Support for Ball Physics (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio)

Support for Ball Physics (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio)

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Are the ogg files important ?


For each sound, there is two format : mp3 and ogg.

It is important to keep compatible with different android versions.

When you add mp3 files, convert them to ogg also.

Here is a link for online conversion :

This answer is related only to this game. If you purchased another game from our portfolio, may be you don’t need this step.

Where can I add an Interstetial ?

We added a Hook to simplify the life of developers, this hook catch the events :
- the start of the game
- click on the button play
- gameover event

Can I disable the admob banner ?


in the hook file you can set bannerEnabled to the value false.

Ads not showing in production mode !

OK, at this stage you have the ads working in test mode but not in production ?

no problem, goto the manifest file in line 21 verify your admob id application (90% of cases users forgot to change this parameter).

keep in mind, that the new unities created under Admob take about 2 or 3 hours, to be shown.

With the new updates from google :

1- You can’t show the ads in the production mode, you have to publish it in playstore, make it as version alpha or beta for your test in the console, and when all is fine make a release to be available for users.

2- The package name is very important, if someone was already used the same name and his game or application was suspended, this will create a suspected thread about your application. so try to make your package names unique.

The package name is a big subject, basically, be careful: avoid brand names, it creates a conflict with the name of the brand, certainly, it will generate good traffic but an inevitable suspension. never use something like : com.konami.yourgame or com.sega.yourgame …

3- The icon : if the icon contain transparency this may generate a first reject, with the new update from 03/15/2019 it is necessary to remove the transparency and rounded border in the icone. Google try standarize the form for icons and they add automatically the rounded style when necessary.

About our support

We try to help all buyers that’s sure.

But some times we receive questions that are not really related to our code but more for android studio.

We can’t help you for a training, or questions like : - how to sign an apk - how to publish in the console playstore - how to work with photoshop or design tools - how to use audacity - ....

Make your searches and you’ll found the solution, everything is in youtube , stackoverflow, ...

But, If you found an error in our code like : - the loading of the Splashscreen, - Ads, - something not working in the game.

:) In this cases we will help you.

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