Reviews for Automatic WebP & Image Compression, Lazy Load for WordPress & WooCommerce

Reviews for Automatic WebP & Image Compression, Lazy Load for WordPress & WooCommerce

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for Design Quality

Ini plugin optimasi gambar terbaik menurut kami. 1 plugin bisa mebgerjakan banyak hal khususnya optimasi gambar. Terima kasih buat pengembang.

Author response

thank you!

for Other

Good Plugin easy to use - Nice Support
The compression takes a bit - but just let it run in the tablet or mobile phone browser and you can keep working ;-)

The conversion process is manual and takes a long time
But an unlimited number of images can be converted and compressed without a monthly cost
Technical support is friendly and tries to solve problems

Author response

Thank you!

for Customizability

working no automatically ...................

Author response

In what way its not automatic? Only existing images are not automatic as for a large catalog it could timeout. For future images, the compression/conversion is automatic

for Code Quality

The plugin made me happy at first, but then upset me. I didn't want to look for a replacement or refine the plugin, but apparently I should. But this plugin has a good side too, but not for me.
1) Very slow converting and compressing images. If you have 3 gigabytes of images, you will be waiting for a very long time. Also, you need to stay on the page and wait for all the images to be converted, but the good side here is that if you interrupt the conversion or compression, you can continue from where you left off. However, you can set up background processing in php, which will allow you to reload the page without interrupting the plugin. If you have a small site with 100 images, then the plugin is good.
2) When the "Convert images of the future" and "Compress images of the future" options are enabled, images load very slowly. Also, if a failure occurs, then most likely the image will not be compressed, but will be saved on the server and no messages will appear.
3) Compression with remush api does not compress as much as possible. I selected a picture for comparison and checked. Remush api compresses to 58 kb, while another image compression service compresses to 38 kb.
4) The worst thing about this plugin is that it does not convert images to webp well when the "Convert future images" option is enabled. When uploading images to wordpress server, it creates copies of images of different sizes, the plugin converts the main image, but does not convert the copies, which makes this function pointless.

Author response

Hello, thank you for the feedback, I will try to answer as best I can:
1) The module is designed this way for big sites not small sites, the initial compression/conversion is done only once, so it's more than acceptable to wait, having one cron job would timeout on most servers after 30 seconds, also, users preferer to press play button instead of setting a cron job every minute to achieve the same task.
2) the convert and compress option cannot affect image loading in any way, as the images are served by the webserver not php or the plugin, when a new image is added, it does extra processing to convert/compress each image, it's normal for it to load slower, I do not understand how it can be different you need to wait for 2 external services to compress and convert each image with all image sizes
3)That depends on the quality you select, the lower the image quality you select the smaller the image and the bigger the compression, I do not know other free services that compress better than resmush, but you may be right but you can try selecting a lower image quality.
4) The module converts all images not only main, if this happens to you, as we privately discussed, there is a problem and we will be more than happy to solve it.

for Customer Support

Excellent support!

The plugin is very good, it does what it claims to do. On the other hand, the support responds quickly and is there to help you. Recommended!

for Customer Support

Very good plugin, easy to use. It made my site faster. Support is fast, an answer comes after 10 minutes at the latest


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