Discussion on Blogger Ebook App - Blogger API v3

Discussion on Blogger Ebook App - Blogger API v3

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I am confuse. What is differance between Android Ebook App and Blogger Ebook App? Which is best, perform well and simple to use? I want to add thousands of ebooks.

Hi, The difference is the server used for content management, for Android Ebook App, it uses the admin panel (required web hosting and domain), for Blogger Ebook App, it uses Blogger as the backend, so it is intended for those of you who don’t want to incur additional costs for renting a server. Thanks

Got an email from Google play services, before publishing blogger ebook app. They send a form link and asked more information about the app. Please help me to fill that form –

Hi, We don’t understand which SDK is meant, provide complete information related to this, you can send the details to our email: Thanks

google sent this link

Action Required: Please review and submit the information requested here:


All SDKs information can be found in the build.gradle (Module: app)

Some 3rd party SDKs:

Android Pdf Viewer; For reading Pdf files

OneSignal: For push notifications

Google Play Services and Facebook Ads SDK: Monetization purposes

Glide: Image library

Retrofit: Network library for Rest API

Jsoup: Html parser

Commons-io: File utils

That’s all.

This app works as an audiobook

Hi sir i have recently uploaded the new version on play store but it still pending in review

Hi, All applications published on Google Play must go through the review stage, how long the process can take cannot be estimated, please just wait by checking the status of your application periodically, if your app uses ads, to make it easier for the app to be approved, make sure you disable ads first via remote json, you can reactivate it after the app successfully published. Thanks

is there a specific time when you will support wordpress

com/android/tools/lint/model/LintModelSeverity has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 61.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 55.0

getting this error while build

my account and your account gone. we cant do anything about it. but please send me the full process to create new developer acc. what are the precautions you are taking to create new account what are the things we need to be careful. please send me this things on my mail i bought you 6 apps code so please help in this matter.

Because of your code my account is suspended like the other guy. You are responsible

Do you ever think also about us? 10 years account also lose, you can get refund if you want, no problem. Thanks

hi issue me refund for my account

You can submit here.

Can you make this app for using WordPress backend as like blogger??? Please ….

Yes, we will make Ebook App version using WordPress backend it in the future. Thanks

gan kalau post file mp3 atau play mp3 apakah support tidak?

My Account Got Suspended with over 53 Apps and after appeal they said “Thank you for your patience while I looked into your issue.

After reviewing your appeal, we have confirmed our initial decision and will not be able to reinstate your developer account.

Your Google Play Developer account has been terminated due to violations of the Malware policy:

We don’t allow apps with any code that could put a user, a user’s data, or a device at risk. For example, your app, Bihar Board Textbooks (BSEB), (, currently contains trojan code that appears to be benign, such as a game that claims only to be a game, but that performs undesirable actions against the user.

You can read through the Malware policy page for more details and examples of common violations.

Note that Google Play Developer account terminations are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services. Do not attempt to register a new developer account. Any new accounts will be closed and your developer registration fee will not be refunded. We recommend that you use an alternative method for distributing your apps in the future.”


The only way is File an appeal or create a new account that is not associated with the old account.

In this case it is beyond our control, because Google has problems with ad services from third parties such as from AppLovin,, Unity or ironSource, so the impact on all developers who implement libraries from these ad networks is at risk. We can say that Google is very cruel and cunning at this time.

To solve this problem in the future, we will preparing to release new update version soon which is only use ad network services from 2 providers (Google and Facebook) using simple-ads-sdk by default, then, multi-ads-sdk with ad networks still available and will be always maintained and updated but for the implementation by buyer choices and their risk.


Sir because of this my admob account also got suspended


Google is doing a clean-up and this is very cruel, applications that integrate third-party sdk libraries such as applovin, unity ads, have problems with Google and are ruthlessly removed even impacting the developer console account which is suspended.

This happens globally to all apps that are integrated with the sdk, even to apps that have been published for months or even years on Google Play.

So, if your application or account is still alive, immediately unpublish all existing apps, download and use the latest update version 2.3.0 then submit an update for your application, if it is successfully approved, then republish it and the application will be fine.

The last way is to appeal, if the appeal is rejected, we can’t do anything, the only way is to create a new account that is completely fresh and has no relation from the previous account to avoid being suspended in the future.


My Account Suspended due to this App

Kindly Review this

Version(s) Eligibility Issue App Bundle:1 MALWARE Your app is not compliant with the Malware policy. We don’t allow apps with any code that could put a user, a user’s data, or a device at risk.


To be more secure, temporarily unpublish your application, update it by changing the sdk implementation:

1. Open dependencies in the build.gradle (Module: app) file
implementation 'com.github.solodroidx:multi-ads-sdk:1.+'
2. Change the ads sdk implementation to:
implementation 'com.github.solodroidx:simple-ads-sdk:1.+'

3. Submit update for all of your apps using alternative sdk (point 2)

Note: the app will only uses AdMob, Google Ad Manager and Facebook Audience Network ads sdk, then other ad networks sdk like Applovin, ironSource, and unity ads will be removed because potentially againts Google Play policy which cause the app have risk to be suspended or even the Google Play account will be terminated.


implementation ‘com.github.solodroidx:simple-ads-sdk:1.+’ sir kndly confirm if we do that changes then no issue in app ??? for suspened the app

Hi, most likely it won’t be a problem, but we can’t confirm it further because the problem just happened today, there must be a trial publication to Google Play first and wait for Google Play’s approval response regarding the proposed update. Thanks

When you make discounts, I want to buy from you When are the discounts?

I want to purchase this app and emailed you. Please reply.

Hey man, Where does the PDF file go after it is downloaded, Because I want to make an educational application. So that children can get pdf file easily.

Hi Will this update version support password pretected pdf or encrypted pdf. I mean the reader can’t share the pdf

hello sir while importing new update it says Task ‘wrapper’ not found in project ’:app’ this kind of error

How can I use the code and make multiple app ?

Hi, In short, each license is for one end item, so each separate end-use will require its own license. Thanks

hi sir…can we combined two blogs becoz in blogger having limitation category , subcategory….

so i want connected two blogs as category ..label content show as subcategory….

plz resolve the problem


Hi, We need to clarify, that’s not the problem of this app, but it’s beyond the features of this app, this app supports only 1 blog id which is controlled via remote json. Thanks

why you ignored my comment ???????

Hi, official support is provided via email by mentioning the codecanyon username – item purchase code in the subject of your email, and no support requests from you before. Thanks!


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