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Is anybody has problem with PayPal not recorded in Payment history? Transaction complete but no trace in payment history

Should not happen. if you need any assistance then kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


It’s a great and complete plugin that worth more than 100$ for me, but a forum would be nice when looking or sharing server/soft issues. I’v tickets pending but answers could be useful for others.

Thank you for the complements. Will look forward to open forum but its difficult to handle forums and tickets. As in our helpdesk when user open ticket we would be able to easily know his last issue if he had opened ticket. So, we can assist him accordingly.


Just curious…did the social login with Twitter change at all? I used to be able to login with it, but now it brings me to create a new account. I double checked all settings. I just wanted to know if Twitter will always try to create a new account? Google works flawlessly, but Twitter doesn’t recognize my login. Just testing the plugin again and was wondering. I don’t see anything in the questions or documentation so I assume it would just sign me in but it doesn’t.

From my best knowledge no change in twitter noticed yet. Still will check with our developer team. And if its found that changes in twitter login then will surely change it in next release.



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Okay then this might be normal behavior. I have the app set to allow email addresses to be asked for. When I login using Twitter it brings me to the create a new account screen and it should recognize my email address and log me in. Facebook, G+, LinkedIn works fine. I don’t use Vk so I am unsure about that. Just wanted to make sure that it was normal for it to create a new account on Twitter login. Thanks for the reply!

Some pre sales questions…. After a member signs up for a package and want to upgrade… Can the plugin charge only the diffrence between the two? What theme would you recommend with the plugin? Is it possible to add vouchers (say I have a seminar and want to give the first 20 people free access to paid content….) If you add PAYFAST as a Payment gateway…. I will then buy with extended support…. immediatly


1. Pro-rata facility is not yet available in armember. we shall add it in future.

2. Anything which follows wordpress standard will work with armember.

3. Not possible yet.

4. Payfast is not vailable yet. will forward to our core team.


thanks for the response… wil reconsider, once extra features are added

No problem. Thanks for showing interest.

Can you please include steps to replace the branding (logo) on your next documentation release? For the sake of formality I have raised ticket as well. If you could reply here as well on the procedure, it might help the mass. Thank you in advance


good suggestion, will probably add steps in our documentation in future.

To replace log from wp-login you just need to change in css file of ARMember which is arm_wp_login.css

for more details i would encourage you to keep using helpdesk.



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Does this plugin supports RTL direction + Hebrew language?


Yes It works fine with RTL. And should not have problem with any language including hebrew

Hello we are thinking of getting this plugin. Just one question.Is there a way to download the user info like excel etc?

also have you added the custom meta data yet?


you can export user data in csv, xml format at present.

if you need all custom data to be exported then that feature is coming in next release.


Is your plugin can create similar to upwork and LinkedIn? I am trying to build a membership site similar to those job sites. Thanks!

I dont think its appropriate plugin for your need.


Hi, I am developing a listings site with a custom post type where users sign up and add listings under this custom post type and I want to drip this content. I took your test drive and I noticed there is NO possibility of setting it up so ALL posts within this custom post type get dripped, you have to manually select each post individually. This is impossible to do when people are adding many listings everyday. Is there a way to fix this so there is an option to select ALL posts in the custom post type category? Also, you have 3 drip options: 1) Immediately 2) After x number of days after sign up 3) On a specific date but wouldn’t it be logical to also have the option to drip content based on x number of days after a post is publish/modified? (premium members see it now and basic members see it x numbers of days later) Are these to things possible? This is FUNDAMENTAL for many people who have front end user posts.


Yes it totally make sense to me and thanks for sharing your real time cases. I have discussed with our core team and we have decided to add this feature in future release but may not be possible in next release as lots of things are are bringing in next release already.

So, In near future this functionality will definitely be added to let user select taxonomy and probably tags too in drip rule.



i am little curious about one thing, where exactly in real world one would need to have option to reveal post content after x days of published. Suppose if one user registered today and another after 5 days. And if you have published post today then it will not be same for both users as duration for both is not same to see the post.

EXACTLY!!! Thanks for asking…. Here is a REAL LIFE example: In any listings website it is very common to allow premium members to see all listings as soon as they are published/updated and basic members to see those same listings, but x number of days after they are published/updated, so that way users have an incentive to upgrade to premium membership so they can see the FRESHEST listings first while basic members only see older listings. Does this make any sense to you? Another suggestion since you are willing to listen would be to have a PROPER search in the member directory, by this I mean the capability to use custom profile fields in the search to filter members, this is very useful when you have members from different cities and states with different skills or company they work for, etc. You could search for ALL of those things in a proper search/filter form. Thanks again for listening, most developers don’t.


dijidiji Purchased

First of all, great plugin and great options. I have a couple of small issues though and opened up tickets 2 days ago, please have a look.

- I want to show “FREE” instead of ”$0” on my free membership pack, is there a way to do that?

- I also want to have a registration form with name and email only. After filling the form, the mail should have an activation link and take the user to password page so they can enter a password. I’d be also glad if the password is created and sent by that activation email. Is there a way to do either of those options?

Thank you,


Thanks for the complements. We are getting better and better.

Regarding your ticket i saw that you had opened on 20th so, its one day. So, kindly have patience support staff will assist you asap. It sometimes take upto 48 hours to reply.



5. So, if I understand correctly, That your plugin Is much better To this plugin here “Ultimate Membership Pro”

I have great doubts, because your plugin is not complete? , You must buy other add ons.

Thank you


We are never willing to claim that armember would be cheapest. We are keeping price very reasonable to balance affordability between us and our customer.

If you are technical person and check its functionality its coding and depth of features then you will understand.

For example armember is probably only membership plugin which provides powerful built in form builder to create beautiful login and signup forms. Many such areas where armember is much better then any other membership plugin available in entire wordpress market not just codecanyon.

And btw our competition is not with Ultimate Membership Pro. We just want to deliver best performing and most easy to use membership plugin.

Our way to add some optional functionality as addon because if you include everything in same plugin then it will significantly impact performance as not everybody going to need every functionality.

Even our armember plugin itself too we have given option to enable some modules which our customer may or may not want to use so it would run smooth and fast. And have given some free addons too

And lastly we are adding tons of new features in our upcoming release.

Thanks for giving us opportunity to explain it :)


DriesACN Purchased

Hi I purchased ARMember and did nothing with it, I thought to build the site first. Anycase my question is simple, once the user log in then it takes them to the update profile page and then when I update the profile it saves, how do I proceed from there


For any technical support assistance kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.



astrales Purchased

Its me again with same question. Any progress on multilingual update?

As i had explained few days ago. Its not possible to bring that feature any sooner what you are asking will take couple of weeks at least. Not that we are not willing to do it, but armember is big software now so, it will take time.

Hi, If your plugin is used with WooCommerce, would a customer see his orders and all details (address, profile) in the member area?


In member area you can put armember shortcode to show member all payment transactions. Not exatly woocommerce order page but it will show plan purchase history in general.


I am interested on multilingual update too.

WOW that is GREAT!

Please let me know when update released I want to buy plugin.

Yes. will let you know once its available.


Hi, is user interaction possible or planned (follow other users, private messaging, etc.)? Also, I am looking after tags for users (like, interests a user can choose) and the possibility to send admin messages to all users of a certain interest tag.

I know, this is probably rather custom functionality, and after trying out several other tools without any luck so far I am hoping for a bit of luck here as this plugin is looking really great..


private messaging etc are not yet available in armember but we have future plans to add such features in core plugin or may be as addon.


hi, Pre-sales questions:

I am making a paid-membership site, having different DIY tutorials.

1 – Can i have email as username for the site? (and not have users makeup a username) 2 – I want to have users buy different tutorial DIY pages separately or an annual subscription. Is that possible? 3 – Can I create discount coupon-codes or is that a separate add-on? 4 – Is there a system to remind users to renew annual subscription? 5 – Is Login area a new page or a pop-up? 6 – Can I use short-code to restrict content to a level? 7 – If one common content is accessible to multiple levels, how to use short-codes to restrict that content.



1. Yes Armember has such facility to set email as username.

2. At present user can subscribe only one package. But good news is we are adding feature where user can buy multiple packages without problem in very next release. It would take couple of weeks.

3. Coupon module is inbuilt in armember plugin.

4. you can set emails which will remind people for payment few days earlier.

5. In Armember you can do both. In fact you can set login popup link in navigation menu too without having any programming knowledge.

6. Yes, you can use shortcode as well as you can use our access rules section to handle permissions.

7. you can put shortcodes conditionally to allow which levels/plans to have accessible to that content.


Hi there.

A pre-sale question. I am looking to develop a site that lock down the entire site and will require user to sign up for a paid account before having to ability to browse any further.

So the question are as follow.

1. if this plugin will allow me to achieve single login or sign up page without code modification. If modification is needed, is this something that you offer? 2. We are looking at a different payment gateway from what you have already develop, please advice if the membership feature is restricted entirely to the payment module of this plugin or we are able to incorporate to woocommerce checkout.

Thank you.


Yes you can just leave home page open and lockdown rest everything.

2. we have multiple payment gateways inbuilt plus we have some payment gateways as paid addon AND we also have facility where you can use woocommerce to buy armember plans/levels.


Hi, I am trying to undestand. “The No. of time uses allowed” means:

a) Total number of time the coupon can be used by any users 

b) Total number of time the coupon can be used by the same users

Basically I am trying to make a coupon that can be used only 1 time per each user at sign up. Is it possible?