance that more than one buyer to click a same holiday timeslot at the same time,

everyone know, a booking system really works on reality , must gave the 1st buyers a paying time limites eg 30 mins, during this 30 mins, the timeslot should not be show out as available . If every time a buys see a time slot is available, but actually it is not , and everytime i need to compare the order manually, need to call the buyer to tell him “sorry, the timeslot actually not available because someone is entering his credit card infomation for this timeslot already” , the buyer must complaint says ” why u still show it out, so, if i try another timeslot , and also the same, how can i trust your calendar, as it reflect nothing real for us”


The feature you’re asking about – to be able to block the timeslot from the calendar for somebody for a period of time – is no currently present. It is on our list, however there is no ETA for this development at the moment.


Is it still possible to choose from Services?

E.g. Rooms booked from 12.04.2017 – 14.04.2017 (without service) Room booked from 15.04.2017 – 17.04.2017 (with cleaning + 5 dollars)

And are regular updates still made?

Hi KCpro,

The feature which you’re asking about is implemented in development files (not available on codecanyon). After purchasing current version – you can send us an email and we’ll forward the development files which include such feature.