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If I have a page with custom template how can I use this plugin to restrict the content generated by the custom template? Does it support a trial period?

Will i be able to use conditional tags to restrict or display content in the custom template? And does it support a recurring payment or is there an add-on for it?


you can always use shortcodes in custom templates. Yes, armember has support of trial period.

Yes, you restrict content using tags. And yes recurring payment are supported and armember comes with 4 payment gateways and manual bank transfer method too. And we have some more payment gateways as addon too. you can check everything on our product page.


I have just one requirement for custom post types. Can you include support for custom post types?

Check this post by thrive themes. Apprentice is an educational feature, which means we can setup courses within WordPress plugin, and many membership platform doesn’t support custom post types to lock and protect the courses feature.

I pasted the sentence below from thrive themes site, check out the link below. It’s the same feature which learndash plugin uses.

Once activated, you’ll see some additional features for the Apprentice feature, along with two new post types:​

I wont be able to do detail study of your theme but i got basic idea that you want to restrict custom posts. And Yes in ARmember you can restrict custom posts.


Can this plugin issue refunds?

As of now refund from payment gateway side is not handled in armember but if all gateways support it then we may add it in future.

thanks for bringing this to us.

I can not get to protect the home page = (. I want to protect the home page. It is necessary that a guest redirected to the login page. But instead, see all of the guest. Private content on the main page, it is completely open.

The problem is solved!

okay np.


T_ed Purchased

Hello there! Few PRE Purchase questions.

1. Where can I find a full list of supported payment gateways? Especially interested in Webmoney and Yandex.Money.

2. I have guest posting plugin on my site which allows registered users to create their own posts and upload images. Will be your plugin working with this? I mean, does WP recognise users logged in through your plugin, or logged in users is like internal-your-plugin-only and WP does not “see” them?

3. Is there a way to restrict a part of page content for not logged in users?

3.1 Is there a conditional restriction for a part of content? For ex show content for Plan A, but hide from plan B. If yes, how does it work, via shortcode ([hide from plan B]content[/hide]) or something else?

Thanks, btw plugin looks really nice and promising.


1. Activation is one time process, we dont keep checking about activation from our site. so, if our site goes down it wont affect your site anyway.

2. Regarding addons, let me clear, “Additional Membership Modules” are builtin module which comes along with plugin itself, We have kept them separately for betterment of our customers. We believe in theory that each customer doesn’t need all features. So, we have given choice, customer can enable/disable modules according to their need. So, it will load only js/css of the modules enabled. And plugin also will remain easy to use and less complicated. :) Now, regarding “More ARMember Addons”. some addons are free of charge and some are paid. you can check on addon listing page.

3. I believe that armember is already being sold on very low price, As with these many features, and free addons other plugins charge big money. so, wait for any discount.

I hope i have made everything clear now.



T_ed Purchased

Hello again, yes, thanks, now everything is clear. Except I am as usually forgot to ask one more thing.

Your plugin activation is domain based as I can uderstand? Am I be able to use our plugin as usual on my test domain and localhost? Before making changes to my main site I like to test everything so I need to know would not it be a problem?


like most of other plugins here at at time license can be activated any one location. You can activate license at development site and then transfer license.



nvergnaud Purchased

Well, what to say? I set up my complete membership program in few hours with a total pleasure: user friendly, logical, smart, to be honest what you did is just AMAZING. And I can tell you that I’m in use with CRM functions, programs, specific devs.. whatever. I’m sincerely raising my hat guys.

Thank you for such nice words, it will encourage us to keep adding more features and improve our product. Thanks for buying it :)


I have a few pre-sales questions regarding ARMember-

1. Does it work with Genesis Framework?

2. I was testing the Demo version. But there I could not set the currency to Indian Rupee(INR). Does it support INR?

3.The built-in payment gateways are not supported in India. I shall be using Woocommerce + Instamojo for payment processing. Can ARMember handle that?

4. Can I integrate Pepipost/Sparkpost as outgoing SMTP based email service?



yes, sorry for the delay.

1. I think it should work just fine regardless of the framework you are using. Haven’t tested with genesis to be honest. but, armember follows all wordpress standards so i am positive.

2. Yes. INR is available in list of currency. you can use it in case of 2checkout as other available gateway don’t support it.

3. Yes, you can use woocommerce to buy plans of armember, we already have that facility.

4. Pepipost/Sparkpost are new for us but yes armember has facility to configure smtp setting to send mail. so, should work.



Sorry, for using harsh words. You can remove my previous comment.

1,3,4- is what I need precisely.

2- I’ll explain this one a bit. I shall be selling ARMember plans as Woocommerce digital products. I have some more queries regarding this-

a. Where do I set the currency option? In Woocommerce settings or in ARMember settings?

b. If a visitor purchases a membership via Woocommerce + Instamojo gateway, will he/she be automatically added to an ARMember plan?

Please help me decide asap!

Kamelia B


a. you need to set at both places.

a. Yes, it will be automatically added in armember list and the relevant plan will be assigned.


Before I go ahead and order, may I just need to confirm this is the right product for me. If a user creates a membership, is there an option for them to be able to send me a message whilst logged in to their account so that when I receive it, I can see the members details (for example, their email address and username)? By this, I mean that their details are auto populated so that they don’t need to re-enter their email address or username on the form before submitting the message. Also, how would I receive the messages? Is there a way to have them added to a searchable database so I can search through it for keywords? Thanks in advance,


Hey Mark,

thanks for showing interest in armember.

however, what you are asking may not be possible in armember at the moment, Do you want messaging system between members??? we probably will add messaging module soon in armember.

But if you are talking about notification, then yes, there is way to get email notification when new member registers.


Thanks for the reply.

By messaging, I want users to be able to send messages to me, as the site admin. For example, once logged in, they will gain access to a protected page where they are asked to answer a competition question and submit their answer. The answer will involve written text rather than selecting an answer from a list. Is the plugin capable of doing that, without the need for them to re-enter their email address or user name, so I can identify who sent it?

I’ve watched a review video now so I have a better idea of what the plugin does. One thing I noticed in the video is that the webpage creator used two subscription types. One was free and the other was paid membership. On the free option, it displayed $0 as the membership fee. Is it possible to remove the reference to payment if I just want to manage free memberships. I don’t want to give the impression that I may charge in future.

Finally, with the time delayed content, is it possible to reveal pages or part of pages on set days and times, allowing me to create the pages in advance, knowing members wouldn’t be able to access the content until I want them too. Also, does this work in reverse so that content can be hidden again after a set period?

Sorry for so many questions.

Many Thanks,


Hey Mark,

1. sorry but the kind of question answer you are asking is not available in armember. And its not feature one membership site should have. But, you can use any paid or free plugin to achieve that part.

2. Yes, for free plan i think you can hide price.

3. Yes, you surely can achieve it. in fact you can set email notificatoin too when new content gets revealed.


Hello! Thanks a lot fot this new udpate! Nice job! :D

Thank you very much for continuous encouragement. It really boosts us to work harder. :)

Glad to hear that! But the most important thing is that you continue to advance this awesome plugin! Keep Up mate :D


giansul Purchased

Where the 1.8.1 Change Log ? What’s new? Can’t see here, can’t see in admin wordpress.

always check here

As here on codecanyon. it totally depends on update approval.


mreilly7 Purchased

Presale question: I’m building out a platform that requires the user to create a rather robust profile by answering questions during registration. Am I able paginate registration forms using ARMember? If not, could I use Gravity Forms in conjunction with AR Member?

The next question is a little more random but, is it possible to generate an individual page per user when they sign up? For example, a user registers and at the same time a page is created with the URL of www.yoursite/users/username.



pagination on registration form is not possible yet, may be in future we will be able to add it.

regarding second question are you asking about user’s public profile page and having different user for each user??


I want to use Gumroad as my payment platform. Can I use direct login for each user? Also do you provide Stripe Gateway? And can I embed Private Vimeo Video in the membership area?


1. Gumroad payment gateway option is not yet available in armember. If thats available in woocommerce then you can use that route. ARMember ha this feature that you can buy armember plans using woocommerce.

2. To create direct login link you need to do it manually for every user and then yes you can do it.

3. Yes, ARmember comes with builtin support of stripe dateway.

4. I am not sure what do you mean by embed private video. armember can allow you to restrict partial content of the page. so, i think you can achieve what you possibly trying to ask but still for better answer you need to explain this part to me.



We manually approve our members and when I am trying to make a custom email message in the system when a member is manually approved no matter what content I use the message will not save and red tab slides in from the right and says “undefined” (in place of the normal green tab that shows when an action is saved successfully)

Please help this is critical.


never received such complaint. Please open support ticket at our helpdesk. Our support staff will assist you asap.


Hey, Seems like a great plugin – One question though: Can you restrict by date the free plan? Can you give a free plan to one week or month? Thanks for your answer.


I understood your requirement. I think you can achieve this functionality using trial period option. so, people get free trial of xyz plan for let say 7 days and after that if they do not buy their access will be restricted. Its easy in armember.


Great, One followup – they will still need to signup and enter their credit card info Right?

its upto you, You can give option of auto debit or you can give option of manual debit every month. in case of manual debit user will enter card detail upon renew.