Discussion on BeoNews Expo - React Native mobile app for Wordpress

Discussion on BeoNews Expo - React Native mobile app for Wordpress

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Is this project not supported? SDK 42.0.0

When will there be a new version of the product?

The code is outdated and non-working! How do I get my money back?

Hi, we have updated the ticket request, thank you for your time!

Is this app still working? There is no new update form many months.

Hi ranaweb, this app is working smoothly. You also can take a look on the similar app FluxNews based on flutter which quite easier to install. Thank you!

Invariant Violation: WebView has been removed from React Native. It can now be installed and imported from ‘react-native-webview’ instead of ‘react-native’. See

any update for this one.

Thank you for the feedback. Could you help to share the screenshot/videos of the issues and post it to our

Our technical team will help to take a look and follow up on the issue.

Hi, I try to post my app on google play store, but they say I can’t because I use location, but I never use it.. how can i delete that permissions? Thanks a lot.

Hi @norgoth,

Thanks for reaching out. Please refer to “What should I do when getting Issue?” In this LINK

Best regards







Hi, what is different between this product and Fluxnews?

Hi, I have replied on your previous comment. Thank you

How can I use “customPage” with the url parameter and how can I receive it in the WebView? Since using the code as it comes in the example does not show anything.

Hi, could you share the screenshot of the issues and post to our ticket support. Our technical team will help to take a look and follow up on the issue – Thank you!

full installation for android and ios how much

sorry we are not support at this time – thank you!

Hi. Another question. Is this a light version of your BeoNews app? ..we see that there is also a pro. We need a simple one. Can you make an android simple demo – customized to display our website. Thank you.

Hi, this is the same features with Beonews Pro but is only support to run with the Expo SDK – to know more detail difference between expo and cli version, please check this link – thank you!

Hi. How can i remove slide menu or the component that show it in the HomeScreen? thanks

Friend, another question … Listviews from home screen , only display in IOS , ANdroid devices dont show this lists, regardless of the display mode. Only display blank screen with the buton more results. All others screens that shows lists are bo not ok.

Hi, could you share the screenshot of the issues and include the common/config folder, then post to our ticket support – Our technical team will take a look and get back you shortly

You can use the Inspector Tool to customize any UI from the app –

What is the difference between the two versions pro , expo

Hi, the basic difference is the tools that used to run the project (similar to this guide The expo version will easy to set up and install, the cli (BeoNews Pro) version is more flexible to install new native component such as Facebook Account kit, Onesignal login…

We also provide the same app FluxNews that you can refer – thank you


My website contains non-English post (chinese) and after connecting the BeoNews to my website, I notice the search function in app cannot search chinese character.

May I ask what settings I need to change in order to perform non-English searches?

Hi, i’m not sure if that issue is come from the Rest API – /wp-json/wp/v2/posts?search=keyword from your website ?

I see. How do I fix that?

hi in cebuilder is there function to add a webview tab?

Hi, this feature is not available – thank you!

Is it possible to add audio to the post?

It’s possible to add new audio library and play via audio player, require extra customize to get this feature working, thank you!

Pre buying questions: 1. Do you have support for push notifications and AdMob? 2. Do you support RTL language? 3. I already encountered numerous bug on BeoFoods iOS app, is it the latest version? the splash screen shows “v2.5”. 4. Do you support commenting without having to register and authenticate?


Hi, thank you for your questions

1. The BeoNews Pro will support push notification via onesignal, this Expo version is also support Admob

2. Yes for RTL languages

3. Please share your bug issues here, the team will update the splashscreen on later version

4. It’s required the login for commenting, but we will check the solution for anonymous comment

Thank you!

Can you please provide the link of wordpress website demo of the app

Hi, this is the website demo – (please note that the website template will not included from the download package), you can use the app to connect with any WP template – thank you!

can you drop your email id here.i want to know something from you.

please email to: – thank you!

Pre-sale questions:

1 – Is the Expo used the latest version 32? 2 – Are you releasing CeBuilder for Ubuntu Linux too?


Hi, we will upgrade the v0.32 on next version, it is not a problem.

The Cebuilder is not support for Linux, but we are checking the update the build – it is base on the cross platform so that is is possible :)

Thanks! I am keeping this software in the favorites to check for improvements! I have seen CeBuilder is Electron based so it should be quite easy to port it on Linux. Keep up the good work!

How can we make it so authors can post from the app?

Hi, the create new post is not ready support on this product, but you can try our CeNews product

you app is support facebook audience network ads and admob ads

YES, it’s supported, we are using this library Thank you! :)

Can you use buddypress here at all?

Hi, it’s not support for buddypress, we will investigate to see if can release other product to support – thank you!


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