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Presales question. I want to use this for my sports club. I want to use for members to pay their month, quarterly or yearly subs, I’m pretty sure that this would fit the bill. However can every member have a private account page where they can see their subscription level and downgrade, upgrade and look at payment history. Additionally is there a way to add new information to the ‘user profile’ page to show when they started, any achievements, attendance etc.. possible via another plugin?

I think most of things you are asking are already there in ARMember.


Hi, thanks for getting back to me. However can you please be a bit more specific. Or detail the features that are not present and offer advice on how I can achieve them with other plugins or addons?

1. members can pay for monthly subscriptions. 2. yes you can display information to every user about their current plans. you can give option to change plans. and also can show transaction history. 3. you can display badgets/achievements, other basic information in profile page. for other plugin support i cant comment widely if you ask for any specific plugin they may be if i am familiar with that plugin compatibility with armember then will certainly clarify.


Thank you for this new update! :) Keep up the good work.

Yes. Thanks for the encouragement. we will never stop improving it :)

If I buy this, can you make it compatible with Wpdiscuz?

Sorry. I wont be able to give any such promise. :)


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I’m writting here since your password reset is taking time to send me the password reset link.

I wonder how is managed the submit button of the edit profile page? Do you change his state with javascript?

In facts, this button is hidden in CSS, armember/css/arm_form_style.css :
.arm_form_field_submit_button.arm_btn_style_border {
    background-color: transparent!important;

It has a fucking !important on it, i can maybe overide it by adding a .body and !important directly in my style.css. But I just want to be sure I’m not the only one to have this bug. Tested on Chrome.


Please avoid abusive words. if you are not able to open support ticket then contact us through messagebox of our profile page



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Allright, it seems you had a bad day. Just read again my message and think about what are my abusive words here? I used only one word (fc*kin) to describe the !important rule, nothing more.

LoL, what a day, It’s probably the moon phase soon isn’t it? :p Well, whatever, I have totally forgotten this private contact form, and moreover I had the reset link 3 hours later and then I opened a ticket in your support desk.

[EDIT] @opinionator7 : ARMEMBER works properly with WP_Discuz. I’m using them both in my website too. In facts, both are using something similar than the native WP function : get_avatar(). This means that if a user upload an image profile in his account with ARMEMBER, this image will be displayed in WP Discuz properly too.

yes, thanks for opening ticket. Our technical support staff will assist you probably by monday.

Hi, I have two prebuy questions:

1. Is it possible to have two payment gateways active for user to choose one? 2. Is it possible to have different currency for each payment gateway?


Thank you for response. Please tell me is it possible to have two currencies if payments goes thru Woocommerce? Thanks.

it will only show one currency in transactions page. once plan is assigned rest should remain same.


so, you can use it that way if you want. :)


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This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I think you are taking it completely wrong. we are just willing to maintain order. Here when you ask some question many times it happen that we may need more details. we might need login in some case. which you can not answer obviously for security reasons.

So, its for your own good. your own safety.

we have all means to help you, nothing like avoiding you. we have solved more then 3000 tickets so far for our plugins.

i will try to answer your question much as possible. please show me screenshot on what exactly you are trying to achieve. you need to put label on checkbox?? plz explain more.

And one more thing i would like to clarify for other customers too that other member you are talking who had difficulty in opening support ticket was his own mistake that he was not selecting ARMember as product in dropdown while opening support ticket. Later on he realized it and could successfully open support ticket and we have already resolved it too. but people do not usually care for putting such clarification once their problem gets solved :)

I have a live site with a monthly recurring membership with a 7day trial set up through paypal gateway. I’ve had a handful of people sign up but I’m not seeing any agreements or sign of this working in Paypal. Can you help?

yes, thanks for opening support ticket. we will assist you soon.


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Hi! Just bought this cool plugin. Can you point me to the proper documentation or tutorial video that can show me how to set up memberships as per your demo? So for example, the user kresty695 has Golden plan and can access various webinars. I want to set up memberships precisely like that and also give access to digital downloads. I can’t find how to accomplish this in your documentation. Thanks so much.


joed777 Purchased

Also, do you have the file for your demo content? Perhaps I can use that to start with and modify according to my needs :-) Thanks.

thanks for buying armember.

we have detailed documentation and some video tutorials too. if you go to our website and there click on help navigation menu then you will see we have full documentation, we have video tutorials and we have developer documentation too in case if you want to do some customization by your own.

For any technical support you can always open support ticket at our helpdesk.


Hello, it’s very good plugin, thx. We need integration with Email Marketing Tool


thanks using ARmember. And thanks for giving suggestion. will add it in our list. if it will be possible then we will add it in future release.




How to generate 1000 coupons for one time?

at present you need to create coupon manually.

Can this create modal social logins? Or the social login is for the full login page?

Also can i see some example for someone who already uses the content restriction? I want to buy it just need to see it look as professional as I want. Thank you!


yes, You can create modal login form with social login button in it. Infact you can put just social login button too on anywhere. ARMember is only membership plugin which handles it nicely :)

Yes, Armember has best content restriction section and its very much accountable that at one place you can see all your permissions and protections given. unlike others where you have to check every page.

you can get basic idea by our demo here


how to translate/edit the “Edit Profile” page?

its not complicated at all but you need to open support ticket to get any further help.

I’m telling you that your support forum is not working

there is no support forum. Its helpdesk system where you get one to one response. here is the link

please register there and open support ticket.

i’m not sure how the message came through but i will not use the system. it has been too long since i heard from you and i dont have the assurance that the plugin can be stable and work for long period of time. i need the refund.

I think there is some confusion. you are using plugin for 2-3 months now and i can see that there was ticket too and our support staff had replied as well.

Plugin is perfectly stable and if you check in just 4 months of launch we have added many features and huge improvement.

so, please have faith will check and will ask senior support expert to assist you on urgent basis.

“Invite Only” Membership sign up I’d like to know more information about this but your infographic on the sales page is repeated text from the item thats below it so it doesn’t give me any information…Can you please elaborate on this function because if it does what I think it is, its exactly what I’m looking for.

Thank you.

Yes sure,

its simple you can create special type of coupon code which will work as invite only code. you can then give that invite code to your desired people

so, when user signup. if signup is invite only then user must enter that code to submit form. Only then user will be able to signup.

it handled very nicely and simply.