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hi, cant get the firebase ads to show in the new version.( both banner and interstitial) . I have linked my admobs with firebase.how can I fixed that?

please update the wordpress plugin. have many error.

It seems the file is not exists in the includes directory. Please check the plugin again or upload it again.

i have try more… the result is same… file in “includes” directory gone after active plugin.

How is that possible? Which hosting server you are using?


I just follow the below step to run the update apps, but the apps just run on loading page and the show “Unknow error”. Can run my own app. What’s wrong ?

Step: 1. Adding the exist json file. 2. Change API Key and URL. 3. Change the Application ID at build.grade.

I have try to just adding the json file and run with your API and URL, it’s no problem to run your web app.

Please help to solve. thank you.

Please setup the categories and menu from the backend.

Got it. Thanks.

I have Blogpress but this shortcode feature does not work for me. No shortcode is working. How/where do you enable the shortcodes functionality? Below posts I have seen enable shortcode is postview but doesn’t work. If you can clarify.


At new version, how can i change the color background at list item? When i post a new article, i haven’t post the photo and it show at grey color. How can i change at transparent ?

hi cool app.. thats what i exactly need but before purchasing.. regards to the comments app wont load content which i have faced with my previous other item and had to ask for refund due of lack support.. where does it get that kind of error which keeps loading the page but no content loads ?

Are you talking about the post comments?

Pre Sales Question – Hi its a nice app for news website or any other content based website or portal build with wordpress. But I have a query As I have checked there are lot of author at codecanyon itself who are offering wordpress app but didn’t find automated push notification when a post published. Do your app offers automated notifications frequently and immediately as a post published on wordpress website. If yes then I am ready to purchase if no then how it is possible to automate the push notifications or you can add that feature. I have checked many hybrid apps for wordpress also but they also do not provide automated notifications as I am not a developer so Its tough to build that for me.

Another thing I wanted to ask It is completely native app or you have used somewhere webview in post screen because for which website I am looking is using google adsense and if you have used webview then adsense code will not work and the post will have blank space. This is my thought as I was reading that javascript code can not work in android. If yes then how to remove that space between news paragraph which is caused by the google adsense code.


Hi, Can you please share your website url in profile contact us form?

How to Compile it? Is there any Documentation about it?

Yes, documentation is available in package.

Do you have any Video tutorial or any Video to check before buying it like I hv less knowledge in Android programming that’s why I was asking this…

No video tutorial available but it is easy to customize.

hi please fix plugin blogpress 2.7 1- page does not load 2 – server no reachable 3 – app bug

Please drop your website url in profile contact form or open a support ticket.

Very good app. However, the wordpress shortcode feature doesn’t work. I have wanted to rate this at 5 star but this feature is what I really need to work. I already provided the admin/cpanel logins but we were not successful so I think this is one area Stealthysam would like to look at.

Can you please provide the apk file as well?

I have configured the setting and build the app. No any error received when build. But when I install to phone, It’s not working. No error receiving. Just flashing the screen and do nothing. Please help me to fix this.

I have the error “The application server is unreachable. please contact with server administrator.” My Hosting is Hostgator.

Please open a support ticket. We will chevk what is the issue with your script or source.

Hi, When I change the package name I receive a error saying “Please change caller according to com.intellij.openapi.project.IndexNotReadyException documentation” Please help me to fix this.

Hi, when we send a notification in the app, User gets 3 notification with same Title on his mobile.

1 notification is well configured while 2 others notifications are with same title but no description. when we tap on these 2 notifications, there is no post in the app and no images in the post.

I downloaded the demo apk but I get a message ” the server is unreacheable”

there is an issue in hosting… it will be working soon.

Good Job version 2.7

Hello… I need to purchase this app…just confirm me one thing…will this app works offline for the posts that have been read earlier !!!

Hi, The posts that you have read earlier will be available in offline mode.

can you send me the demo link for the latest version

Getting 5 warning messages when I run PHP 7 Compatibility Checker

FILE: /home/laughalaughi/public_html/laughalaughi.com/wp-content/plugins/blogpress-1/index.php


135 | WARNING | Method name “BP4A::__post_row” is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use 144 | WARNING | Method name “BP4A::__bp4a_post_status” is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use 161 | WARNING | Method name “BP4A::__bp4a_admin_js” is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use

FILE: /home/laughalaughi/public_html/laughalaughi.com/wp-content/plugins/blogpress-1/includes/class-api-server-instance.php


88 | WARNING | Method name “BP4A_API_Server_Instance::__preg_rep” is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use

FILE: /home/laughalaughi/public_html/laughalaughi.com/wp-content/plugins/blogpress-1/includes/class-api.php


1 | WARNING | File has mixed line endings; this may cause incorrect results

Which PHP7 Build you are using? Also, there is a proper channel for after sales support at http://www.wddportfolio.com/support/. Please report your issue there to get a better assistance.

I know it would be you who will make the changes in the Wordpress plugin. So, I don’t want to raise any ticket from support.

I was using PHP 5.6 but I have upgraded to PHP 7.0 a couple of days back and this is a known issue in PHP 7.0 that it doesn’t support double underscore currently and has discourage some syntax.

Thank you.

suryasankarroy, there are more that 3 staff members that are online at support section. The comments are not a proper channel for support. Anyways, thanks for letting us know about it. We’ll check and make it compatible with 7.0 version. Thanks.


abevanto Purchased

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /wp-content/plugins/blogpress-1/includes/class-settings.php on line 1

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘BP4A_Settings’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/blogpress-1/index.php:51 Stack trace: #0 /wp-content/plugins/blogpress-1/index.php(170): BP4A->__construct() #1 /wp-admin/includes/plugin.php(1882): 2 wp-admin/plugins.php(164): plugin_sandbox_scrape(‘blogpress-1/ind…’) #3 {main} thrown in wp-content/plugins/blogpress-1/index.php on line 51

Please open a support ticket at http://www.wddportfolio.com/support/ for further assistance.

Hello, i’ve downloaded app version 2.7, it keep saying Server is unreachable, also when i change to my Wordpress url it says the same, how does the app support the JavaScript code for example button in Post content? Do i have to add a plugin to my Wordpress?.

Hi, Please view the documentation properly. There was clearly mentioned that the Plugin that is in the PHP directory should be uploaded in WordPress in order to make it properly working….


Thanks for your answer, are there any changes should be done to the files inside the PHP directory? One more question please, posts with buttons (With JavaScript) should be displayed in a WebView using the Post link (ShowPostAsWebView) or i can load them using the HTML code for the Content from the Wordpress Rest Api Plugin? I am a little bit confused, i need the buttons and forms inside Posts contents to work properly. Thanks

In my Website and mobile Wordpress version, the buttons work properly, do i still need to upload the php plugin?