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Next update date? I am still waiting for the PHP 7 compatible plugin.

@Author, please update the app at least once in every two months. Thank you

I know. Most of the errors are coming due to PHP 7 Compatibility issue. Once that is fixed, 70% of the errors that are coming up would be gone.

One more suggestion. If the email feature from the app can be changed to optional from the Wordpress plugin. Like If I want to enable it from the plugin, it will be displayed otherwise not. Because, what’s happening now is that the users who are using the app which I have customized, they are thinking that the email feature is for everyone. As a result, my company is getting flooded with emails every day when the email feature is to be used only for business contacts. I tried adding a placeholder but somehow I could not.

Hello Sir.. Anyone there?

hi Youtube Videos oder Image embeds in posts would not displayed correct and are too big. Going over the right post side. and app slowly for display first page thanks

Are you using new embed youtube code?

Yes no working

Is there any hook or filter to modify response ? because I want to show featured video in-app instead of an image for some post.How I can send the video link in API.

@author please can you help on this

Hi, The hook/filter will be available in the next upcoming version of BlogPress app. we can add it for you, If you want to modify the response in the current version using tge meta keys and values. Let us know.

yes we want to modify the response and send meta key and value of featured video. Let us know when you are available for skype session

again my application is inaccessible because of your website which is offline

Your old version do not have this problem

Will users need to install your app “blogpress”? or is it my own app?

Hi, You can create your own WordPress app with BlogPress.

Hi, i want to read json via my web browser what will be url? pls help

Next update date? I am still waiting for the PHP 7 compatible plugin.

This is really a best application I have purchased. Created my first app with just a few clicks. There are few things which I need to customize/remove for my personal needs. I will pm soon.

please email me the reply, because those ticket does not generated any ticket id

Did you replied my ticket. If yes, then please tell me my ticket id or email me your reply because I didn’t got ticket id while creating ticket

Thanks. Got the reply email. I posted my website link/ url in the ticket’s reply box. Please check the ticket

In my error log, I find this – PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/**/public_html/wp-content/plugins/blogpress/includes/class-api-server.php on line 153 How to fix this error.

Please release new updates. There are crush reports in PlayStore Console. Cause: java.lang.NullPointerException

Can you please send the NullPointerExceptions in the Support ticket?

Sure. Please check my new ticket. Errors are – (i) _.blogpress.activities.MainActivity.k; (ii) _.blogpress.b.a.a; (iii) __.blogpress.e.f.a; (iv) and in tgkill

(Sorry! You cannot use this purchase code for another doamin. This was already registered for thadin.xyz.) How to domain change

Please open a support ticket at http://www.wddportfolio.com/support/


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Hello, is there an update planned?


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Não consigo gerar meu apk tem erros no script ?


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Next update date? I am still waiting for the PHP 7 compatible plugin.