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Please how to place the category in the product link before the product name

Example: site.com/category/sub-category/product

= Site.com/cell-phone/motorola/motog4

For this type of url structure you have to use a custom permalinks plugin.

Hy Anjum,will you create full guidance video of Arena phone store and tell me how many mobile phone brand widget I can create and which type of theme will be good please reply.

I have plan to create some videos for APS setup in next month, you can add as much widgets as needed,themes build on bootstrap framework works fine.

Hi Anjum

I like this plugin and i want to purchase it but i want you to clear my doubt on something.

can i embed the specifications of a product directly inside an article?

Let’s say i have created the specifications of a gadget and i want to embed it directly to an article for people to view?

I await your swift response.

Yes, you can display product specs and more by using shortcodes.

Hi Anjum,

Can you please help me out in fixing the footer on my APS pages: https://www.technewsinc.com/gadgets/

All the pages are having the footer with fixed width. The default of the plugin. But actually my footer is of full width, you can check other pages apart from APS pages.

Thanks Alam

APS not touching your theme’s header and footer, you have an un-closed “div” tag above the footer, find and close that div to solve this problem.


badrealam Purchased

Hey Anjum, I tried my best to debug and find the missing div tag, but was unable to find it. Can you please help me out how did you find the same. Please it will be of great help to me.

Thanks Alam


Anjum Author

You have 2 un-closed div tags in your ads code, please check you ads code in a code editor before inserting.


otho78 Purchased

hello, any possibility to import data from xml file please


Anjum Author

Not yet, but i have planed to create an add-on for XML data import/export in near future.

Hi Anjum can we upload csv file via this plugin.how much brand name I can add to my website with this please inform


Anjum Author

No CSV files are not supported due to lake of complex structured data handling, You can add unlimited number of Brands.

How do I make shortcode for specification with the current post?

I’m trying this is not working


// create function Product specs function aps_product_specs_shortcode($atts) { extract(shortcode_atts( array( ‘pid’ => ’’ ), $atts ) );

if ((int) $pid) {
        // start output
        $out = ' ';
        $out .= ob_get_contents();
        $out .= ' ';
return $out;
// add shortcode for product specs [aps_product_specs]
add_shortcode('aps_product_specs', 'aps_product_specs_shortcode');

I’m trying to pull the spec of the current page, where is the post

if you want to hard-code this shortcode in a template file, you can do so.

do_shortcode('[aps_product_specs id="' .$post->ID .'"]');

Please, I would like to make a code, without the php code, in the custom tab I am using, the php code does not work.

Hi there and thank you for creating that beautiful plugin.

I am from Germany so I transalted a lot of your plugin (still not ready, there are 3689 phrases at all).

But I mentioned, that translating currencies and countries and icon names (dropdown options) results in having a very unsorted dropdown in frontend/backend.

Can you make it possible to sort those dropdown options by name and not by slug?

Categories and Brands drop-downs are sorted by name by default, if you are asking for Settings options drop-down then it’s not possible to sort each drop-down for each language.

Hi Anjum

I like this plugin and i want to purchase it for my wordpress blogs. So, it can support indian rupees for mobile prices?


Yes, Indian rupees (currency) is added in currencies list.

Thank U…one more query..Can I add affiliate links also


kazeforest Purchased

Hi Anjum,

How to remove “Rate this Product” on reviews tab?

You have to edit reviews php file to remove Rate this Product.

Hi Anjum Can I instal this plugin to existing website.will it work well?will I need to put data again after installing this plugin.

Yes you can install the plugin on your existing website but you have to add products again.