Discussion on AWS Amazon Textract - Extract Text Forms Tables from Images and PDFs with ML

Discussion on AWS Amazon Textract - Extract Text Forms Tables from Images and PDFs with ML

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hello I installed the application but I cannot add an image or pdf and there is no error message help mi please


Send us a support request via our profile page.

Hello, I installed the application in a subdomain it does not work

Send us a support request with details of what exactly not working.. we don’t provide support over a comment section

Hello, I’d like to know if it’s possible to create a neural network from text to pics using this product.

Hi, no, checkout the demo to see what it can and can’t do.

hey im trying to upload my receipts and invoke an API to another application such as loyalty and referrals. Can someone modify this script for me please and how much?


We are not available for freelance work.

hi when users try to rest password and click on forgot-password when click in Resend Verification Email TO rest password Error will appear in page (500 error server)and there is no message will send to email how to solve it?


Looks like you haven’t configured your SMTP settings, make sure you can send Test Email after SMTP configuration, in the same config page.

Hi I need queries feature option which also use textract


Queries to do what exactly?

queries for example document have Truck field, amount field that will extract this custom fields too in the latest textract features please in need this too

hi, great product. how many pdf can i load in one shot?


At the moment 1 file at a time.

Hi there, I checked the application. Can I analyze form and table at the same time? Please check the screenshot :

Unfortunately support does not include help with customization. It is written with Laravel framework and follows MVC rules, so I suggest to hire a developer who understands Laravel.

RAW response (JSON structure) from AWS is stored in MySQL. Parsing is done directly via JS code upon visiting results page of a task.

Hi there,

I’m interested to buy it this week. Can you please tell me how can textract this completely?

I tried in your application but i wasn’t able to textract it fully. I tried with form, table and Receipt Processing.

In terms of forms, nothing returns. Using table, I was able to see Right side part of the image , left part was missing.

Using Receipt Processing, Whole form was analyzed but some info is totally missing. Some info is there , some are not.

Can you please let me know is it possible to get every data using Receipt Processing?

Better, if you can download and test it.

Thanks again.


Try it in your AWS account directly with Textract service, whatever result you get there can be received via this script. If on your AWS account you don’t get full results, then that is max that you can get out of this particular pdf tables.

Hello, I have sent an support ticket via envato and directly to your email address. I am getting 500 Server Interall error when I try to run /install Please check email

I found whats the issue. But now its telling me that with Username: Squeezee and license that I got from envato there is problem in activation and I need to contact support? Please advise>



How to make the software to work on localhost for dev? It doesn’t seem to work.

Send us a support request we will help you out, also provide some details on what is not working for you over an email as well.

Hello BerkineDesign,

i get this Error when i will process a .png File:

[2022-02-20 11:01:22] local.ERROR: Cannot use object of type Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse as array {userId] (Error(code: 0): Cannot use object of type Illuminate\\Http\\JsonResponse as array at C:\\xampp_74\\htdocs\\instagram-ocr\\app\\Http\\Controllers\\User\\TextractController.php:271) [stacktrace]

Can you help me. Running the Code local on Apache


Send us a support request, we will back tomorrow from our vacation and will see what is the issue. From the logs above it looks like your textract task is not completed yet and you are trying to pull results

I setuped yesterday, my PDF is not working at all, showing pending from last night

Several admin panel pages showing error base table not found :(

Kindly help me to solve PDF conversation issue

Under our profile tab in codecanyon

Sent waiting for your resolution


I would like to make a pre-purchase suggestion.

I currently use the Perfex CRM code, which is currently one of the best sellers here. My suggestion would be, somehow through a module or plugin, to synchronize the receipt data. For example: Send images of receipts to the system to recognize the information, and send the data to Perfex CRM as expenses. I believe it would be a mass acquisition, given the high number of Perfex CRM users.

I’m willing to help with the development of the script and use my current platform in a test environment to make adjustments.


Thanks for the suggestion. We focus on cloud solutions at the moment, and creating a plugin for a CRM tool in a different framework is not on our radar.

1. Can it run on shared hosting? 2. Does it export data/text into Word and excel as well?


1 – Yes you can

2 – Form/Table processing tasks are exported in Excel, regular text is exported in txt format.

if I purchase it now and the saas version would be later released, will I get the update for the saas version?

got it, please let me know as well once it’s available

Hi, when do you plan to release new version?


Somewhere towards the end of the month a new SaaS version will be released. We will update this script afterwards as well.

Ok, very excited to wait. Surely there is a promotion for the new Saas version?

I will notify you ones it will be released

will handwritten documents work

Textract officially supports handwritten documents in english starting recently, but we haven’t tested it on our script… we will update this script towards the end of the year with different framework.

We like to have to customize the the textract for comparison document, wouLd you please email us for details thanks

Send us an email via our profile with further details on what are you planning to achieve…

Is possible extrac text and images from pdf ??

You can extract only text, both from images and pdf files, and also current version of this script only supports English language.

i need extract images from PDF, do you know if is possible? i send a email for private custom..

It won’t be possible with Amazon Textract. I will reply over an email as well.

Hi Berkine, nice job! I’m about to buy your script. Can you please explain in detail this : “Additionally, you can create smart search indexes, build automated approval workflows, and better maintain compliance with document archival rules by flagging data that may require redaction.” How to do that with your script? Thanks.


That part was copied from the main Textract page, and not implemented in our script. To achieve this, additional AWS services and components needs to be implemented. Thanks for letting us know.

Hello, I am looking for a product like yours that can do the following: read PDF/JPG text. mainly invoices. Text need to be extractable and it would be ideal to save th data as an xml or any data format that can be imported in my website during a cron run. Can your software do that?


Yes it does support PDF/JPG extensions, and tables are saved in comma separated csv format. You will need AWS account for it, and there you can test with Textract your files, if you are satisfied with the results, our script will give you the same results since we use exact same Textract APIs.


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