Discussion on Automatic WebP & Image Compression, Lazy Load for WordPress & WooCommerce

Discussion on Automatic WebP & Image Compression, Lazy Load for WordPress & WooCommerce

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Good day. I can’t understand how your plugin works, I activated the “Display webp images in your website” function, cleared the cache, went to the site through the Google browser and decided to download the image, it remained in jpeg, then I tried to additionally activate the “Use <Picture> Tag” , cleared the cache, still the images remained in jpeg, then deactivated the “Use <Picture> Tag” function, then activated the “Change image extension”, cleared the cache, went to the site still in jpeg

please updete this item and add new feature

woks with openlitespeed web server and litespeed cache plugin?


sff01 Purchased

hello, I wrote a question to, but the answer came from and it wants FTP access. Is it someone from you or is a scam?

Thanks for the reply.


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Good morning,

What happens if I change domain after 1-2-3 years? I lose access to this plug-in and I have to buy a license a second time?

Do we have the possibility to activate and deactivate a license in the case of the migration of our site to a new domain name? For example:—>

Thanks in advance!

hello, the licenses are non transferable, there are 2 licenses, one for testing, one for live site.

Hi there, I was wondering if your plugin has the ability to convert to AVIF format, and if so, whether the conversion process can be self-hosted on my VPS.

hello, no it does not


I did the bulk but everything on my website remains png. Tried in google explorer and edge.

hello, it depends on the settings you have activated, if you have apache and do not change extension, you need to check the network tab in developer tools to see image type even in the source code you have png

Hi is this plugin still receiving updates? Any change to add .avif conversions too it? Thank you

Hello, the plugin is updated when neccesary, however all functionalities work as intended so there is no need for current updates. There is no plan of adding avif conversions

I am not able to run an image quality test. It always says There is an error when compressing your image please try again later.

please cont us via email so we can continue the discussion there at

I want only webp image on allover website. how to delete only jpg images?

You cannot have only webp abd delete jpg, not all browsers support webp so you need to serve jpg to them. Both jpg and webp must be on the server.

Please send link or video for detailed documentation

Hello, send documentation or video for what? the plugin has the documentation included, we do not have a video to provide.

Hi, hopefully simple question. I’ve switched on both ‘convert future images’ for webp and compression. I uploaded a test .jpg image of 131kb to the media folder – when I then check in the media folder, the image I have uploaded is the same size and has not converted to webp. Could you let me know why this might be? i was expecting it to be a bit smaller in size and also that I’d be seeing a webp image there instead of a .jpg.

Tks vm.

Hello, please contact us the support email, you should have seen the webp image also converted; The compression may not be visible if the image has been compressed before uploading;

Hi, I sent an email through the codecanyon support. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Tku

Hi, looking to convert / compress images. I’ve read the documentation. What I do is click on the ‘webp’ tab, choose my options, and then try to go to the folder for which images to apply this to. The page just seems to hang up, says it’s fetching the tree but just get a white screen. Any pointers? Tks vm.

Hello, that may happen if you have a large number of images, the only way to prevent this is to load by smaller loads (folders), press the little triangle in front of the folder and it will open subfolder;

perfect thank you :)

you are welcome

I sent a msg to support but did not get a response yet. the plugin is not working is just stuck at 1% spending 12hrs to figure out the problem but no luck

hello, we have replied to the email but no follow-up was recieved.

Any idea why the plug-in won’t compress anything? It simply just “spins” and nothing happens. I have tried to reinstall – same result.

Where can I see a log / the progress ?

best regards Andreas

Hello, you may have a js error, please contact us with an email at so we can better assist you

Can I use wordpress multisite for subdomain? (without the need to buy again.)
and resize ?
thanks. best regards.

You gave an irrelevant answer to the question I asked:
Image resize is generally done for images with a different image size that are not already at that size, there is no need to auto resize after the initial resize has finished.”
This is not the answer to my question.
Please read my question again and answer accordingly. actually, i think i have to write the file size and photoshop examples. Because I asked you if your plugin compresses the file after a Resize operation is done. Or, after your plugin compresses the image, does the other plugin resize the image? The question is pretty simple. I also explained why I asked this. your plugin may have very good compression algorithms and if your plugin works first, the other plugin that resizes a compressed image may expose the image to a higher file size when saving it. in short, the file size of the 1MP image saved by the other plugin may be larger than the file size of the 1MP image compressed by your plugin.
thanks, have a nice day.

As mentioned before, we are happy you did not purchase the plugin as you seem to think you know better and I stand by what I said, multiple things make no sense in your message, “the less you know the more you think you know”. At this point, I wish you a nice day and will not answer any more messages.

I didn’t tell you that I know better. I didn’t tell you that you know less. you can’t give a clear answer to a buyer. You’re skipping my questions. You always give the same answer. this is annoying. I just asked you how your plugin works. You are a rude writer. You have the attributes of your last message. And I have never insulted you. you are insulting. behavior that suits you.

Can this plugin work on a web that separates the Image server from the main website like using S3 Amazon?

Hello, CDN’s can cause issues if they cache the images depending on how your webserver is setup and the WebP display options. For example if you select the option to keep the original extension and serve WEBP and the amazon cdn caches them, it will serve webp images to non supporting browsers.

The plugin does not add watermark

My hosting doesn’t support images in webp format, would it still work?

Hello, the plugin uses our inhouse api to convert the images so your hosting does not matter.

Hi, I love your plugin. So much so that I have Cache Wamer and now I have Automatic WBEp & Image compression, which I love too! A question, when I leave activated the option to compress future image uploads, every time an upload file of photos, it generates a cookie.txt file in the root of my site. The file has references to Nestcape. My Wordfence accuses as modified file. Is he safe? what is his purpose? Congratulations two for the excellent plugins. I made sure that this cookie.txt is generated by your plugin, as I had ftp open and I tested it. The file is only generated if the option “convert future files” is enabled.

Hello, that file is used a cookie jar and generated by the plugin, there is no reason to be in alert, that just generates to store the temporary cookies or curl whe it is used.

Does it work with autoptimize and cloudflare?

Yes, it does


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