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How to create 4 product columns in search aps-compare?

Search results columns are responsive, if you still want to make them 4 columns, paste the code below in “Custom CSS Styles” box in the end of APS Settings . Design (tab) and save changes.

.aps-comp-results li {width:25% !important;}

I think you’ve modified search field size, please use media queries to style search results columns.

Can I use additional plugin with this plugin to upload xml files or not

Hi Anjum,

i would like to add particular products list with slider(scrolling) type in my blog home page. How to create that…


You have to create it yourself, APS has not any product scroller yet.

Really like this.

But is it optimized for display on phones ?

It seems to mash the specifications together to where you are not certain which specification goes to which product.


Will this be improved in an update ?

On which phone you’ve tested?

Samsung S4

1- When doing a comparison you have to remember the names of what product 1 and product 2 are AND the order in which they are displayed, as you scroll down, otherwise you don’t remember which spec. belongs to which product.


2 – Can we load the products via a CSV file ?


3 – Can this work with WooCommerce ?


4 – Will this allow us to make “Affiliate” income from Amazon, EBay or Aliexpress ?

If yes, does the content and price get auto-updated ?

It’ll be improved in next updates. You can import products using JSON data format, csv files are not supported at the moment, You may display products data in a woocomerce product using shortcode, You can add affiliate offers from any online store, you have update prices and content manually.

Hello, http://drakesmotors.com/comparison/honda-cb150r-streetfire-vs-yamaha-tfx-150 . it has problems on mobile view. please help

Can you please tell me what is the problem? a screenshot can help.


I am trying to import data from one domain to another. I have changed my domain name. Data json file created from old domain with 5MB. I am getting error while importing to new domain. Error: “Please upload a JSON data file to import APS data.”

Please help me out of this. Thank You

May be your file is not valid JSON data, send me JSON file via email.

Hi Anjum,

I’m having trouble when setting up, Please you open link: https://www.melekgadget.com/spesifikasi-smartphone/ There are constraints when we want to see the details of the product, but the page is not found, can you help with this problem?

thank you

From WordPress dashboard navigate to Settings > Permalinks.

Ok fix for setting permalinks,

I am still constrained for the compare settings ???


Anjum Author

Read help docs.


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What should we do to write information to a different database? wp_posts instead wp_mobile


Anjum Author

APS uses default WordPress (custom post types) functionality to save products data in wp_posts table, it’s not possible to save products data in different tables.

Hello, Attribute Type -> “Multi Select” is not working.

nice plugin, i love it. GLWS

Thank You for loving APS, can you please explain in which part it’s not working?