ARG Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce

ARG Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce

With beautiful and intuitive design, ARG Multistep Checkout helps you achieve a better user experience by dividing the most important elements of the default wooCommerce checkout process. More sales is a goal easy to achieve and this is where ARG Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce steps in by making a hard process a simple one and easy to understand.

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What Offers
ARG Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce is lightweight, flexible, easy to install and setup. It’s important to know that this plugin isn’t developed to only make the experience more enjoyable for the buyer but in the same way the seller must have well organized and intuitive options to work with. The main feature of this plugin is that you can do lots of customizations using the built-in options and get the look you have in mind in no time.
Core Features:
  • Intuitive design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fully customizable
  • Translation ready
  • WPML Compatible
  • A reliable step by step validation
  • Compatible with top selling themes
  • Fully responsive design
  • Cross browser compatible
Customization Features:
  • Easily change colors
  • Change buttons & labels text
  • Use different tab layouts/styles
  • Show/hide specific steps
  • Combine different checkout steps

Login Step

Registration Form on the Login Step

Registration Form on the Login Step Second Layout

Force Users to Login or Register

Coupon Step

Coupon on Another Step

Billing & Shipping Step

Order & Payment Step

Order Review Step

Notes: Product images used in the demo are not included in this plugin.
Change Log
Version 2.6
New Feature - Option to force users to login or register
New Feature - Option to add custom text above the login and register sections
New Feature - Add current step name class on the multistep wrapper to easily target and style each step

Version 2.5
Improved compatibility with other themes and plugins

Version 2.4
New feature - Registration Form on the Login Step via Admin Options (Second Layout)

Version 2.3
Improved compatibility with older php versions

Version 2.2
New feature -  Registration Form on the Login Step via Admin Options

Version 2.1
New feature - Move Coupon on Another Step via Admin Options

Version 2.0
New feature - tab layout arrows alt style
New feature - tab layout progress bar style
Fix - compatible with WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Version 1.9
New feature - Added order review step
New feature - Step validation much faster (removed the preloader on step validation)
New feature - Tabs colors fully customizable

Version 1.8
New feature - Options to change wizard buttons (skip login, next, previous, place order) styles for a better user experience 

Version 1.7
New feature - Show/hide product image in the checkout order review table

Version 1.6
Improved code for a better compatibility with other plugins like "woocommerce extra charges to payment gateway"...
Fix - change step name

Version 1.5
Improved scripts for a better compatibility with other themes/plugins

Version 1.4
Improved functionality/documentation for adding new custom steps
Improved scripts/css styles

Version 1.3
New feature - tab layout arrows style
New feature - added functionality for creating new custom steps
Improved scripts

Version 1.2
Improved multilanguage functionality
Improved documentation 
Improved admin options

Version 1.1
Fixed some minor styling issues