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Hello, can somebody help me with the visual composer, please, how to insert new items in vc

What is right file name for translation? “aps-text-cs_CZ.mo” or cs_CZ.mo” ?

It depends on your configuration.

What do you mean? Because neither one works :(

Please renew your support extension for help and support.

The plugin seems to be awesome but I have a question. The plugin was created at August 2014 and why you don’t have much sales? I believe this type of plugin should have much more sales then you currently have!

It was created for only Mobile Phones specs, as you may know the items get exposure in first 2-3 weeks at enavto, after a month there is only search queries to find the relevant item on market place, Now the plugin support multiple categories and a lot of new features added in updates, also i have not advertised it as it needs to be advertised.

I have shown the only real things to the buyers without any cosmetics, it’s totally depend on buyer to purchase it or not.

It’s not a problem it has not much sales as you said but i am happy to deliver a good product and reliable support to my customers, The item has got mostly 5 stars rating from users.

all plural? -Overall User’s Rating The overall rating is based on 4 [u]reviews?[/u] by users. The overall rating is based on 1 [u]reviews?[/u] by users.

okay, will check.

Hello. Is there a way to have only 1 product showing in a widget? i want to associate it to a post, showing a exactly product. Thanks in advance

Instead of showing the 3, 6, 9 and 12 products as you mention, can’t you add option on the widget for more and better filters? Like, the hability to choose as many itens we like, for example only 1, and also, choose a specific item to show, adding his ID for example? This feature will be alot better and would give the user better control of what he can do with ur plugin. You already added the option to show a main specs from a specific ID product…

sure, do it in next updates.

Okay, ill await for that update. Thanks in advance :)

I am trying to import the demo data and this keeps popping up : https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2775394/6c38e4346969fb59bd5758a5f468fd98

Everything is market with a “check” and okay. Hummm

Try to increase your php’s max execution time using php.ini or htaccess file, you can find more about by using google search.

Problem solved, thanks!


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Hello Anjum, How is possible to use visual composer to show aps products as custom posts, Than you in advance

Ask visual composer author, he/she can built templates for.

This option seem very legite too, and you plugin doesn’t have it but would be a nice feature on next update. The hability to separate product colours like this : https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2784911/d3f09482abe715cd7a3cc9cadfdc2f61. regards

You can do it by using attributes and filters.


Hey Anjum, I want to create an online affiliate store. Can I use content egg with this plugin to fetch products from different merchants and show them. And there will be more than 50k products , so will there be any impact on search speed? And when a product details are fetched using content egg how the specification part will be synchronized with the specification tab of APS?

Please respond to this.

Thanks, Deepak

There is not any relation between content egg and APS plugin, the data is way different, you have to insert data manually, for affiliate offers you have to customize the plugin.


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Hello, I want the text to be left-aligned on the comparison page. thanks. http://www.image-share.com/ijpg-3622-292.html

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Hi, is there a way to embed a comparison into a WordPress post?

No, You can place link to comparison in your posts.


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I understand, thanks for the fast answer!

After updating to latest version, I can not add products to compare. On clicking compare icon, nothing happens. I’m seeing this error in browser console: Uncaught ReferenceError: comp_cn is not defined at n (aps-main-script-min.js:2) at aps-main-script-min.js:2 at aps-main-script-min.js:2

Website: https://www.geekdashboard.com/smartphone/xiaomi-mi-a1-5x/

HEY ANJUM, i want to purchase this plugin but it does not have flixibility eg; 1) the widgets (new arrivals & top rated products) don’t have aps category filters like category,price,tags etc. SO that in one tab we may display new arrivals for phones and in second tab laptop products and in third cameras 2.) secondly please add more detals on product box on catalogue and widget page like left and right bottom boxes with written read more and compare as it may look like a product grid not any simple post grid. Even very simple plugins have these features lacking which many like me drops the purchase idea. please add these features as soon as possible so that we may buy it. thankyou…!

you already considered defeat…...we are just asking to add category filter in widgets. Is that wrong..thats because this simple step will solve all the problems of displaying in visual composer,elementor or divi or any other builder….the buyers will not have to ask every theme builder or page builder and even you for helping them to display aps products anywhere .”CREATING THIS WILL MAKE IT A PERFECT PLUGIN”.And instead of saying that i will add this in future updates as i could you are saying purchase it otherwise no problem. well thankyou for clarifying….means no updates in future….!

The New Arrivals and Top Rated Widgets already has category filters and some other settings too.
The updates are regularly delivered with new features, every user needs their own customized solution which is not possible with a single plugin.
Everyday i have received new features requests and picked only which are appropriate for all users i can’t make this to fulfill the requirements of a single user and also don’t want to make things which can reduce the performance.

thanks for the reply, i checked the 2.5.1 version on my friends website which did not had these features and i really like this plugin so i was asking for it. you must have included in 2.5.3 version. Again thanks for your support. Now I can buy it.

Hello Anjum, You really developed a great plugin for us. I have seen a lots of site using your plugin. I am personally appreciate your efforts and washing you very very best of luck.

Samsung mobile price Bd

Thank You for Your Kind Words.

Is this plugin work with any theme? Can I use specification option only, as my theme have other functionality.

Yes it works with almost every standard WordPress themes, yes you can use it for product specifications.

at first i appreciate for your great plugin… i installed latest version 2.5.3 as plugin but i got this error…

Warning: Parameter 2 to aps_products_search_where() expected to be a reference, value given in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php on line 298

here is line 298 $value = call_user_func_array( $the_[‘function’], $args );

would u please help…


Anjum Author

Please verify your purchase!


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How can i remove “Price” from compare page? Please. Is it possible?


Anjum Author

You have to edit the compare page template, or use CSS styles to hide the pricing row.


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Hello , Is this plugin can work with “AMP” ?


Anjum Author

Not yet, but in near future i’ll try to make it AMP friendly.

How to edit canonical url of comparisons list archives? https://www.geekdashboard.com/compare-list/page/2/

Currently, canonical link is set to the first page of comparisons instead of actual page and it is ignoring the Yoast SEO settings. It is creating duplicate meta description and indexing all pages like pages/2 page/3 page/4

Everything works fine with brands archives, categories archive. The only problem is with comparisons archive.

Any fix for this issue?

canonical urls are not generated by APS.

What about this code in aps-functions? // replace WP canonical url for compare page remove_action( 'wp_head', 'rel_canonical' ); add_action( 'wp_head', 'aps_rel_canonical' ); function aps_rel_canonical() { $settings = get_aps_settings('settings'); if (is_page($settings['comp-page'])) { $link = get_compare_page_link(); echo '<link rel="canonical" href="' .$link .'" />' ."\n"; } }

I have 1 feature request that would make this an auto-buy for me, and probably for multiple sites. And it’s probably a feature that’s quite simple to add, I just don’t have the technical expertise.

That is, a shortcode that lets you embed an ‘group’ section of a product comparison into another post.

For example, you have spec groups in your camera comparisons like ‘imaging’ and ‘performance’.

If you can create a shortcode that will let me display (for example) the ‘imaging’ group comparison of 2 specific products, this would literally be the perfect plugin for my many review sites. Where it simply displays the exact comparison group as it would be formatted in the head-to-head comparison page.

So for example: [arena_compare_table group=”imaging” product1=”S810c” product2=”Coolpix900”]. You get the idea.

The reason for this is that my comparisons are actually in-depth articles with their own seo-friendly permalink ‘compare/product1-vs-product2’ and they have actual custom analysis, not just data. I think many people have similar sites.

This would allow me to embed relevant comparison tables into the various sections of the comparison article. I could even easily build the shortcode into a page template.

If this sounds like an easy improvement and something worth doing (or the feature exists already) please let me know and I will be your next customer.

Thanks, Matt